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V-EUtn-jculf Pythagoil\s .

II. Natiira naturans naturat omnia.A N ESSAY OF TRANSMIGRATION. Virg. . for Ct)0. ©Bflfet. at the George in Fleet-fiteet^ 1692. totamf^ infufafer art/is Glohnm Luna^ 7uamaq'^ Uftra^ SpiritHsintHsalit'^ Mens agitat molem^ & magno fe oorfore mfcet. LONDON^ Printed by E. In Defence of TYTHAGORAS: DISCOURSE OF Natural philosophyPrincipio Coelum Lticentemq'^ & Terras^ Ca?nfofq\ liquemes.


. To Mr. with whom I firft enjoyed the Pleafuresof . my Dear you TWas Friend. LEY. infinite Delight •. where after the Fft- A 2 . and .THE Epiflle Dedicatory. and 'twas you that firft invited me 5 though not into the Garden of the Friendfliip Hefperides^ yet into a Field of great Ufefulnefs.

Fatigue and Embarrafment of a troiiblefome Employment. daily converfe with. to you. and refreflied my If 1 have there* tired Spirits. of right it belongs. As . than our Sen fes For. me Trifles of and how much more thofe valuable the Unleen Things are.The Epiftle Dedicatory. being that good Friend. Study a true which has given Profped of the Life . T>ear S/V. But whatever it is. be you my Witnels and Excufe. fore nodded in the following Pamphlet. like the wearied Traveller. I have often at Night lain down. that firft me my and moved me to a fliewed Faults.

declining State.— Tl?e Epoftle Dedicatory. Do's foftly whilper. But I forget I am in publick. and that this is not my Province. :!- I 1^ As the kind HeaVenlj Qenins when we go Out of that Tath appointed us below Mov d with great Pity tour . Turn j ere 'tis too late So my Leander^ when aftray I went From the unbeaten Path of Vertues Way. Stretch'd forth his hand. Swifter than Lighcning dart^ ing from a Cloud. A 4 This .

have truly the better on t in this Life^ as well . which the Mind ea^joys by Knowledge and ^ So that PhiloPhilofophy. The no Pleafures of Senfe.77. This fliew^ is that the Body too grofs to enjoy a refin'4 . Des Cartes expreffes SMufccvs. are too lofty to be allur'd down to fenfual En^quiU non capit joyments.. Volupta^s quam perdpiit well : mm ex cum ^ Intuitu rerum^ quas oculi cernuHt^ minime ^quiparanda efl illa^ quam adfert notitia iUa» rum quas Tbilofophando inVenimus. fpphy and Religion ^ or the latter alone.^ Eftftle Dedicatory. are fort *in * comparable to thofe . Pleafure (ftions and that the AfFe^* of a man given to the Delights of Contemplation and Search.

and with great induftry find out an Object that is noble enouoh to divert and entertain him. rare- be found j but of the other. than a man ol: Thought and Re^ tirement. .The Epiftle Dedicatory. as the next. God bids fairer for our Service^than all things elfe befides. and he lees fomething chat is ready to fill up the narrow Faculties of Senfe prefently. The one had need but look out . ly to The Pleafures of the one. are like Diamonds. But to do Juftice to both I muft acknowledge the Senfualtft has Pleafures and Di^ verfions ( fuch as they are) more ready and at hand. whilft the ther muil: o-^ go farther off.

when advanced to fome ochcr^likePebbleSjevery Height. both to delight and improve his Mind who not only dares be alone . Pleafure in the Contemplation of the fevcral parts of thd Uniyerfe . tage the Learned and the Wi(e . where Yet this Advanto be had. he carries his Pleafures with him.The Epijlle Dedicatory. has over the other. but finds infinite that .or even in difagreeable Company. to whom. the vertuous Philofopher. with is Jacob^ the iVorld geoHy a bethel . can find ufe* ful and pleafing Thoughts. or in the Fields. for he can turn the Darknefs of a ©!*«• Vine Talace^ ture o 2l D't^ and behold N^ascending and defcending^ into the Light like . in the Streets.

he were not \yorth ty. for when a little Aflfliftion befalls fuch an one. But not to pretermit any of the excellent Advantages the Diflblute enjoy.by the unfetlednefsofhis Principles. he obtains what he defires. and Bafencfs of Spirit towards the Great and Haughtowards the Modeft and Humble. like the Jngels on the Ladder. his Infolence my Envy .The Eptfile Dedicatory. folooleis his Conftitutiou. But did a Beggar gain a Crown by fuch means . gains j Point than the other for what with his fordid Flattery. and other mean and dillngenuous Arts towards all. I nnufl: confefs his conftantly . . The one rnore .

whilft Lightning invades his Eyes^and Thunder his Houfe i Who though he would diffolve in Tears. for the leaft voluntary Sin. who having fecur'd the Divine Love by an univerfal Obedience. ) he diflblves little under the weight of a misfortune . if a conftant Byas to Bafenefs of Spirit may be cal=» led unfetled . a few Weeks im- prifonment puts an end to his Life But how does the Ver: tuous fit fmooth and fedate. ( E^lftle Dedicatory. carthis Life ries his goes out of own Heaven witK him .The pies. in a general Conflagration who with the fame Joy a man goes to fee Give his affedlionate Friend* me the man . yet would not ftrink to fee the World .

Ah Mankind to ! neglect the folid Joys of VViPdom and Philofophy. and a Riband crofs the Shoulders of a how foolifli is Man. for the Rattles and Trifles of Life ! So . fure. I have not Sence enough to diftinguifli any real difference between a Feather in a Child's Cap. how mean are the Thoughts of a laft Night's Debauch . him where-evcrhe goes jthat can fee in every Field enough of the Divine Wifdoni to fill all the Powers of his Soul with a lafting Joy and Plea^ Compared to thefe.The Epiftle Vedkatory. or the expecting ones of another ? How fordid For the Con- templation of many Bags the Titles of and how empty ? Honour my part .

that does in- dulge his Senfes with all the Art that Wit . that has a good Underftanding. well governed Affedtions. and to exert his Religion ot Charity and Affection.That the moft voluptuous Man alive. is capable of making to him . falls infinitely (liort of the Pleafures of a Man. rate and but a mode* Fortune to enable him to enjoy the Plealiires of Phiin the pleafing Offices lofophy. that has all the Court which the Devil in Nature. ( So that the next World I a» part) with great Truth may affirm.The Epifile Dedicatory. Thf . Health and Riches can lay together. enrich'd with the Fancy of Jrijlippu^^ or a Lord tiochefter .

and Pleafure and Pain muft have Ibme difference even in the opinion of a Philofopher that is converfant in the World. Ingredients to the conftitution of Happinefs their but I conceive Notion of it to be Ro« mantick and Fancifuljbut that of the Peripatelkks and Epicti*^ ream fbber and wife. ^ his defires Vertue {a) I ^ above (^) Thus ^^fghtheCymean. at leaft . ^ mcKs and 5wjc^/ advanced Vertue. ftripp^d .Tl?e Epijlle Dedicatory. The charge Cynicks me and Stokks will with a furplus of . and then fet it above his reach. foolifli 'Tis a thing to make Vertue the Obje6t of a wife man s choice. they held fuiEcientto conquer the Miferies of Pain and Want.which it felf brought. For Externals^ in the hands of a Inftru- wife man are good mentseven of Beatitude. whofefole Reward.

But the Qyn'ick indeed had Wit. wichout the Pro* fpedt of a future Life. Singing Mafters a who . he was like the .Tl:€ Epiflle Dedicatory. ftrippd of Health and Neceffaries. not only of the Cp'tcks^ but others of the Pagan fbiloJophers^2Lnd to what a Noble Height they advan* ced their Minds . I muft confefsjwhen I con- fider the Lives. faid . meerly by the due exercife of their Uii^ derftandings ^ . fung Note too high that their Scholars ( who would naturally fall fhort ftcr) of their reach a Matrue might Pitch. and clogg d with Pain and Mifery. when being blam'd for giving a Pattern above Human Life .

faying. derftandings . fliould ic command an Inftrunot as him ment . and Heraclitus contemnd his Body. how meanly and contemptibly they look* ed upon fenfual Pleafures.The Ep'ijlle Dedicatory. An- the Father of them. and exerting Fruit and : Effects their Lives felfj 1 blufli both for my to and other a Chriftians. efteeming it as Drofs^ taking care for the Cure only as God . or Declamation of Wit . to that degree. think . given to Senfuality . that the former trampled upon Riches and Honour ttfihenes^ as vile things . to ufe as and this a fudden Fit or Paffion. he than had rather be mad. but as a fetled their Principle rooted in in its minds.

God . ftance . and the No'* ble Scars of Reproach . thagoras . where there in the was no danger doing % and having received much^ gave . and coldly thofe of a better. ^latOy and the oLis whole Crowd of vertu- Heathens there. even in Heaven.Tloe Epiftle Dedicatory. It may be enough to make a Chriftian ailiam'd. think how how impetuoufly we purfue the things of this Life. for Vertue's fake. at a di- beholding in himfelf the Marks only of Profeffing his Religion . as a Sacrifice pleafing to whilft the Chriflian. and Wounds. to fee Hermes^ PySocrates . bearing the Honourable Badges of Mortification .

but his Spirits are weak. become calm and fedate by Philofophy ? And can Socrates^ of fierce ^hilofophy do tiiore than Chri- Hiamty ? I But why do .The Epijile 'Dedicatory. who know this and your own Mea t rirs . I fay this to you. gave a are licde. or gratia if a charming Temptation ? Chrifti the Lafcivious grows chaile. . and his Blood low But how did : and chole* rick. Chriftian there from the Debauchee to the Profefthat conquers a Lull refills lubdaes a Paffion. my all Dear Friend. 'tis not becaule his mind is changed. Sincerity and lov'd wich and yet how few ? there reach this Pitch is What for .

to be flop- good Tem. whilftyou no Bounds to their Aci^ions^ wich a mean it is "Underftanding acquire Riches and Honour.ings the Fever in the Soul. eafie 1 know for the Rich to fpeak of a low ftate . is the beft kind of Nobility ) and who would embellifli his inind with all the Uleful Knowledge and Learning. that can be had. ( too or you ) would want Judgment ful to the and are yet con- rented in a low Spherejgrate^* Almighty under a that fet narrow Fortune. ped . to a But for a man that is generous in his Nature ( which TLto tells us.per. fee others. and how it reduces fine th.The rits Epifile 'Dedicatory. what Phvfick it is to the mind.

neither by the dazling fplendor of a bright Star and Garter. Foitior e[i qui fe- You ly great are therefore the trur Hero defend it this have chofe to Ejjay. nor a ^ . bition.Tl?e Epiftle Dedicatory ped in this commendable /im^ and to acqiiielce. becaufe not conlidered by the learned 5nor underftood by the Vulgar ) you will do. which ( tho' I by all. which a ftranger to is often the Learned. nor has been disbelieved the clafhing and thundering Noife of Swords and Guns. than to This is more difficult conquer Kingdoms. P requires the Philolophy of an humble mind. againd the Career of his Defires.

and full of Adietiy Hopes cowards Heaven. ITjall alienate my moll: ( Munificent Benefador. Light of Wifdom or ever feclions jffrom you \o let fno Difappointment abate your Zeal for the Honour of our .The Bpiftle Dedicatory. has. nor by your ten Thoufands. and as no VaYiat'wn of Fortune. but by the foft Voice of Reafon and Philofophy is more valuable to which the Wiie . and may yon enjoy a calm and ferene Mind y flat and languifliing towards the World^but active and vigorous. for whom you can never do too . Dear Sir. May the and Knowledge fill you full of all Joy and Ecftafie . and Vertuous.

chufeth beft for us ver denies us .The Epifile Dedicatory. fince He always . a 4 THE . ) too much. Good. Mitehcke ^tdjlrode. Words need not exprefs greater and nebut for our I am (what Your Affe<5lionate Servant.


. not^ ivlth whom. though I would nent Works Heathen^ Veifie for ^ his emi- yet 1 l^ould defend of the him from the Calumny World. ol^n I cate the SatUfatTwn and life and now ^uhlif? it to Vtndi^ the Honour of Pythagoras.THE PREFACE TO THE READERWrit this Eflay for my .

