DearGroup frens!

in the BEL Exam (CSE Branch) the question pattern was multiple choice question pattern total question was 150 which you have to answer within 2hrs 30 min.The lion parts of the question was on Data Structure (prefix ,postfix,infix ,hashing ,probing, time complexity ,related question then)some question on Os , then on COBOL, Then on Digital Electrtonics,this much of the Technical parts...and on theAptitude part there was around 30 questions on quantitative aptitude and reasoning and one question was General science.These was simple questions on Age related ,probability,profit and loss,time and work,time and the exam there was Negitive marking ,0.25 marks will be deducted from each wrong question. So this much regarding the BEL exam .By the way there was some wrong questions in the question paper .IF ANYBODY KNOWS THE QUESTION PATTERN OF IOCL WRITTEN EXAM THEN PLEASE MAIL TO THIS GROUP. With regards AJ

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