Inquiry-Based Lesson Plan Template

Your name: Name of lesson: Target grade(s): Time required preparing for lesson each time it is used: Time required using or implementing lesson plan: Equipment or materials needed (be specific):

Safety precautions that should be taken or pointed out:

___________________________________________________________________ What is the driving question of the project?

How is this lesson plan related to the driving question? How will this be pointed out?

What is the learning objective(s) of this lesson (e.g. student will gain familiarity with GPS technology OR student will demonstrate how to locate sites using GPS technology)?

What concepts or inquiry skill(s) will the students develop?

What State Science and Technology Academic Standards will be covered or fulfilled by this lesson plan?

List any other subjects that this lesson plan may address.

Lesson Plan Procedure
A. Please include instructional strategies (e.g. I will use demonstrations, or I will use discussion. Remember you must use inquiry). Include how you will: • Determine students’ prior knowledge of the content; • Introduce the lesson and how you will motivate or capture the students’ attention; • Link the activities to the driving question of the lesson plan; • Determine how you will assess if the learning objective(s) was/were met.

B. Write the step-by-step procedures that will be performed to reach the objectives. These do not have to involve every little thing you will say and do, but please list the relevant actions you will perform.

Lesson Plan Assessment / Evaluation (Reflective Essay)
Please write a reflective essay, approximately 2-3 pages, detailing the implementation of your lesson plan. Please discuss implementation successes, drawbacks, difficult areas, feedback from students, and suggested changes.

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