To ds the the Reader. which I do the leajl) him^ ejpc- h^ advanced Learning daily to to Pychagoras. Tlois is a Trihute^ all SMen that that pretend to Letters olt^e . hol^ temperate Diet^ Cloaths and Skep all ^ defatigable to improve his and adorn the cMmd Tt^ith tQw^j ledge that was to be attained how i^ahm . uj^on World^ fo mjuftly caH hhn^ Author of an erromom {to T>oSlrine.olb in- ^afflons . Wifdom was I fo that flnuli his Life^ give an Account of careful he ti?as fcoTb tofuhdue allfenfual in his /. lefs were his yi^iorals refind^ than his IQiof^ledge his was eminent^ and equal to both . who feems have been a Treafury of K^iow- ledge^ and that Fountain that loa^ tered the Grecian Empire they ISior l^ith all that Learning aftert^Ards boajled.

Though lt>ere only a fpeculative TSlotion^ and of no Ufe^ as for me^ it fliould have fiept in eternal Shades ^ but in regard it acquaints uSy in itsjull Latitude^ with the Various Operas tions . die at ion therefore The Vmnot be of fo good and ipill great a Perjon^ I hope^ thought impertinent.ould put mofl of us out to be fo cf countenance J much out- done by a Heathen. ^ut he fides that^ 1 profofe to manifeft this Opinion^ not only as Orthodox ^ Philofophical amongjl the Ancients^ hut cvs True and £- Vident in it l>lctture.To the Reader. and in fl?ort . :^aloHS to promote Cjody holi? the Honour of of and the (joocl SMan j careful to reficEl on the Er- rors to of the T)ay . advance all Vertue^ and deprej? 5 Vice 'ti}.

under Hea^en^ l the Animal^ Vegetable^ and JMineral^ the Accejfes it is and ^ce(fes of Life itfelf. Epicurus. Fear and Doubts perplex the Mind^ and dijlurh that Q^uiet ^vhich is neceffary to Happinef?. a SuhjeH not fo mean as to he it defpfed^ though may he here but indifferently handled. this^ To attain ^tsne- he makes Phyficks .To the Reaoer. lam fur e Men^ it is the Duty pf all that have Capacity and Op^^ portunity^ . Happinef? well who ^ hcis it defnd in the places Tranquillity of the S^iind^ and In- doknce of the Sody. ceffary 06 EcMcks Caufes for without knowing the of Things . tions of Qod^ the feneration and T>ilJolution of all Created beings e.

portunity^ to look into the Works. 'Tis true^ God has in nothino^ fo intenfely exhibited his Loye to j Mankind^ nor can as in pyijig his Son Man receiye a neater Ho^ by being the Temple of now\ than the Viyine ration Mind. of his ]S[atural ihe latter being oi l^or^ thy our Admiration and Traife^ the former is as of our Loye and A}- feBion. moral GoVern7nent of the World fiiperfede the Conftderation .To the Reader. 7'he to ^ Ipcll as Word of God. The Confide^ of which ^ may welljlrikeus ivith . Heathens had no other ^ock read the Majefty^Wlfdom andPo'^- crofQod that the in-yit -^r^ the to Heavens li?ell declared tnfpired them^ as as l^ng^ his Glory* of TSlor does the J^ioivledge Gods .

that Variety of SubjeEis are more neceffary for his Mindy than of Food for his 'Body - that by this he enlarges his ties^ FacuU .To the Reader. advances his Timights and comes to difcern a ckaier Light and Knowledge of Things. !But though a a Field d/S this^ Mdn^ in Jo large may neVcr want Mind to SMatter to exercife his Thoujihts u^on^ and to raife his noble a Height 'y jet "Tt^hoeVer conjt^ of dcrs the Nature Mankind^ '\Vdl foon findy is that the Mind of M^^i of a Very inquifnive and capaciom Kature . T^ay^ the ABs of ^itgion ic felf^ are often better j^erformed^ with more Vigour . tpith jijhnipvmntj the Favour ^ fo mnmife^ and ought in Juftice to raife our Thoughts aboVc the Dregs ofSenJc.

J^eakmg . does include a Conir praifed. ^nd God Variety of haying created . that have pleafure Tlyat them thy to be they are wor* and had in honour. fuel? TInngs wherein dipells fo great an Excellency^ does more than hint to us our Duty to enquire after them. and fpokeof. Ifaiah.To the cejs^than Reader. They God the Works of ^That the Works of Lord are great fought negled: the . mand to fearch into them. and ought to be had in remembrance. Vigour and Zeal^ after (ome l^e- when often repeated mth^ out fome T>iyerfion. That the Power and Glory of God might be made known unto Men. out by in all . 7he (l{eproof of the Pralmift.

neither confider Operations of Therefore my no our Hands. Power can ^ l^hich ive in no fort JerVe J]?all htm acceptably J hut we into the Super ftition cf the Athe=* nians. jpeaking of the Jews^yi/f/^jThey regard not the Works of his the the Lord . knowledge of God prefer/d 5 even under the 5 Law the .o dedicated Altars Deo ignoto. For . Jor unlefs we know jojnewhat of the Eternal J n^e of the can neither pay that ncr ISlature Loye to his Goodnef?^ ^eVe^ we owe run rence to his to both .To the Reader. have Knowledge. People are becaiile gone they him into Captivity. ^/. to Surnt Offerings Jon and ^a^ u pUin .


the Reader,
knotty no dijje»

For my part^ I




but I\jioii?lcd^e and


the firft

makes as


the latter hke

ye holy as I am Vercue without Knowledge, into Enchufiafm and Su* ruyis

God. Be holy. ^uC


us the

without Vertue, gives Tincture of Satan,
therefore are
to he


/ought ^

mci^ be attained by a


Jor fureiy


are not



drink and fleep, and graour fenfual





nay they


to jnort in





the ^ir^

a Colt


trample on the Earthy like



nor to walk in the narrolj?

Track of our E^mployment^




To the


but to contemplate the
to look

Divine Operations^ and


God ^ith

Gratitude^ for

making fo glorious a. World^ re^ pleni(h'd withfuch admirable works
jor the Ufe and benefit of

it is


this be not



and that

fufficient jor a


to attain

an ExceHmcy
tl^ugh he

in his


a liberal Education

lohat difference



a Littleton and a

Van Dyke,

both famous in their way ?








common Tie^


which no Society can fuhthat Vertue^

fiji ;



their due^

and takes care

that none receive Injury.
therefore one of the nohlejl


mmts', yet if the hno'^ledge there-


o/, {for

the Reader.

I (peak not of its Morals^)

be confined to a Qity or a Country
ij it

be meerly municipal^
ones Country^

%vhen re'tis

moyed from


and therefore no



Value Imn[elf much

on that account,






a Citizen

of the





Pandects of Nature;

the other

a Citizen 0/ England, Venice,




Walls thereof.

The employing our TI?oughts




continually fend^

in^ forth a Vapour
all its

the Sea^


%iVers^ giving up their reto nieet^

find Tarts into the Air^

and alky the fcorcVmg Influences



Heavenly Bodies.



Water ofit felfis

b %



the Reader.

^ro/? a hood for the Lungs^ and
the Celeftial





intenfe^ to cherip?

and fupport us


ftretcbcs out the

Waters on the Wings of the Wtnd^ and rarefies the fame and that it










become the trueft Food of

Tl?at the Heavenly "Bodies are
continually at

work for

us^ by their

perpetual motion^

emitting a Vital

Heat^ ti?hichcloathwgttJelfwith
an Aerial Veft ^ enters into the Chambers of the Deep^ and there





coming forth y

ipe call the

Works of



the Reader.

that the Earth









by a conUant yielding
into the


Region of

the Air^

on the ah fence of the Siin^
into a jertil

Vapour condenfes





rijhes the thirfly plants
this fhould

and leB





Clouds become Store^houfes oj Water.


^Dhereas the


Tarts of the Earth are kept moiH


cool by the



through which the Waters paf? ; Jo
the upper parts are refrefhed by a

more plentiful Irrtgationy

"t^hich is

of more




haying fomeH^hat






beholds the

^ys of the


an opake ^ody
on the Earth

darting obliquely

Seminal Virtues^

b 3


arid conftders that by the Command of the Eternal . the Whed of ^roVtdence is cGntinually at tpork for us. iitude^ 5 any Senfe of Obligation. Learned Monfieur d*Elpagnet/it)5.1o the Reader.cp5 jnaking Vulcan 1 fty. but an Harmonious AO: proceeding ter frorri the Union of Mat- and Form . and more ftupid than 7?2uft Block^ be inflanud^jththe LoVe of fq immenf^ a ^unty. it felf^ as the. (Brute. conftituting the perfe6t Being of every ) Individual. ( ^vhlch brings Life being nothing elfe. . he that confders thefe thingsltphich a mean lindersianding is capably of ) Tiay if he has any (park of^rar .^ and hammp'- ing out curious Works. "^hicb the Ancients fometimes reprefented by in his S/. is if he not l^rfe than a a. 'Ti?hicb .

be '^'tU natu- not only by an en^ Obedience tofo infinite a Qoei. and the World not declare^ in ^eneraL o vioji y 1 need ftnce Love.To the T^hich yi?hen he rally exprefs it^ tire is^ Reader. nefs not all only by an abftinence j from appearance of Evil is but emi- by chufing to do uphat nently ^ood^ moH and moft highly ac^ Of l^?at life Juch a Temper ofcMind would be^ both to theTerfon in particular^ ceptable to him. ^urity^ tphofe infinite who is uing forth fuch continually iff ?iatio7is ema- of Light^ Joy and ^lea- Jure on the SMind of SMan^ that "^e feem hut faintly to dart back fomeyi>hat of that Love to the moft b 4 Mu* . (which Jncient of ravip^ing delightful- Pkto the calls ) the is Gods J the ^ajfion^ and : the moU moH Enjoyment Centre is That Love.

To the nefs to Reader. the Shallo!^* Munificent. receive he firft loved us. 'Tis impertinent here to defcribe the beauty of the World ^ the Glory and Excellency of its Tarts ^ the Harmony and nefs Order ^ the llfefuU to S^'lan^' and Benefic thereoj Tully has done it in beyond his Natura Deorum imitation Tl:>ls Sir Roger L'E^ klnd^ fincc . : ft range h^is ingenioujly Tranjla- ted J and emhelhjhed with Learned iKotes. which for of our Capacities tvere unable . Tloe Wifdom and Order l>y which the Parts ^ere moved ^made the Stoicks think y even the Parts with an intelli^ themjehes endued gmt JMind^ and therefore ^li^eakly enough^ .

This is the Mean to i. ^ut I am my Tedder^ and muH aik Pardon of our Qergy for inyadmg iheir Province Tl^e Stm of all is this . attain e. enough y called them Cjods^ not dibetween the Creator and his IVorks^ which Epicurus hath Jpap'd well confuted. .To the y?i?2^«/y7.rV/^ Reader. 'Tis the Duty of JMankind to conftder the l>laturaly as Ipell as J^oral government ofViVme TroVtdence. to th ad- End of alt our Creation^ vance the Glory of Qod^ and ex- and perfect our Minds. If fufficl- what I have hinted^ does ently fhew the Neceffity of this^ it is the hlfgleSl of a Fault too f obvious to need an Inference ^ and the doing it^ an Advantage^ that ( at lea ft ^ will jiiftifie excufe) the I have following Effay.

and little Leifure^ negleEl former for the fake ofthelat^ ^ut this Fault proceeds from afoolifh^ though cujlomary Fancy that unlefs a (Book has Folio at the 500 End of it. Hence the dull and heavy Tranfcrihers load Man- Kmd mth and SMen^ intolerable Burthens . I have but l^hateyer are fallo'tHfing this to addy TImt th Vi^hich . like Ajfes^ receive that Weighty . it is makes no Filike to dli^in- gure on a Shelf^hut die into the contemptible ]>lame of a pamphlet. thm infolding Truth info much %tihhi[hy makes him that has a quick Aj^pre^ henfioHy the ter.To the Reader. Difcourfe . Faults of the . / haVe a- Voided one the is^ Learned of being generally incur that : too praeliminary dig fifteen One mufi comes to dlittle Fathm deep before one the Oar .

