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Name: Jean Vilpin, Mystique Galloway Grade: Middle School- High School

Musical Focus: concepts/skills to


Date: 10/05/2013 Title: "Feel the Rythm!"

Preparation: (link to prior knowledge or jump start)

Rhythm, Sight-reading, Tempo, Creating, Notation

Create musical environment, have music of different genres play as students enter the classroom. Introduce the plan for todays focus. Pass out manuscript paper Po


Process & Personalization: (teaching sequence & student participation)

Pencil and paper, manuscript paper, metronome, speakers, markers, whiteboard.

Standards Addressed
Sunshine State Standards (music)

MU.912.S.3.2 MU.68.S.3.3 MU.68.S.3.4 MU.912.S.1.3

Explain note values and durations from whole note to quarter note (i.e. whole notes are 4 beats, half notes are two beats) Explain simple meter. (4/4, 3/4, 2/4) Teacher plays the metronome and demonstrate note values with the drumsticks Have students recite rhythms on syllables while repeating rhythm values Make different combinations on the whiteboard of rhythm patterns for students to read. Introduce the metronome, explain the definitions BPM and Tempo Have students clap rhythms drawn on the board to a tempo defined by the metronome. Play various tempos from fast to slow, making sure the students internalize the beat. Play music and have students clap to the tempo of the song Focus on downbeats and crusic beats. Have students compose 4 measures of their own unique rhythms
Perform: (consolidation of lesson or Closure)

Objectives: Learners will

Understand (cognitive):

Learn to sight-read simple rhythm Have a better understanding and appreciation for tempo Learn how to compose and notate simple rhythms

Have students read the rhythm combinations in unorthodox ways right to left, up and down Have students come up to compose rhythm combinations and the class sight-read them. Have the students clap their own rhythms Assess students one by one by sight-reading different rhythms on the whiteboard.
Make sure students take notes during explanations Always keep students engaged by adding games to the learning activities. Make the classroom completive, play with metronome and tempos, have students compete for prizes and certificates. Make sure no one is left behind, that everyone fully understands the concepts. Make sure to isolate every student and have him or her perform their rhythms, and correct whatever mistakes they may have in their compositions.


Individual Group Informal Performance Written