Semi-Detailed Estimating System


19.1 Procedure
The proposed semi-detailedestimating system is consistentwith theguidelines presented in Section 10.4 and includes simple procedures and tools that will allow project managers to quickly and accurately:

- Develop order-of-magnitude

and conceptual

estimates from minimal

- Prepare,when necessary, semi-detailed estimates (forsmall projects)
suitable for appropriationa n d o r further project control.

Check estimates preparedbyothers. Analyze subcontractors' bids. Check the cost of proposed changes.

When applied to Phase 1 designs (complete P&ID's and arrangement drawings), the quality of the resulting estimates could be as good as the conventional detailed estimates normallyprepared by contractors at much greater expense. The system emphasizes:

- The maximum use of equipment

counts. rather than factors and ratios, as the prime parameter to determine the cost of commodities. comprehensive units of discrete

The use of easily quantifiable comprehensible scope.

The system offers the following advantages:

It offers the flexibility to prepare estimates at almost any engineering detail. preliminary design stage.

level of

- It provides sufficient details to permit scope and cost tracking during the

The details provided can be used directly monitoring system.

to develop

a progress of resolution in PC's using

- It includesrational - Mostofthe

guidelinesfor consistentapplication allowances and contingency. procedures could be easilyprogrammed simple commercially available programs.

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