Weighty which w\ rather with Lijrht <b Kcaideii.To th^ ^. that Moles writ the Hi/lory of the Crea^ tion in a Jhort Chapter . and that He who is more than Man^ com- municated himfelf and what ivas 7ieceffaryfor the J])ort QoodofMan^ Mind may • in ^ arables^ that prnke a deep impreffmi on the and in pithy Sentences^ that he ivrit in a Sheet or two of Taper. fully lam Mr. Ul:>en I conftder th^thc Wtftjh delivered their of SMen haVe Thoughts ef rather in (J)ort JMen ^ and Things^ than Apothegms. and tedious Dijcourfes that the Witty Greeks brought even Ar- guments into the narron? compafs of aJJ)ort Sillogifm . of opinion t^ith the Ingeniom . Heads ^moak cpid FimCythoik and Truth. their fills.

To the Reader. 3ir. Norris f^ere to . Ttfrite^ That if Mgels we Jhould haVe fewer Volumes^ and that the brevity of this JDifcourfe is no real Exception toitsTrutk &:" OF .

the Soul after its departure • fupply the perijhing old ^ or that things pafs and are changed into one another. Proved in part hy way of In* either that God makes dull i on new Matter and Form daily . 8 Spirity or vital Principle. — does not T* S That Tranfanimation of Spirits to Plants . That from the Body^ does pafs into fome other Animal .^l ^ HE mijlaken The Propofition ftated. The Confequence of it in Afia. to a.But God make new Matter^ &:c^4. where 'tis lelievd. 4 3. Pag. . Notion of Tranfmigration throughout JL the ^orU . 5 Of .i i. may refer as well as j^nimals and Minerals^ for they have a p.THE CONTENTS. this is fpoken of the Senji' five J not of the Rational SouL p.

IG>. 2 5 I L. ^hatgrow 8. p. whence p. 16 it 9.^4 Plants that grow of ihem^ feh^es. 7. p. and the fame p. p. prareeds. p. in hoib various Metals are . Vf their Figure .xj 13. gration. the 'Common €tre foivn Plants. Concents. p. xo Ofthefoiving of Seeds. Of 9 Of the Perfect Metals. and the Cai^Je of their va- Of rrety. and what P. and the fetting of Plants. How . the Form leaves Matof ter in Animals. and what then becomes that it paffeth into the Air^ yjohere it receives new Virtue. that thence .The 5'. and Of the Imperfetl Metals^ and their Caufe. it is the true Notion of Tranfmi^ p. Of : Stones the Precious. 6. zy . the Gentrat'ton of MetdilSy how the Spirit enters Matter. zz II. 1 Place. Minerals and Vege- talks it . again ivhich flows down and animates a new Body. kinds . of two of themfelves. Of the Generation of Anitrials.

yet the univerfal coThe manner how . p. the Air.4(J called Gods. 1(5. convey a Jenfitive Spirit in Generation \ how then dejcends a Form ? I J. The Confent of the Phi- lofophers ahoiit the frfl Principles. Of ytuP- i^n^ I 37 j. The Defer ipt ion of Nature in her Ajcent and Defcent^ according to Homer. That Animals 14. and the Mif-^ Of chief of fulphurous Vapo urs . The Nature^ hy the firfl of Philofophers of all Learned Nations called Godsy to conceal them from the Vulgar p. p.The Contents. 54 .'''*'^ That though a portion of fpe* they do convey cifick Spirit^ operates . 20. Whyfo many Principles ' . PimwtxtA. TThy the [even Planets call d That the Philofophers did not adore all they calfd Gods. Gods. that they caufe the Plague : The Way to the forefee it^ and . Objec9ion. P43 1 8. a Dearth. 5-0 19. from ibid. Air.Homcr'j Juno explained.

p. Of the excellent Form made Metals y and of the perpetual Light cut of them of the gre At dif\ ficulty thereof p. cients.91 . 8 Comparijon of the Form in Animals^ Plants^ and Minerals. Tr anfmip. p. The Notion carried higher than what generally imagined. ClfetlioyiS againft gration anfive red. 8 2 27. Of the Identity of Form in 3 all Bodies. . P63 80 26. 28. Of the Myfteries of the An-^ p. that treated myfleriovfly of Nature^ rr. 25. i I . dx 24. A 90 in 29. p.Maimonides i^/x'^i". This made manifefl hy explaining an Egyptian Symbol according to the Chaldean Ajirclogy^ and Grecian Mytholoj^y. V S7 22. p. the Original thereof^ though from hehoUing the Stars yet not for the Reafon R.eant the fame Thmg mider divers ^tnigma's.The Contents. That ail the Ancient Fhilofo- phers . 60 25. The Pullijhiyig the Falles of the Ancietits^ an occafion of fJolatry.

p. p. ^ 3^. m Pythagoras his Ahfiinence ?• 1 1 from Flefh^ explained. that lived ma^ ny years hefore him. gi.The Concents. Plato'i Opinion anfwered concerning the Degeneracy of the Effeminate. made in Genera^ hut pre^exiflent Suhflances are made into one^ which acquire nerv Qualities. demon]} rahle to Senfec p. p. 107 ca/I 35. Ohjettion agabifi the tnces of the Heavenly Bodied anOhjetlion^ that the Earth fvoered. it6 . i lo 34. hath Seed in 31. That Bodies are not afinihi-- lated when their Spirit leaves thewy nor new Suhflances tion . 35". p. Other it felf^anjwerd. Influ" 30. Tranfmigrat ion in Plants and Minerals . 97 Ohjeflio^ts anfwcrd^ p. 1 04 and the Conclufwn therefrom. How Pythagoras might himfelf Euphorbtis.

Some Ariftotelian Hypothefes examined ^ and compared with thofe ^/Democritus .The And Contents. p.119 39. Of Principles and Elements I and firji^ of Principles . 3. abounding with different Qualities^ p. 2. Some Principles and Elements generally received ^ examined. 118 the Duration of Bodies^ and of the Calcination of the Earth 38. Four I. mifts. The Duration of Bodies. &'r. cellus. 4. Ii5 c'rples 40. How the Earth comes to he filed with variety of Bodies . That there art hut two Prin* notwithjlanding the Chy. and the Invention of ParaA Defeript ion of Mercury. p. hcw^ and when the J came into the World. 37. Things touch'J upon. this concludes the Difcourfe of Tranfmigration. . Of in the general Conflagration..

d'lflin^ guiflid from A Jhort Defer ipt ion of the Air^ the Earthy that the Water^ and. anfwered .^. and the Sclar Influx^ p. 147 s. P- 141 4^. Some Ariftotelian Hypotheexamined ^ and compared with thofe of Democritus.148 i^s 4?. the Fire. 77?^^ Elements and Pri.i^^ 41. 41. . that of Water ^ the Taf five Matter the Form. touch* 44. That the Ele^ tnents are not contrary and oppofte^ c X ai . wherein "tis fhewedy that there are hut Two E* lements . An Anfwer to S ing Four Elements . by the Words (Heaven and Earth) are to he underfiood^ the Form^ and the Matter.jcx' pies may he termed Equivocal^ and that there are hut Two.The Contents. Of Elements when Principles. Ariftotle'i Three Principles like wife an/we ret/. p. An Ohjetton of reducifig things hy Fire into three Frimipies .

46. iut agree ing^and alikey in a remifs degree^ according . Both Opinions examined. That theft rit to Mofes. and Democri. as Ariftotle hoUs .The Concents. 164 Words [The Spiof God moved on the Face of P* the Waters. p. 167 : Of the Firfl Days Work The Creation of Matter and Form^ and dividing the Light or Form from the gr offer l^atter. P-ifo ( according to Ariftotle . and 57 for a middle Of inion. ) whence proceed their Effe^s. Bodies Of the Primary Qualities in tus. and of the Atomical Phyfiology of Leucippus . Reafons loth .ij?. 50.^ Democritus. P. is Herein the Creation cor>fideredy p. Epicurus .] are not to he under^ fiood of the Holy Ghofl. 1 68 51 . 48. and that according 49. 47. againjl p.^ Of the Original of Qualities.

1 7 J 57. Of the Second DayslVorkj or the Espanfion^ ay^d Div'ifeon of the Heaters above ^ from thofe helow. 171 0/ the Sixth Days Work : The Creation of Beafis and Reptiles^ and laflly^ Man. ^r. ibid. 5-4.iys Work : The Generation of Fifl^ and Fowl^ ly^ the Vnion of Water and the Form. Of the Third Days Work: Plants. 5-5-. Of the Fourth Days Work : The Co tie cling of the Light or Form into the Body of the Sun. p. p. 169 51. 1 7 The Generation of 53. How the Earth comes to be filled with variety of Bodies ^abtnrnd" ing with different Qualities. p. the ibid. p.The Contents. 56. Of Fifth D. That the various Accidents and Qualities J rem the various Intenfion of Bodies proceed and Be* wiffion .

184 THE .The Contents. 7^ p. 58. 'tn'tJIion to of the Form . The Qonclujion. from the differnt Magnitude and Figure of their Principles: this illufirated hy P« 1 /(?- veral Injlances. not according Des Oirtes .

I I .

January id. Frafen . Ja. \ 6^1.LICENSED.

THis Inhere Opinion of Tranfmigration of Souls . is iniftakefi every but very groHy be* lieved in Tegu . and For beother parts of jjta : lieving that the Soul doth pafs into fome other Creature.JSit^V ^ ^ <^ <^ ^ Sh w ^ '^^ ^0/2 tiiii^ >5^ sgta- «^^^ ^t^'^iir 08^^ ' O F Tranfmigration. Magor . d^r. which is father'd upon . they abftain from no fort of refpe6t to the moft contemptible Creatures. Pythagoras . after its departure from the Hu^ mane Bo:ly. and a .

Senfitive. that this. could is Novv. it feems from the Belief of thole in Bengali and other Parts of . or that Beaft thus animated. how they tell. and fuperfticioufly avoid do- ing any hurt to that Animal.or why they (liould think. rather than I another. ( who ima- gine that the Souls of Good Cowsjand luch ufeful Creatures .Of Tranfmigratton j or. rather than the For the Faculties of . confefs is ftrange^ and what is nx>re To. they rains the Soul think. the Eafl-Indies . ) think it People of the Immortal Ra^^ that theie tional Soul. whofe Body. and the Souls of Bad Men into Crows and fuch hurtful Birds or into Men pafs Beafts . con* of their deceaP- ed Father.

But Phildfophy and Reli=^ giori have both fafiered alike by Ignorant Expoficors For what will not a wild Fancy and Httle Judgment. : thcLzoras. Beneficence and Hun:\anity Senfitive.Natural Thilojophy. produce ? What : B 2 ftrange . who was is doubtlefs a great this Man. cencer'd in a Man fond of his own Thoughts. as the 13 Manichc^m Herefie from the Chriflian ^ligton. of the Rational Soul are exerted naturally Offices in the kind of . but thole of the in only Growth and if Senfe. It looks as Folly and Superftitious Fan^ cy propagated this Opinion 1 hough to do Right to Ty^ begot. the abfurdity of as far Opinion his remote different from Sentiments.

