The diagram shows how it works.

Here is the Functional Overview
 HealthVault provides a novel and rich development platform for customers and patient engagement.  HealthVault offers different sorts of aspects that include built-in functionality for privacy, safety, and data attribution, that’s why it has been defined as a trusted place online.  A flexible health data type system which manages/supports data interoperability, Cloud service and storage of accounts of people, manages individual health records and device connectivity.  HealthVault also provides the opportunity for the third party application to get connected and exchange a few words or information with HealthVault users.  HealthVault provides the allowance to a person of sharing a record with other people and also authenticates a person to access the records of an application

As for Intended Benefits, Seller impartiality can be considered as an important characteristic of HealthVault. Users can save data once and can access it in many ways and several times. New ways of accessing offered data has been added as facilities and apps are also being established. There exist lots of devices that connect with HealthVault, which include Weight scales, BP monitors, Pedometers and Pulse oximeters. With using data your app creates with other HealthVault well-suited apps and with this, consumers receive a richer end-to-end experience.

APPs - here are some apps that can be connected with Microsoft HealthVault.

Overall Rating

 Full circles represent excellent realization of the corresponding issue – authentication, security, data access and data modification  Semi filled circles indicate acceptable implementation – library and data messages  Blank circle highlights the problem – documentation

Just wanna make a little explanation here regarding the documentation/structure issue. Microsoft healthvault provides a wide variety of guidelines, but these are missing an overall structure. The website menu

More ready-to-run code would help the user develop applications out of it. User experience      Managing family health information Managing a chronic condition Being prepared for emergency Working towards weight and fitness goals Sharing the care of elderly family member Here I’d like to share a user experience about getting prepared for emergency situation with the help of Microsoft Health Vault. the developers are presented information that is not useful in early stages of development.structure is clearly unsophisticated. a clearer guide for developing a first application would be preferable. The time spent producing short guidance videos could be better spent creating more adequate samples. while getting started. requiring a lot of backward and forward browsing. Under the evaluation framework the there are some specific criterion exists over which Microsoft vault would be evaluated. Additionally. Therefore. These criterion are as follows: .