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Balasabas Jessa Jade Obedencio I. OBJECTIVES A. At the end of the week, the students are expected to: 1. To identify the different parts of Plant and Animal Cells 2. To compare and contrast Plant and Animal Cells according to absence or presence of specific organelles 3. Correlate each organelle in relation to the function and adaptation of each of the Cell Types II. CONTENT(TOPIC) : Grade 7- 2nd Quarter-Eukaryotic Animal and Plant Cell III. MATERIALS: A. Computer Sets with Internet Connection B. Rap Music Video on Plant and C. Interactive Simulation/Animation of Plant and Animal Cells -



D. QUIZ ON CELL ORGANELLES #1 - E. QUIZ ON CELL ORGANELLES #2 - F. QUIZ ON CELL ORGANELLES #3 - G. PLANT VS. ANIMAL CELLS QUIZ - IV. PROCEDURE A. Initial activity 1. As an orientation to the students on what to expect in the new lesson, the Teacher will log-in to you tube and let the students watch a Music Video of a Rap (Song) about Plant and Animal Cells as an Overview of the Topic

B. Discussion/Instruction 1. In the Discussion Proper, the teacher will log-in to The teacher discusses each of the parts of Eukaryotic Plant and Animal Cell through making use of the Interactive Animation. As the teacher gives the name of each organelle, she will ask the students to spell the name of the said organelle, while pointing the specific part using the mouse cursor. 2. As the teacher points out a specific organelle, the Software/Program automatically displays the characteristics, location and functions it plays in the cell. 3. As a review, the teacher can ask each of the students to come in front to point a specific organelle (to be randomly called by the teacher) using the mouse cursor and help him or her explain the function of the pointed organelle, cuing the keywords or phrases for them to understand. This is not a graded oral recitation, but just giving the students the opportunity to gain confidence as she points out the correct organelle. V. EVALUATION A. Given that the students already reviewed the lesson and understood the functions, locations and characteristics of each organelles of the Animal Cell and Plant Cell, an evaluation will be given at the end of the week. The following sites will be opened by each student in 5 different tab in one Web Browser only (either Mozilla Firefox only or Google Chrome only). 1. QUIZ ON CELL ORGANELLES #1 2. QUIZ ON CELL ORGANELLES #2 3. QUIZ ON CELL ORGANELLES #3 4. PLANT VS. ANIMAL CELLS QUIZ In each Quiz, there are 8 questions (written in a Yellow Card) and 8 corresponding answers (written in a Blue Card). The students are asked to click the Yellow Card (question) first, and then followed by clicking the corresponding Blue Card (answer). Each quiz will have a time allotment of 8 minutes (1 minute per question) to give the students ample time to comprehend the questions. After each set of Quiz, there will be an interval of 5 minutes to prepare for the next set of Quiz. After all the 4 quizzes, the teacher will then tabulate the scores of all the students in each of the quiz and will discuss the revealed Type of Cell in each Quiz.