Thus are the beft Things corrupted. or^ ftrange Opinions in Religi^ on ties ? What barbarous Cruel- by Humane Sacrifices to the Heathen Gods. That the Soul. ) \vill bear. the after . But to return to our Author. vvhofe Opinion afferted is. . This Opinion I propofe to defend. and fi:ee it from the Abfurdtties Men have pat upon it.of Tritnjm'm'ation . and reftore it to its native But let me premife Senee. here.. its depar" iniQ tun from fome other 'Body p^fj^s JnlmaL This is as ilrongly put as any thing faid of him (for we have all by Tradition. hath the World been filled with ? Nor is Philofophy it felf exempt from very odd Conceits.

and the perpetual Viciilitude Frame Context and Change of Things. But we all know that the Eternal B 5 having . will eafily believe. to fupply the perifliingold that Qr Things pafs . 'Pj- efpecially to the Ignorant. I do not intend Migration of the Rational Soul but of the Senll* and Vegetative Spirit which Terms of Soul and tive Spirit. by a continual Circulation. the ture of Man. here.Natural ^hilojo^hy. to miftaks the meaning of thagora^. that either God makes new . this That . Matter and Form daily. being often ufed as 5>'- jionymas^ have given occafion. and are changed into one another. He th-it confiders of this the World.

does it preferve now by his . Body. that flioulcl fit Prefident in his vern his Paffions. rather than the Degeneracy of our Naturc:but ourfelves. proceeds from the Vilenefs of our Wills. Man indeed endowed with fomething more than the reft of the Creatures .of Tranfmio^ratton . or. is that begets this Variety. he hath a Vegetative or ^enficive Spirit. but a Mutation of Things. he hath a Rational Soul. Provi- dence and Goodnefs fo chat we muft be forc'd to acknowledge . not a new Creation. we would excule Befidesthis. his A}te(5lions. ' w^hich is perfectly diftinft . goand direct it How little does fo . having his made the World by Wifdom and Power.

'tis fit B 4 der .Natural fhilo/ophy. as well as Body It feems to be a Medium to unite two : Extreams. Liberty in a difturb'd State : But 1 am laying the Founda- tion of the Reafonablenelsof Pjth^gor^ his Opinion. and what Obedience the one ought to pay the other noi* how they contend for Dominion . Spirits for thefe Terms are bottom of to confix ufed equivocally. and Grofs Mat'* ter. like Prerogative and . ftindtfrom the Rational Soul. which is the Tranfmigratton of Souls ^ or . oi a Divine Immortal Ray. To this go to the Queftion. I am not difcourfing now the of the Government of Mind over the Senfitive Part.

fince Tr anf animation of Spirits may refer as well toM/ntrcil^ . SM'merd^egetahle^ and An'mal . may be placed under one of thefe this fide . Nor be impertinent. like the Sen. lea^T their Habitations offer be« they enter. eva=» porate on the Diflblution or Deftru6lion of their Bodies. and then of the will it other. to the Defence of ^ythagorcvshis O- pinion. To fore I fay how how thefe Spirits . fhall Ipeak therefore of this firft. Heads nor are the meanefl: of them without a Spirit. der Nature in her feveral Provinces. I may be improper. or.8 Oj Tranfmi^ratm . for all created Beings on Heaven. | fitive Souls of Animals. or Vital Principle. which is all one and thefe.

this PoUtion anfwers them all. (Z^) Hence may be underftoodtheci'^avc. *. and there abides. aninna* ted alike I fliall as to Vegetation. does receive into ^^^'^" ^^ her The Globe Lap . oi Oqhcpis^ the Faard what ther of the Gods. the Paflive Matter (^.. with f^tfta^ his Wife he and the reft of the Phiiofophers meant ly a Generation of Diiiies proceeding from fuch t^areats. nerds in and Vegetables as Animals all reaard they are .m. The Air ( the wmged Mei- fengerof the Gods) big with the Heavenly Fire.ike round her. Of theGenerarion of of Earth being How the placed in the Air. y^^ pieafe. Celeftial Influ* Hxfotbclhs they give Heat or Life. ences flic.z)T. Being there detained. begin ^ with CMetals. penetrates the porous Earth. .l<l^atural fhilofophy. ^^^^I^ chom. and the^^^'/"' Heavenly Bodies (^0 moving (.

both in its Afcenfion and Defcenfion Of the Inv ^'^ having not yet obtained the Gravity of a fix'd Body. through which it pafled. carrying with it Ibmewhat of the grofs Mat* ter. till meeting with compadt Matter. congealed into a nioift Water and .I o it is of Tran/migration. but enjoying ftill the Priviledge of a pure andTub-. through the Pores and Chinks thereof. it falls back into the Neft from whence it came : By which means it becomes lels fubtil . or lubtil or. it tah^^ ^^^' it ^"^^^ ^^^^ volatil Nature j again takes another flight through . or through dtkd: of the moving Inftrument . that denies it entrance. by the internal f^ulcan of Na- ture fublim'd in the Veflel of Earth. Vapour.

with the pure Salt of Nature. and the RemiflSon or Intenfion of the Heat of the Place. . makes an im- Petals. which falling down with detains it . And thus an imperfect Metal is made. the Defilements thereof. But Nature. that tends al- of Perfeft way >. to Perfedion. diver* Priibn fificd only by the difference of the heterogeneous Impurities. fuffers the impure parts to be congealed together. irs proper Habitation.lS[atural Philofophy. true becomes the Laver of Nature. as in a and not being able to free it (elf from its Bondage. paffing and repaifing thus frequently thro' thefe places. wafhit ing away it . \ i through the dark Chambers of the Earth . .

improvement from carriage of this Foetus the mif. caufes it to lofe . This uniting with the warm Vapour. but clayie Body. according to the more . void of heterogeneous F^ces. through thefe purified Chanobtains what .mes decoded into a more or lefs ripe Metal. and being diflblv'd by It. its ceflbr could not that a pure and refin d Salt. and that of its Matrix. conti* nually replenidi'd by a Solar Influx) it advances into a till it foft. its Airy vaporous Nature and be- come a clammy Subftanccj from which State (being digeiled by its own internal Fire. through b:^co. iengch of Time.12 Of Tranfynigration 5 or. pafling again Prcdeis. . for a new Vapour nels.

fuit locm in colore tas loci^ tdeo diver (i- depurationis^ Metalli di^ yerfitatenij/ecundumfpeciem fuit cperata. a Vein of Metal. l ^ move or of the leis Purity and Heat Womb. in the fame Vein of How vari^"' Earth. Magnus tcftifies in thefe words^ In 'JSlatur^ opcribus didici propria yifuy Thus quod ab una Ortgine fiult hi Vena^ O" quadam parte Jrz^ntum^ fiilt Aurum^ <^ fic in alia . from the fame Original.. and fo of The firft the other Metals : (C k^. Metals of clivers forts ^^^"^f may be rounds as ^/m-fw^ Tame place. '' '' In EngltJI? thus : ^^ I " " " " have feen in the Works of Nature. Mat- . another Silver. Ct* de Center is qud^ tamen Mated'lVerfus ria prima fuit una^ fed . one part whereof was Gold.Natural Phtlofophy.

*^vers. through their great plenty of Heat and Light.14 Of Tr an/migration . let But he that doubts Great^ him read the Three Trafts of E'trouiis the who to deferves a Scatue be eredled to him. caufed the difference of the Metallick de^ fity puration. '' ^^ ^' '" therefore the Diver- of that. Of of Gold Stones : Theprecious under the fame Denomination with Metals ^ the beft of which.or. give a Refulgency to St07ies fall the Matter. was one and the fame ^' but the degree of Heat in fe^^ veral parts of it was di* 5 . in all the Colledges of Learning throughout the World. according to the feveral forts. " Matter of which neverthc" lefs. this. which is a Con=* Crete .

digefted by a lively Form. their form beingfb inten(e. for [Vegetables . : ^^^^^ ^^^^^ the . become dark and their Generation beopake ing rather a Mixture of Earth and Water. bak'd in the Fur* nace of Nature. than the Im* pregnation of Paffive Matter. partly occafi^ oned by the defedt of Inter* nal Heat. I divide 5 vegetables into Two Sorts the of Two ^^ one. to a pure Sale joynd Water.«^o«nels of Matter. Crete of chat Vapour. thofe that grow of them. 1^^^^** ^^ without any {owing as Weeds and wild Plants themfelves.chac they feem even to Iwallow up Whilft the The Corntheir Matter: Common. As them felves.'JSlaturd PhHoJophy. and even to che Superficies . through their grof. fliines •.

the Vapour and is a fort of a ipecifick Matrix to that Form. or rather meeting there fomes* what of the pure Salt. The warm Vapour that penetrates the Earth.1 Of Tranfmigration-^ or. the other. The Produdion of them feems to be thus. it into a liquid Sub* Salt gives lubtil which pure to a Specification . is fublim d by the Internal Hear^ and ficies paffing through large Pores. dif-^ lolves ftance. Thus . which was before General and Univerfal ^ for Salts ofdi*' vers forts do abound in all parts of the Earth. arrives near the Super- and carrying with it.by lowing the Specifick Seed. thoie that are raif* ed by Arr. That grow felves!'^' As for the Firft.

of Plants. 1 Thus anle ( variety of Plants may ) '^"^ Canfe as we lee they do ve. pre^nated with Vital Heat. fomewhat few Iron ^y}^. differenced by the feveral Salts . conpeal'd into Water. ^"^^ ^ little water. poiiible It inouid have Specification it . C This. not to fay virtue ^ for thelron-ftone is too hard to have much ? up into a Plant IV ^ com mon of iis Particles waflied off Watery and common Water firmtm to diffolve a by the foft gliding of is too weak a Mi»' Martial Body. ^' • ry near one another. that joyning with it. . oftheMines thj-ough any but by which they pit {^y^i^l^ meets with ^^ the Earth. becomes a Seed. and iTioots ' . and it (hall have the fame tal1:e. for half an hour. is ^^^^^ ^^^^ fing thro* one ^^°"^''"^^' and the lame free • • in all Places.TSl^rtural Thilofophy. througli pafs'd. how ij L rTLl i\. J^^^^^^ which the and joyn d it y 2ipoux Tunhi^^e^ felf to and other For li the Air imthem.^/^^'J"^ IS ic and nndetermin'd. nated with ^^i.

This Queftion. or.I h Of Tranfmlgratm . ftarts that.he the from it with* out a full Anfwer. But why the Salts of the Earth bitter. fay. undeternnin d. . though he Quefl:ion. They are all one. give tofome Plants a to others a (harp Tafte^that why are the Salts thus diffe? renc d I had y rather profefs my Ignorance than with Tkmocritus znd^akn. is. appear d to the Great Vu Hamel flips (6 difficult. ous Plants how to vari- come grow of themfelves. that is. 1 his 5 I conceive is the meaning of Vemocritm^ and (^alen^ That the firft Element of Things is void of Quality. His Que=» Unde ftion is in theie Words : . but only in Opi^ nion.

prodeant qu^ e terra nafcuyitur injujfa 1 gramina ? TSlunquid forte a fit cc^loJor?nantuy?Sed Cerium cum omni Vtta privatum^ Vitam a^srfenfum after giving largiri qui poterit many and then comes to tion 5 conftitirig this At laftj Anfwers.Natural Thilojophy. and give: the formal Effence to thofe that grow of themfelves ? But why Plants the (ame Univerfal In- fluence . at leafl as J G 2 have . he ? doubtful refoliihis infe- Inftuxus C(£ksles rlorihus jortafje fe applicant. But this comes not up to Influences the Point. Who doubts that the Heaven* ly occafion the Groivth of Plants. is the great filent. produceth different which . them. Quertion in that he is This Matter having not yet been fpoke to.

have much the {ame Figure and Colour ? Tis not certainly from their man^* ner ot prefling through the Earth. that they obcam the fame it likenefs j for how fliould happen. and in regard the iearching Kature to her Original and firft Caufe . is more {liall excellent. it [ Fhmomends by Place. or. fay fomeching to in its Of their Fi- gut iq return from whence I have digrelVd. can ic be a wonder that all Plants of the fame fore. met with. taking things now as we find them. that the Specks of every Herb fhould have fuch a particular manner of pref- fing through the Earth. than to folve their Effe(5ls. as to make lame it always retain I the fliape But .2 Of haA e Tranfmigratioji.

but by the Uni- C 2 on . not out by Creation.Natural Thilo/ophy. } do determine the general Moi^ fture. 11 But I rather conceive that the faline Particles that joya with the Vapour. being fo and fo modified. of nothing. as to a particular internal Na- ture like and Quality. and Figure owing to the Modification of the Seed Thus Minerals and Vegetables feem to be made. as at fivft. Not un^ the very minute Seeds ™' ^'f' Q^iaiitics that we fee^whofe its Tafte does ^P^w«^ the the^ more duces yet truly demonftrate vadous ^* Nature of . Plant it pro^ tranfpofiti- than the Microfcope its is ^^^^^^ can find out its Figure. ( for they muft have fome Figure. as well to a conftant uniform Figure and Colour.

