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Published by: Ani Vin on Oct 06, 2013
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in interview again there is a puzzle asked to my freind, and also they ask about the test puzzles, the

approach. in our test the ques.. were as follows: 1] (7marks 2 -ve) 24 cows takes 70 days to graze, 60 cows 30 & 96 takes ? ans:20 2] (7, 2-ve) probability of boys to girls, wher in a cmmunity every family creates a child until they get a boy. once a borns they stops. ans: 1:1 3] (5, 2-ve) in a black box there r balls of 8 colors enough balls of each color. how many balls to pick up so that 2 pairs of same color should be there as either 2 red & 2 blue, 4 yellow etc ans: 8+3=11 4] (5, 2-ve) what is the max product which add up to 100 : ans cant remember 2 rise to 34 etc... 5] (8, 2 -ve) one logical question ( A, B, C, truth, false T/F) there in ans: A was telling lie i suppose(cant remember plz check in test) but it was quite easy, ucan do. 6] (5, 2-ve) the date 10-02-2001 in mm-dd-yyyy format is palindrome. they asked a date before 2nd oct. ans: 08-31-1380 7] (11, 3-ve) logical quest no. of children ans: abe was telling,total no of children are 19.

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