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OD Interventions

Sets of structured activities in which selected organizational units engage ina atask or a sequence of tasks with the goals of Organizational improvement and individual development. Action thrust of OD

4 sets of attributes
Set of values Set of assumptions Set of goals Set of Structured activities

Structure activity to include relevant people Orient it to problem or opportunity generated by client Goal and best way to reach it is clear Ensure high probability of success Should contain experience based and conceptual learning Task and process learning Call into play role demands,beliefs,feelings

Maximize diagnostic data Maximize effectiveness Maximize efficiency Maximize speed Maximize relevance Minimize psychological and organizational strain

Major Families
Diagnostic activities Team building activities Intergroup activities Survey Feedback activities Education and Training activities Technostructural activities Process consultation activities Grid OD Activities Third party Peacemaking activities Coaching and Counseling activities Life and career planning activities Planning and goal setting activities Strategic management activities Organizational Transformation activities