( the Univerfal Spirit folves the wherein refts. and .^g of Seeds. and planting of Trees.) their Pro* dudtion may juftly be called Artificial.) dip the Seed. firft fort This for the of Natural Produdi- ons. bleP led from the beginning by the Word of God. becomes adive and meeting with the vigorous. ( which came in with the Curfe. Body of whofe vital Principle being let loofe. Crefcite <jp multiplicammi.21 Of Tranfmi^ratm . Ofthefowi. e.but neither are they produced without the aflift* ance of the Univerfal Spirit for being the Ibwn in moilt Vapour the Earth. on of Matter and Form.) the ^^^.g of Seeds As for the latter (i. or.

• embrace and and being of an homo* unire geneous Nature? grow up todear Friends) gether. . may Mind 5 offend a chafte Ear. by its (pecificated Virtue. they are not unlike "^^. 11 Inr^T the Produtlionor Vegetables. or excite a lafcivious I therefore omit it. the porous Roots fucking in the moift Vapour. the fame. the General Moifture being firft determin'd by the Particular. 25 (like Vapour of the Earth. The Growth As 1 for the Generation of Of the Gc-^ ^^ Animals.Natural the fhilofophy. -r* raisM by particular Seed.^"^J" Animals. defcribing The of which. C 4 Bm . of Plants is Of Plants. which is aflimilated into the Nature of the Tree .

Caverns whence ' 'tis iaid^No?i Ic datur Vacuum^ . And therefore Sol they affirmed. that is in the Air fo neither is he generated by the Union of Two Sperms only. That 1 fliall ^ Honw generant Hommemywhicn explain more is particu- larly hereafter. which flow^s from the Sun. without the afliilance of that fecret j : Spirit. the Learned Ancients were of. . But this Opinion. Coition only Univerfal a hand in principally but that the Spirit.24 migration Of Trcinf 5 or. that enters the cloleft . when Man That was not propagated by they declared . has it. For as Man not fupport- ed by Bread and Meat only in his feniitive Capacity but by a {ecret Food of Life. it's plain.

X^atural fhilofophy. the • Spirit enters it and vivifies Matter. again. • • nimals are deftroy'd either by through the length of Time) of their Radical Moifture. ( the Oil that maintains the Flame. and into the common Refrom ceptacle of Senfitive and Ve* getative Spirits. It 25 being now faid how .when the ( Confumption the Senlitive Spirit ( for we re*- rpeak not of the leaves turns its R ational Habitation. h^ Animals.) or by accident.or violence. remains. the Air^ whence it came. that we give an account it how it leaves and what then be- comes of it. There are various ways of How the diflblvinp Nature in all the^^^^^^^^ves Matter in _ n FN A Parts ot her Dominion. Minerals .

and flowing are in an Ocean where the Celeftial Influences continually deicending. and Vapours afcending ( like the Angels on J^ca^s Ladder.) they receive new imprefles of Virtue. again.i6 How in Of Mi- Tran/mi^ration. or. them Now Pni Air it where where the Spirits or t ^ r Forms were detained and Ipe* fon i • receives cificated . a little Time re« Simplicity and Univerlality ^ . then becomes or the Form.(I it likcwiie into the mean the volatiL) Here firft. and Vegetables ^^e <i^-ft^oyed by Fire. to Service. in a on of Time . . fit them for farther Thu§ . was we found them at and here. ^ ^^ . being let looie trom that . thatitpaffes into the little circulati- we may per^ What ^eive . and vcge'bkl Minerals evaporate Air.

o/^- thus thefe Spirits be. :kc^ fer^^^er i & ^^ cording to TrifmepUu^^ dxts but things pafs . cording to Pythaxoras^ is Cxtn^ ^'^J"!*^^ new all mritur .into which.*^^^^* they are refolved again. nor any thing. which Tranfmigratiofl. tU^ quoddi- changed into fomethiiig '^For ^^ ^^ all mix d Bodies ^lx^T'^'^'Z: . is the true Notion of natc . ' that is every Irrational refolved into Power ^' the Life of '^ the «^/.flows down ^ • And again . nafcitwr id and are J^^^'jt" elfe. 27 idle. after a lictle time. Thus Nature is never and thus with are in a Plato^ all things continual Alteration : and Fluctuation ply 1 Nothing^ac r - Mtwdta eft.T^atiiral Phllofol^hy.T^^^ v thence it 1 r ing ready and fat to iriipreg.7//w^«^w rr- made or the Elements. ^ Thus '^ Porphyry tells us. and animates a new Body.

^^ Nature the Form from Bo'dies oft unties. new Matter. or W^nctLucrtUuSy Huid accedit uti quicque in fua ni^ Corpora rurfum T)lfJolVtt Natura .28 Of Tr an/migration nate the tit . on Diflolution. of Souls. may. animate another which I take to be the mean- ing of Pythagoras his TranP Spi* migration tits.• Body. and She as it. neque ad hilum intertmit ^s. whence nothing If . apt to defire Formaniy according to ^Materia appc Axiom of ut the fame Spirit ted one VcemmaVirum which animaits . " New '[ Bodies to inform. or. dies.

and conis there vanifli. and Ani^ mals. that partakes of the Nature of Light. one of die. not annihilated. not to fpeak of their Bodies. Vegetables. which are only changed. being according to La^ ertm^ full of Souls j and ac* cording . what becomes of j^ihiiatecf" the Form that animates Mine* muchlefs '''^^'"^'• rals. that is all I tend for. the Rational Faculties. that exercifes Memory. If this 29 be not fo. The Air indeed the proper place to receive them. they breath their Spirits into the Air. I would ^^ ^odks fainknow. Can and that Spirit that gives Life Motion.Natural Philofophy. be reduced to nothing ? Can that SenG^ tive Spirit in Brutes. become nothing i If and you fay.

than Air. the Principle of For even this all Things. (as I have proved by a ly rather Magnet is attrafting it. all the Forms of Bodies are fo its we can only hear and fee . Nature. Effects fine.or.JO of Tran/migration cording to Epicunt^^ . Place wherein Birds flie. full of A» toms. we walk. What then is the j^ther^ that is in the Region are the above ? And what Forms ? Influences or that de^ fcend from thence The . that therefore well ceiver of is may be the Re* fince Forms. and is though it proper* Water rarefied. ) yet it thus much of it a fpiritual invifiblc . or intelligible Bodies unapparent. the Air it felf is too and above the Capacity of the Eye.

Spirit is wit* The not Air loft. are loft only to them that cannot find them. when it gets rid of the Body. . but moving its in the in it natural Sphere. nefs our late Expedition. is fo far from being an^ nihilated. flow into the Omnia .j>latural PInloJophy. that it lays a good claim to Immortality. ^ i The Pythagoreans held. that Jt^ tkr and what is (b. is incorruptible^ Trcafures fallen into tfie Sea . where into the Air^ obtains It new Strength and Vigor. that the Souls of Creatures are a and all Philofophers agree. portion of jSther . pafles as the Rivers Sea.

as Body.thendercendsaForm? tion. but here and there. Intent . of Specifick is yet this hinders not. ^''^ I agree. Lib. XV. Hue yenlt Spnitus^ . and as the Animal Spi= fSpe'' rates. but that as the . Ohjeclion. • Bodv . wanders through the Air. 3^. in Generation ? • or • How lioSi. Jo not Animals con* That Ani c 11 mais con. ^*The *' never dies. they give a Porti^ Spirit. nihil Omnia vmtantur errat <(y lllinc^ . Metam. all ^' Though " " it things change. hmc^ llluc^ ^ quojli- bet occupat Artus &c. ^^ fupported by Food r I'llwhich there a portion or is yet Spirit.^1 Oj Tranfm'igration:. or.^'^7 ^ oenlitive bpirit as v/ell vey a SenH. Tho^T"^' they do convey a portioxiof Specifick Spirit. ''^'y ^^^^' ^'^ continually flow- ing . Spirit Ovid.

v/ith the dorh attrad . the Speci- and multiplied by the Influx of fick Spirit is enlarged or the General. its . lels ac^ >Iow this is more or • The man^ cording to the adivity of the i^srhow thd -r e c I'LL Uriverfd which ^pecl^ck Spirit be-g^ji-itjoyna • 1 5 ing of the nature of Light. un-tionofAni^^^^^^• an enkindled flaming though not Lamp whole Smoak tracts or Effluviums. reach- ing a neighbouring Light.lS[atural Thilofophy. . ^ ^ ing forrh the fted . and by how much-the Effluviums it. are more powerful. Univerfal. are of llipplied by afll^ Influx new. and : by the llniverfal To in the Bufinefs of Generation^ as well as afterwards. at- and becomes enlightned by it at a diftancc . they at- D trad . like with more T:ffjli'' the Genera- or lefs vigor like not much .

and others ve- ry . half ani^ mated. Light: as Fire Proportion of For Light naturally joyns and unites with Light. Horfes. are always heavy and dull. and iliall other Animals.you . And thus it is in le** which every Gardener knows by experifor you fliall have. all Spu'ic 5 whilffc that of others. and as it were. fome produce veral Plants.> and. as it were. great increale. Hence it comes that 5 to in Men . in ence the fame kind. .• have a vaft difference the Race of fome 5 appearing always full of Life.. ) are a Ray of pafs Heavenly Light.54 Of Tranfmigration trail a greater j or. with Fire ^ and the Souls of Animals ( the Ratio* nal excepted.

Natural Thilojophy. for the llniverlal Spirit lodging principally all there. the Univeiial Spirit why may not joyn with the Spedfick in Generation.and Nature that is always ready. Soil. to vivifie is that difpofed Matter. And why not in that of Animals. and at hand. I in the Now fee fame no Reafon. tenfely in the Air. as well as in the Prodii6lion of Vegetables ? For though it is in the moift That the Vapour as I latent in the Earth.where. D 2 That . ^"^'^^rf^i hinted before. ^^f^^ fo is it more its in. ^^^"'^y i^ according to the activity ot ] L Air. as well as afrer-^ wards.i^. permeates through the Parts of the ilniverfe. in pro- per Sphere. and rx• imbi** niore plen^ r^^'^ .j^ bed more or r the Fornn lefs plentifiilly. 3 5 ry little.

2 6 of Tranjmgratton \ or. is obvious to theUnJerftanding of all Men^ for that portion oi animal Spirit that animates an Infant. would fcarce give motion to But 1 think a Manly Bulk. Spirit. and muft the Mifchief of bad How do acknowledge it. aker the Birth. J Air^i . we may with as much reafon deny the Growth and Increaie of the Body. and obtain new Spirit and Vigour ? And how languid and fickly do Men become in a bad I the Benefit of . the weak and languifhing in a good air recover Strength. That the ridncrea?^^^ in That the llniverfal Spirk multiply the animal one. as shat of the All Men that know good air. Animals.

