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King Sinmun's Proclamation of His Accession

King Sinmun's Proclamation of His Accession

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Published by Anna Phung
The analysis of Ancient Korean/Silla text
The analysis of Ancient Korean/Silla text

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Published by: Anna Phung on Oct 06, 2013
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King Sinmun’s Proclamation of His Accession


and Chingong were involved in plotting a rebellion against King Sinmun. King Sinmun explained his efforts in catching the rebels and emphasized the need for loyalty and constancy . Hungwon.  In the following days.An Account on King Sinsum’s Proclamation   Kim Humdol. The King was able to catch the rebels and in turn ordered them to their deaths.

Details from the Author   Goals: Strategies: .

. One from the aristocrats who followed pre-Unified Silla management and the other from King Muyol’s (father of King Sinsum) rule who established a royal authority. or rather two classes.What Was the Community Like?  Tensions essentially came between two parties.

. the king institutionalized Confucian teachings by setting an academy. the year after rebellion was quelled.Confucianism: Management Tool   King Sinmun was adamant about incorporating Confucian teachings In 682. the intent was to use Confucius teachings to calm potential insurrections and to solidify the king’s rule and authority.  In doing so.

How does this contribute to the author’s views? .

Other Potential Influences?  Merging of Chinese influences in Unified Silla  Written language The influences of Heaven and Earth & how does one claim rights to make decisions from reading signs.  Superstition  .

Questions:  Q1: Q2: Do you think that adopting many Chinese influences allowed Silla to create a distinct identity?  .

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