FROM THE ARCHDIOCESE Pulpit Announcement October 5-6 Masses

There is disturbing news in recent days concerning certain priests in this Archdiocese and the handling of cases by archdiocesan officials. It is understandable to be distressed by what you are seeing and hearing.

Addressing these serious allegations is the top priority for the Archdiocese. It is also critical that the assessment of this situation is done by an independent group so that there can be no question of the integrity of the review.

As a result, the Archbishop has appointed a new Vicar, Fr. Reginald Whitt, a Dominican priest from the University of St. Thomas School of Law, to: 1. Oversee the current administration related to clergy misconduct and 2. Appoint an independent lay task force to review any and all issues related to clergy misconduct and to make specific recommendations regarding actions to be taken and policies and procedures to be implemented.

The Vicar and the task force, which will convene this week, will have full authority and all the resources needed to complete their work. The findings and recommendations of this task force will be released publicly when the final report is complete.

There can be no question: our standard is - and must always be - zero tolerance for abuse.

During this very difficult time, please hold each other, our community and this local Church in prayer. And please pray for all victims of sexual misconduct in Church ministry and in our society.

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