^^i^^^^^^ D 2 adhe-ria.Natural fhilojophy. by L^. . thro' the intimate Union with the this .. ^ . 7 be for the Animal Spirits are of an Aereal Principle which ap^ pears from hence ^ whilft th€y inhabic the Body. as it w^ere. to the whole Machine But when the animal Life. Hence Jnaxlmenes makes Spi^ rit and Air Synonyma^.?i ^ae.^ ot occafioned the by the Watery Humors. grofsnefs of ^^Iphnroas or SuU a^Mlng the Air ^ j^ phurous Vapors that annoy the Celeftial InHuences. flowing adding new ftores of and giving Motion. the Body putrefies and ftinks. And may \^/ell Air . then for want of that Communion. : Spirit is departed. the 5 Body is preierved fweec the Air continually in. Xhe Reafon of bad Air ^ ^^^ is chief ^^^.

adhefion to them. the Arfenical Vapors are multiit begets a Plague and more the or lefs mortal^as they increafe or decreale. :. Difmal Virgil was Place that Ipeaks ofj Q^iamfuper luudulU pune Volantes Tendere iter pot cr ant 'm- pennis ^ talis fefe Hahttis atris Tatic'ibm ejfundem y JupcrA ad con- yexa ferebut. can * O'er which no Fowl ' ftretch her labouring wings arifing ^ Such are the Fumes ^ from tholt Springs.They . or. it's When . Unde locum Graii dixerunt mine no^ Avernum. plied.3 8 Of Tranfmioration .

a Means to ledge of which. Plants being blighted. even with blue fpots to the Core. . p Tbey the mortal are -. The know. and by removal pre:« For when the imvented. as well as Animals . may be had and forefeen. purity of the air cannot be difcerned by the Senfe of Smel- ^^'^^'' and when the Maligni* ty makes no imprefHoa oa ling^ D 4 the . j . in the late where the plague raged. and fill Atmos-Hall Whence do the Place yivenip^ Qreeks that ' call. and Apples being fpotted. by the in= forefee a Sicknefs'Year fpeaion of the Entrails of Animals.Katural ^ ^ fhilo/bphy. Thefe Sulphurous Exhala* tions dcftroy Plants and Fruit.

there be an Infection in by the difcolouring and putre^ fying the Parrs firft for they are tainted. which hold the clofeft and moft intimate Communion with the vital parts of Air. he was reproached for could be rich ed : Poverty. told his Defpifers That he plea(* when he For by this Oblervation. ^hat DemomtiiS^ when his . The Fore^ Hence. it. he fore(fUv a Dearth and therefore bought up all fhe Olives. being a great Diiledlor ofBo dies . firft • or. thence the Sore. approaches yer the Animals. Tlic Dearth hap? pening^ . . I conceive it was. Pcartb. then the Blood. at lea ft in . if will prcfcntly difcover.40 its Oj Tranfmigratlon the outward Skin.

and having regard to due Circumftances. like himfelf. but the Seller repining at his Misfortune at the Price Vemocritus . and fometimcs what Dearth or Plenty will Jugury thus ftinted follow. by wife Obfervation.'J>{aturdl fhilofophj.of Aogary. return'd the Olives he bought them. or Peflilence . 4 pening role 5 . may be ufeful j but for ^ the . the Price of Olives fold whereby he might ha^ve them to great advantage . the mended Ancients the . . therefore Democritiis com. Wifdom of inftituting an infpe6lion into the Entrails of Sacrificed Beafts from the general Conftitution and Colour whereof 5 may be perceived Signs of Health .

The Lofs But all Arts have fuffered of Arts. as well as Birth. the like. or. and was juftly enough derided by Ckero. the Mineral extract a Sul" may phur from Metals.42 of Tranfmigration. ^y ^{^g additions of foolifii whence the unwary rejed the Truth . for Impoftorsj the fake of Error imerniixt. Hence the Tinging of Glafs is loft y Yet 1 conceive. than that of Gla(s. Hence Arts and their Sciences have Death. that will tinge and penetrate harder Bodies . that they who have in Leifure . and Knowledge Province. the Praftice of it amongft the ^mansy ticular as in foretelling par- Events to Men. But to return to the Subject of .

whomP'"^"^^Jupiter let ^^ ^' down into at the Air. fed. is Homers Juno. this. whence Air.TS^qtural Philofophy.of good Air. new Re* oi Animals cruits to the Spirits well as to fUnts and A^«e- reds. it digref- The good Life and Spiric and the The Benefit brings. acuaced down Life . her weight her ^^ '^ wich a "fe/s Chair. I 49 of Air. with a Feet. '' " This. if you can receive Homer «?r it. conveys as a light Water. pro. ceeds from the fublimacion of wich a Yolatil Nitre. which being rarefi'd and irppregnated with the Heavenly Influences. Hands being tied Gold Chain to Jup'h whereof^ is The Meaning That the Spiritual Influ- ences .

that conveys Earth. the ordering Thus.• terial. ences flowing from the Hca- Ycnly Bodies.44 ^f Tranfmi^ration . are too fubtil for a Defcent. Principles of Things Id^a^ and JMatter God^ the Efficient Caule Id^ci and JMatter^ the Formal and Ma.and that it is not done without his Providence and Diredion. : . them down to the though thefe Forms flow thus continually from the jSther^ And yet the Eternal God has and difpofing thereof. according to Socra^ tes and ^lato^ there are Three God . or. I have . without a Bo- dy or J that the Air is the Body SMed'mm .

fe^rlor^Nal merce between Heaven andtures. ture Uniyer/^ Scala^ Tatriarchd in Jacobo . and the mutual affi* ftance they give each other. to dilute the fcorching Influences. ture in General . back into parable Encheiridion ^hjlicx Jlitutit . re^ fpeaking of the(e Things. The Waters giving forth a fubtil Vapour. enriched with the Privi* The incom* ledge of Life. Vijiom reyelata ilU funt Mercurii Penney qua- rum ope^ Ipfe (Deorum NuncinSy ) antijuU mjjike d\clui Sufernm^ . has thus ingenioufly H^ec efl Naexprefs^d them. 1 45 have now defcribed Na* Superior. Vital lending it Native Country.Natural Philofophy. and the Heavens endowing it with a Principle its . Earth . the Com.

46 of Tranfmigration Inferorumque '^ . e. he was believ^^ *• ed frequently to vifit the Courts of Heaven and Earth. for ate"'''^'^^^^^' the their Excellency and Benefifence. the Mef" lenger of the Gods. of " Mercury ( myftically ftikd " by the Ancients. their ff^r- petual . which We rendet cence to this ^ods'^ from i^^ ®^«Sv. in tures^ the former of which.. This is the Scale of Nature in ge- " nera^ ^' ^' prefented to the Jacob in a Pa>» triarch Vifion. lower World^ the ancient PhilofopHers caU led oei<. ) by " whofe help.or. feven Planets. *' The Seven Planets calJed Gods- Thus do ^^^ j • Superior oovern i r ^ vt inHuence inrcnor Nan • afidwhy. Thefe are the Wings . Limina frpquenter : adire credebatur '^ i.

but propter excellentiamy called both {bns Sleep Things and Perfo. Not God .) neither believed ^ot^^^^^^y^^* adored a Multitude of Gods. petiial 47 So the £ter* nal^ by his Providence vouchlafiiig CO be always at work. has properly any ( though J^ir cherts gives us Seventy two.TS{aturd PInlofophy. (I mean 01 thofeSfL that not adore who were worthy Title. tributes. nor intended them for Worfliip . all in different Name Languages.) yet we may Majefty. invoke the Divine by any of his At- So that the Philofbphers The ancient themfelves. when it hinders Jupiter . Thus Homer calls a God. they thought o^k a fitting JMotioru Name for that the Almghty.

now given to which being great intheabftrad. Fightings ©eo^. becaufe pro- duces Trouble. thus Contention it a fruitful Deity. by the greeks to fome of their called Hero's and great Perfons. Q^ar* rels. <src. is is elfe God . when we call them fo. is not an Attribute too low. Grief. as to Antiochusy as the Title who was JMajefty .Of Jupiter jans 'y Tra?ifmigratio?i'y or. ISlame So the might be given . Thus . from aiflifting the Tro^ and Hejtod^ in his Theo* has is goiila y infinite Deities* Whatever fomething a produdive of with hini. eik^ without adoring them is . Kjnp . even for the jlmighty and yet we do not adore them .

) is ap* by us to all excellent Things as well as Perfons. who is Immoveable One. But this Subject merits a particu^ lar Di(cour(e. Which feveral Attriirre* butes he has proved by iragable Arguments. the Being of one Infinite j^riflotid ^^^^^P. and thus the ApQood^ (whence the is Name plied Cjod derived. by ^n Argument from Motion. E I fliali . ^ by (hewing that be a firft Mover.]>ldtural Thilofopby. Men pellative. on that there muft f^er^ ^^n gq^. 5 For Ariftoik could prove. . ^^ Thus God ed in himfelf isplealto call Great Holy Writ Gods . and Indivifible : God. w^ho is the Caufeand Origin of all Motion . Eternal.

The ad* mirable Things fpoke of her . and to unveil cently. (which The . How pi4^y and this Olympus^ .ing originally from the Poets.|^^y treated of Things in a fublime and lofty Stile with whom every Hill was Olym. HeaVen and every And when they as treated of Nature. whom to behold w^th unclean eyes. to whom inde- fiiffer the Punidi- ment of TantaUis. every VaUey^Erehivs Trince^ a ^od. the . or.5 o the I Oj Trcin[mlgraUon fliall . they rethe le(s prefented her moft than Beautiful Viana^ no a Goddefs. People always miftake.) made Jfta fond to adore her. to call ma. only therefore add That Philofophy compits'^ame Here.was Death. D7 Things j.

5 i The fore. after the this Laws of Poe* . according to the Language of the Country 5 but the Thing was flill the Hence are the Deities fame. Philofbphers there* when they fpoke of the Firft Principles of Nature. the Names on* y differing. ( u e. could call them no lels than Gods.Natural fhilojophy. of Homer's Oceanus and Tethys^ Orl^hen^ his Ouranos and Vejla^ the Romans Codus and Terra^ the Father and Mother of the Gods. And I oblerve . they tell us of F. was an univerfal Cuftom all 1 in Countries. fie. or of her excellent Operations. ) the Formal and of all Material Principle Things. 2 . And for the Opera* tions of Nature.

Earth .fays (^ice/'ojpenetrating the where Treafures Pluto ^ are found from haSt^'. not a Perfon. Air. it included a Fiery which digefting apt Mat^ ter. ^ they cdX^TSlcptum^^d ?iWo. to the is meant the Emthe Divine pyr^um-^ for that being near Throne of Majefty.52 Of Tr an/migration . the Metallick Nature and by JoVe. or. Juno^ a Juyando for all by Air . Riches and whilft things live floating in the fofc . of ^:>ea 5 whence Neptume^ ^luto^ and even Joye himtelf was delcended-For fal Spirit falling the univer* on theWater. and be* Spi=' caufe rit. ( if you take it not as an Hyferhole^ which here is not Ju^ : fitcr terOpt. was by a Metonymy not .Max. ) but Place. became Metal.

Light was rk of Light. the holy Qenefis . meaning the Chaos of Hefjod^ and that dark Abyis. . be-^ neath the Thought of a Man were : of Sence . railing the moft^f^f fubtil . part into the higheft traded 1 in- Repion. whither corruptible '^^^l^^ ^^'^^ ^ ^ or tneSua. 5 -> notunfidy called by his name. {a) created Spi. r Matter cannot alcend.-ij. to confute it. which were afcer wards divided and diftinguiiTied byspj. This B 3 T. to write to the Crowd 'tis not worth lifting up ones againft it. To Poets imagine is thefe^Perfonsjaccording to the Letter of the . Pen Theie are all (aid to flow from ^k^. calls yoid and without fonn becaufe ifay be<^>"^^^f^? of this Matter all things were(.) made. ^f an informing. who fits there.Natural Thito/o^hy..

who receiv'd her kindly. his falling in» when he was thrown down from Heaven . with his Beams bending downwards. and pla- ced her near himfelf. fcent. to vifit Jupiter . ready to receive them. the the latter the Earth. And fcriptionof as a further Defcription of Natures operations. is Hence repre^ the ^dad and ^ Atargates of firft the jijfyy'wis Tenting the Sun. This Region the Philo(bphers caird Efnpyrdum^ J^^^y or the Super^celeftial Heaven. Then . they ^^^1 US the Story of j[7. her mounting the Sky in a dark Dref-.ef)5her Nature in going to Vtilcans Houie of Ind^'uT fl^i">"g Brafs. to her Lap . or.54 0/ Tranfmigration .

The by Fe/la and ) (r. ^lato^ and yoVe 2i??2a. which could do all things. ( be- E 4 caufe . Pythagoras . mentioned by ZoroaUer . which fome made fynonymous wi^ Sol j the Air^ which they calthat Fire^ led Fenm . the Aetes of Hefiod . ( related Herodotus^ of the Scythians . 5 ^ Then ciples. that married the Daughter of Oceanu^s . crates . the Hr.Nat ural ^hilofophy. through Miftake^worfliipp d) the Fire and Water of Hippo. Her adit m . i. the Virgin. again for their Prin^ is Mind and Water of AnaxagorM and Thathis the y ks the SoulofthelVorld^ that animated all the Parts there* ot. Light or Fire of the Chaldeans and Water of the Terjwis (which the common People.

fliadowing JF. ) not fpecificated . and a word . common bour that la* the Induftrious might by and fearch attain the knowledge of it.nlgym 5. cither or in a Stile the Common People dvd .56 in Of Tranfmt^ratton caufe ^ or. calling ic by divers Names. For as Efdra^ J ^f Wifdom had his 'Books which the Wife pnly were to look into. ic . ic in Hieroglyphicks^ j the end and dark Fables to might noc become buc yet To . that Myftery which the AncientSjWich great Induftry and Arc endeavoured to conceal from the Vulgar. fo had the Magt their Occult ^hihfophy^ which they delivered down to their Sons of LearnCabaliftically^ ing.

whofe Wic and Morals they were well And though Ar alTur'd of.'Natural fhilofophy. Pythagorcts Thus had their fecret Philoibphy. they were exprefsd difficult to a manner be underftood. to keep off the Multitude. by fuch chtis^ as Hippafus^ Hippar- and Empedocks^ they became an Offence to them. that . ( Scaiu . ^ j did not underftand. could underftand them j who that in is. yet they getting fight of the Fa= bles of the Ancients. he but tells Alexander that none heard them difcourfe thereof. which they taught only to lome particular Perfons . Ariftotle rtftotie and publifhed his Acroaticks^ yet it was thofe in fuch a ftile. by the unlawful Publifliing of them.

. adore them. {Scandalum acceptum ) ^ or. might be. being (as they fayj the Caufs of Life.^s the and beholding Splendor. as God. Wor. ' c r. non da* fell and thereby into Idolatry. ^^^^^ Reafon he looking up from whence theyfprang the to ^. The • 1 1 were the ' ^3 g^. n"4»j. The ChaUeans adored Fire\ the Pevfi^ns^ Wanr 3 -^ »^ mans^ Earth. have . Maimonides faith . bdngThe all P^^^ > J^hey might as well Original of Idolatry i formofb Nations adored feveralDe ities. W one I fay of Species^ for various Original [ of one ( % ) p r op^^i^^ J wnereor.W.^ vt the ( Viinuters ot God. By he could not mean the ( Heaven Hup of Stars.j^^jj.58 tum^ of Tranfmigratlon. . dolatry ^ ^^^ Worflhip of the Stars furely not for the ^'' but and there ral Origins S^^^^' ^•) . from . under the Name of Tf/^^ divers Animals and Infers and the Rothe Egyp^ all Nations had their Deified Heroes. The Scythians adored the fF.

fuch moves flowly. confiderable : ]( Planets . for whom thefe things . which takes with the People. This therefore could be no Argument with them for Ad oration . whofe Life was the Golden Age ? 1 his could not be from the outward Appearance . how comes that Saturn^t\\2iZ is a dark & of obfcLire Planet. glorious Things ( to have faid him above the reft of the Planets. but this was (poke of fomewhat elfe.lS[atural Philofophy. 5p have worfliipped a Flock of Sheep ) nor is their Splendor . even of Sol himfelf. under the Homonynitum of Saturn^ which is highly valuable^underftood the Magi^ ) by ( and therefore not adored. fcarce vifible. though not by the People.

they were calcu- lated only for the 5 moft elevated Minds whofe happy Condition gave them leifure and opportunity to advance their Contemplation into the of experimental Certainty. fatisfadion Whence the s thefe Men knew what of Jupiter meaning was expelling Saturn^ the Union of Mars and Fenm^ Saturns devourina his Chil* dren.his Son Sadidn^s^ Atalanta . or x^ov©. ^^^ Allegories and the the exceeding abftrufe way Ancients took of veiling their Knowledge fophy^ in Natural Philo^ fhews. things were never intended. the Meta. Of the My.6o migration Of Tranf 5 or. Stoicks^ nor yet for the trifled in this who Matter. The Truth i^'^^^^ is. fhl^ A^nc[. ents.

for the Stuff they deliver. no lefs than the Divine Oracle o^Tjthian Apol. and are in no fert immoral though fome Pedants have given a barbarous Account of them . they appear like foolifh. lo. trivial Fables but rightly explained. but Things. But thefe were the Area- na Sapientum* Ham qu^ Sa^ cerdotes . Atalanta fugmis^ 6i &c. thefe ^ having daub'd their Writings with (jreek and He^ hreiv^ would make one nau. That were not fpoke of Per^* fons.Natural Philofophy. difcover an admirable Sence. who feate the Tongues. Jamblichus tells us of the ^ Symbols of ^)thagoras that without a right Interpretation.

that were ac^ quainted with the Myfteries the ancient Philofo- phers that treated my- flerioufly of Nature.6i Of Tranfmigration cer dotes be?ity . '^ The Priefts thole were unwilling. of Nature . that Things which thev had concealed. That is. condita in Arcanis ha^ fit^ nolunt^ ut Veritas ignota 5 ad multos manare jcBa^ qui ea in Poena its ad^ Vulgus proderenty faith Viodorus. meant the fame Thing under different Masks.or. fliould come abroad j fome Truths were to be kept fecret. who would proftitute them to the Vulgar. by Aftro^' . That all Now that the Philofophers of all Nations.ore evident. will appear m. according to the Chaldean tna J. and Penalties infiided on thofe. meant the fame Thing explaining an Egyptian Symunder divers Mmjrbol.

The . Hand. the Magical Number of SeCaduceus in his ven.ISlatural Philojophy. his with Wings on at his and Head. and thology. to paint Mer* Symbol exAccording ti^o the cury youthful. 45 My** Aftrology. But I fliall offer enough to maintain my Aflertion^ The Egyptians^ in their hls^ Sym. what only for the communication of an intimate Friend. whilft I am building up the Though Honour o( of Secrefie . twifted about with two Serpents . Tytha^oraSy that I (liould violate his great Law is fie that I fhould ma^ nifeft in publick. ^c.Au Egyptian were wont Feet. (jrecian ic muft not be expected from me.

he is Benevolent. Now thele Three . O^c. that with the Malevolent he is Malevo* lent . are but feveral Modes of expre/Ting the lame Thing and that according to the Genius and Dilpoficion of each Nation. Gretian The ^j^^j^^^^ (^recians^ in their M)^ Mythology ^^|| ^^^ cMercury was the Meflenger of the Gods. Th e . and that Thief.($4 Chaldean Oj TranfmigratioH'y or. and that he always follows the Sun. with the Benevolent. . from one he was all Was wont a to pafs to another. is That of the Nature of that Planet with which it is Mercury in conjunilion . xhc Jlrology ^ Chaldeans^ in their A- ^^ ^^^' acquaint us.

might without which. great Oblervers of the moti^' on of the Stars. as a wife and diicreec way of concealing from the Vulgar.^ Printed as may be feea Emblnns of Maierus.Which Pradice fome continue to this day. 65 The Egyptians affe6ling Paint'> Egyptian.• but ^v hat the Wile and Learned induftry by labour and attain . what was not fie. as in France in the 1 have and lately feen in Libro mnio j ^hilofo^h'u^.Natural fhilofo^b). their Retrogra^ F dation. . or neceffaing. by chat of Paine and Figure . their Diurnal and Annual. they were unworthy of it. were for communicating their knowledge of Nature. Chaldeans^ The that wercch^l^ean. ry for them to know ..

isrc. or. of the Planets y as fome Men now ule . Oppofition. and in fliorc. and Progreflion. Creciarj. be^ ing a witty People. nomy dies .66 Of Tranftnigration . Conjunction. when this Learning was brought them by Pythagoras y and fome few others that travelled into £gypt amongft the Priefts . did not like the dull and lenc fi- way of Symbols. which they . The Qrecians . abounding with a Luxuriant Fancy. dation. of the whole Oecoof the Heavenly Bohad herein fufficienc Matter to allegorize all their Knowledge of Natural Thiio=^ fophyy in the myfterious way of the Motion. to do their fecret Defigns under the Cant of Trade.

or confinement to the Rules^even of Vertue or Decency thufiafm . to reprefcnc their Knowledge in and Experiments Philolbphy. Sometimes they mixed J/l4orals with their Mythology at: others. ^7 for they called Hiero^lyphicks wherefore they were in a communicating their ledge of thefe things etick . Vertue or Vice.Natural ^hilojophy. and fabulous Relations of deffes y Gods and Godand Men Women . KnowPo* Romantick manner dilguifing the fame with ftrange brories. Natural P z Thus . wherein they fcarce gave any reftraint to cheir Wit. Heaven and Hell. neither fparing Heaven or Hell. fuch is the of Poetick EnRage* .

fire . to bring in the dukery of Mars and Venus but yet their being caught by the power oF Vulcan^ and cover d in an Iro/iNer. as ferve they thought.(58 Of Tranfinigration-y exprefs the incimace or. the . lefiTen d the de^ nothing would . The Ket whereof was not cafually mentioned fince there are fome living. and. their turn but to heighten A*- the Union. was fufficient to inform the Philofothis. pher. Thus when they wouU Union of two Natural Bodies. who have feen clofe a . becaufe the enjoyment of Marriage confin'd the Fancy . that there was no more intended by than to fliew how Union thele two Bodies would make by the power of Fire.

I fhall firft is what this 'Mercury Secondly. How thefe Three Thirdly Nations agree in their Defcri* ptions of him . His Qualitiess . that have collf fted the Grecian Mythology^ out of the^r Philofophers and Poets. ^ Having fliew : faid this. have added Inventions of their own. OVid and other Poets.T ho after all. '^ F 3 But . which are as apparently to be diilinguiflied. as the bold ftrokes of an Apelks^ from the flia( Poeticci LicenUa ) king ones of a Tyro. the Operation reticulatim. to ($p do . all of them meaning the fame Thing un^iom der different Veils.Natural ^hilofo^hy. right to the Ancients .

. For his Qualities. Chymiftscall ^r^o^f the th£j and . and yet not whetting the hand. j k is fit to premiie this . That ftiidied the Ancients who .. . have difcovered their Experiments therein. defcribe him. than in all the Parts of Nature befides. an imp.' .he is the moft volatilofthe Sevcn. what the vive.(and may well therefore be called the . and yet current ^ fluid. '¥r''^^//.70 Of Tranfmigration But before I .erfe(ft crude Metal. and therefore applied them^ and in their fclves thereto Mythology . Qjuck-filver dry. TSlatural TInlofophy found a greater Excellency in the Mi^ neral Province . People] . Mercury then is. or.Wonder of the World.

Katural ^hilofophy.


Meflenger of the

who are

Gods,) fufceptible

of any Form, yet will mix with nothing, but what is of his own Nature.

With the


he was



ing to I^rcher^ Aureumq-y Deurn yocabant^ {ex eo enim Sol ori^




as a

Planet he was


too, according to

upon ^.MatmonideSyin yE^ptio^







MeiTenger of

the Gods, with the Greeks



with the


both which call the Planets and with the Magiy Gods who underftood him, one of the Seven Metals.

F 4



Of Trayifymgration




Egyptians^to denote his






young his volatUjWith wings on his Feet and Head his



Caduceus that

works wonders,

with tw^o Serpents feven times twiftcd about the mighty

Power he

obtains, w^hen acu;

ated Jeven times

that as the

were wont to deftroy,rohe then becomes powerful in the DiiTokuion and natural DePcruvftion of This is that Serpent Metals. that devoured the Compani^ ens oi Cadmus and who they
Egyptian Serpents

are, he that

now knows


him be ijinor. n



1 he





Explanati-^ his



make him

a conftant Attendant on the

']>{atural fhilofophy.


Sun ; and to fhew his Mutability, and fufception of di=» verfe Qualities, that he is of the Nature of that Planet, with which he is in Conjun<flion ; Benevolent, with the Benevolent; Malevolent^with (i. e.) joyn'd the Malevolent with a Metal abounding with an Arfenical Sulphur, he affumes the Nature of that Me^* tal, with which he is in Conjunftion, and fo becomes Arfenical ; which being a poi* fonous Subftance, may well enough be called Malevolent; but joyned with a Metal a= bounding with a pure Metal^ line Sulphur, he changes and

puts off his Arfenical Qiiali*

before afilimed, and then

becomes impregnated with a


^/ Tran/mi^ration;


true Metalline Sulphur,which




called Benevolent.


carrying this


would give

a great-


to that vain Art of

Judicial Ajlrology

than either
or any




have yet met with hath given \ and give a rational account, why fomePlanqts are called Mafculine fome Feminine; fome Chothor



fome Phlegraatick
Mars hot,


Saturn cold,

The Grecu






young and volatil Nature, make him a fwift Meffenger of the Gods call him Thief, for flealing the Arrows of ^4hnllo ^ whereby they fhew


T^atural Philofophy.
his lufceptibility


of Qualities

that joyned with So/, acuatcd

with the other Metals, he affumes his &c their Virtues and
Qualities, &c fteals



Nature and Eflence. Fpr Mercury is the iame to Metals, as common Water is to. Animals and Plants and as this imbibes the Nature of the Animal or Plant decoded in it, (b does that, the Nature of the Metal digefted with it.

Hence may be what defftood

eafily un*


meant, when he (ays, he received the Gift from Mercury^

know the

Soul, as

Migration of the paft from one Bo*







Proteus that afliimes all


but enough of this.


er«y. Quo 'yj^nus .who(e Library ''Keeper. in the fame Learned Tra6t of ancient Error . that have gone againft the Cur*" rent of the Learned i^OT/. am not infenfible. than the Reafons they give will naturally allow So that I conceive all thele Learned Men have followed one another .yet my Authority no humane ought to weigh more. the profound Vofftus^ and the I induftrioiis Galtrucius^ tuSj Natalis Comes^ Sochar^ and the reft of the College of Learning. a fufficient Warrant for thofe who are fond of that antiqutiis^ old Notion. who(e Memories I reverence. whofe Works I honour.• eh which Hypthefis will HOC . Iconfefs felf unworthy.76 I Of Tranfmigration 5 or.

by was Darknefs in this the Qrecit Impdftor that. and Cain^ fince Man. chat what is .and that ever fince Mankind hath been belet wich Sin . ( of which he has been very fruitful even from the beginning )) that the De^ vil hath advanced his King^ dom Error to a great height is .Natural Philofophy. that more ancient than eafily per^^ Adam^ will not be fuaded to believe. yy for not always hold good. was both a Murtherer and a Liar ? He that confiders how foon Sinencred into the World. that there World before Light ? That the An* gels fell before A^^m was creaThat A^am was deted ? ceived even in Paradife. the next . who knows not . Error and Folly.

for it s Truth ? I think it not fit to be the fole Criterion of Matters of Fad. not only how ancient the Hiftorian is but how agreeable the Thing for delivered fodi . we are to judge. is to true Rea- The Fables Now * . is therefore moft true. though gilded with is a fliew of Learning. Men I of the Ancients re- ^^^3 fpeaking of *-^ have been the Farelate j fer to exceeding induftrious to find j-o Thingsnot (^ut bles ^h^t Perfons of the Poets do when . that the bare antiquity of an Opinion is a good Argument For my part.OfTranfmigration . moft ancient. Were there not erroneous Tenets in Chriftianity coxvous with the Apoftles ? Who then can fay. the .or. Great .

will give more Light. to the Ancients. I conceive deliver The Explanation of may do great Right. The . than hitherto has been done. . and give fome greater Light to the Learned World. all Mankind with^ which. yet fo . though veil'd Relations ^ Fabu- to conceal : them from the Vulgar One whereof.]S[atural Philojophy. than the Experiment Talk of out it. and as not to tranfgreis the great Law of ^ythagoras^ or incur the Punifliraent of Theopom^ipf or Theodeftes. them from Calumny. but real they are not Hiftorical Relations of Per- and true Expein riments in lous Natural Philofo* phy. fons. 7p when in Truth.

The Famous Lord has Ferulam one of the great Pillars in the building up his Inftauratio magna^ wherein chat Great Man law . Ohjeakn. 'Boyle^ fit was the for the Ornament of our Na^ tion. '^^^ ^o return to ^jtbdgora^. by the Body.8o Of TranfmigratioHy or.But this Learned Pen of the Honourable Mr. be an Argument for any man's paying a DefeDilTolution of its rence . may afterwards animate another Body. that the Wifdom of the Ancients was couched in thefe Myfteries: Of which Opinion I find likethis made wife SkK^enelm D/g^y. Can ctrine the 5 Belief of this . Do- that teaches that a Spirit fet at Liberty.

than the Air he expired of himfelf at firft. . diflblutionfrom the Body. when they are dififolvan ed. Wind. is but the Ligature of the Rational Soul which. 8 he fanfies . ) or adore the He may Refpor^f. as to them. the Spirit of his ? Father animates with as much Reafbn honour that Field that produced his Fathers Food. G No . ( being aflimiiated in^^ to his Nature. rence to that Creature. no more his Father's. (that continued Life to him.whom. ) as this Animal.Natural Thilofo^by. it was a pare was nothing and Body. there end of the Tie. . For after its is the Senficive Spirit.

or. of the Relurre6tion 5 fince there can be no need of a JMedium^ where there are no Extrean^ of the Blefled The cloathing Spirits after this Life. Of Tranfmi^ration . one fure will think this Opinion does invade the Do<^rine No Refponf. will doubtlefs be with a Robe of Light. Saviour'sTransfiguration Our may . becaufe they are always to appear before the Father of Lights. ^^ carried higher than the Opinion laid down of Ty- r 1 ^^Y thagoras cle \ for this very Parti- of Light and Heat.what need can there Of the I- be of a Senfitive But I think 1 • Spirit this 1 • ? Matter 1 centity of Form in all Bodies. v^hen k is free from its Body of what- . give us a glimpfeof this but where Flefh and Blood can- not enter .8z ohjemon.

That fal. Ibme Body^ not at Liberty and free. whatever (ore. 8. and co^ operate in the Generation of . But this is la- fpoken of a Seminal Virtue tent in . or infinuate into an Animal-Matrix . the Fcstu^ y for it is homoge- neous with the Vital Heat in all but their Specification. but fpecifiqated and determin d. firft I this Spirit isuniver- need not go back to the Abyfs and Form.Natural fhilofophy. to (hew the Identity of Matter antd Form in General. may penetrate Matter that may concrete into Stone or Metal produce a Vegetable . 'Tis J true faid . (which was G % after-* . Eireruetis the Great ^ has There is nothing that has a Seminal Virtue applica^ ble to two things.

by application to him.j-j^^ there is an Homogeneity r ^ u u -ru u Thing aug. affimilated and that only by the Power of his own Specifick Spirit which fhews them to be of his own Matter and Form. ^i Spirit in all the i hree Pro* mented. or (a) Aliment ic could not attract and con^ ^'^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ own Nature what ftoTe) mufr be the f^me is repugnant to it (a). into his Nature. will appear . or vinces of Nature. afterwards ftinguifh'd divided and di- according to the Matter and Form. (not to mention Animals. But potentially.84 OfTranfnugration^ or.) to prove the Identity of Spirit in all thefe Three. ^^^^^ nence (it it be true) that .) being Phyfick and Food for are. Man. • which the 13 in Ad. . Proportion of 'Tis enough here to flhew that Minerals and Plants. j.

makes the People indeed be* lieve them of contrary NaVulgar can hardly think that Foun* tures. Thus the tain. are genera- from Planes. Bees and Kies fo that an A* nimal Life flows from them all. ted . and fiery Spirit which could not be .Natural Thilofophy that . •. CaterptHers from Fruit. M^iggots and from putrefied Animals. The great difference there feems to which be between the feveral parts of the Creation. .Water will e/er become G I Wood. g j from the Drofs of Metals (Beetles . And out of any Spmes of every one of the Three Kinds. .may be drawn a Light burning . were they not homogeneous. reduc d to Aflies.

and its up into Branches. that the Water or moift Vapour. bearing Leaves and Fruit. Fruit. Leaves. and Parts of an Animal the : Body But a Naturalift can eaiily difcern . Thus are all flioots . all Sinews.by which they all grow and are encreafed to a determinate Time. that diftolves the Seed. the Parts of the Univerfe related to each Other by the common .86 Of Tr anfmigration ^ or. is by the Specifick Spirit into of the Seed converted own Nature . and is communicated into all the Parts of the Body. Bones. Wood. And fo the W^ter drank by Animals becomes converted into Nou^ rifliment. whofe groffer part encreafeth the Body of the Tree. Blood.

of Individuals. many all . the Support and Foundati* on of them together one ftin(5tion and is. Now this refiding in is Univerfal Spirit Particular^. as ic w^ere. it we into which are Three Heads. which Far^ menides in his famous Ideas calls That one Idea^ common Bond which is che Foundation of lars . called Kinds. the whole Web. gj of the fame Univerfal Spirit. and that we j may vide into better underftand one di- another in Difcourfe.Natural ^hilojophy. is woven. nc- cording lo Zmoj^hdnes^ wholly though for difake. all Singu=- out of which. and infinite almoft Species^ G 4 which . as from a Thread.

or. tho' One. And thus we may fee. as it were. Thus we She ple is . in this Nature's Governor. and nually fupplies the perifhing Old. of New. that is without God. by the Gift. fee Nature. Pure and Simis yet beneficial to the conti- whole Creation. who we can world. do nothing even '' O Eternal WifdomlHow O! ^excellent are the Divine ^ ^ perations How manifold ! the divine Goodnefs whofe ^ • Wifdom. which are Particulars. Power and Love are no lefs evident in the Confervation^than the CreIf the World Divine Mind fliould check " Na^ ' ation of the ! *^ .88 Of Trmfmgrdtm the .

by fepa" rating the Waters. and en-^ kindling in their moft refi- '^ advanced to " the Region above) a Spirit ^^ of Light. Spirits by the of Men and AnPrailes He . ^' '^ 89 . Nature a this delicate few moments Machine would ^' be without Spirit^the world *^ would be benumb'd with ^' an eternal Cold and Dark'^ nefs . and an everlafting ^^ Deathman things would run '^ back into their firft Mafs. ned Parts ( '^ To the Eternal infinite therefore "be '' " pure gels. "Chaos 5 and dark Abyfs. with* " out that Spirit that firft ba" niflied Darknefs.'i^atural fhilofophy. " never to be renewed.

fing. will eafily fee his Miftake. that all many and Things of a Metallick Com* pofition. all Things receive a value from their Ufefulnefs . fliould give Motion to an Animal Being. its or a fluggifli Metal. do exceed AnimaUin duration of Time. when he confiJers that thofe Things are always e* fteemed moft Excellent and Noble that are of longeft du^ ration. yet none of . fee. Befides. on Life and leav ing thefe Bodies. that that Spirit that aniPlants and ^1^^^ J ^ mean Vegetable.po A compari- OfTranfmigration jor^ He that thinks I do a di{ho«» Animals. now. though divers Beads and Birds are very ufeful both for Food and Pleafure. Now we Vegetables . "^"^^ to niraals . in fuppoFo"rm^?A.

which contains it^as to be able CO defend it againft all the af. Metals. That Spirit (eems to me to Of the Ex- be moft Noble. that fuffers to be fooneft its Body on diflblved their Intention. that Spirit feems to be moft weak and unadlive. that ^^^ ^o'^l'^'J^[^ digefted the Paflive Matter .• fauhs of the Elements and on the Other fide. Now Ve* do both but j getables and Animals perifli in the tals Flames : Me= do not So that the Strength . nor can any Man plow. But this is Ipeaking rather like a Merchant than Naturaliftj therefore I fliall wave it. or go to Sea^with^^ out Metals. 9-1 of them are fupporccd with* out Vegetables .TSlatural Philojophy.

. or.! Wherefore. Strength and Virtue they en«» joy vifible to every Eye. . and of Its great culty. diffi- advanced by Diffolution. But could their Bodies be dil* folved . as we Vegetable Seeds. only Un Croyant not able to yet he that draw a Bowr there 5 may yet give Aim.92 Of Tranfmigratiou . this. For my part is I own my . and their Spirits let lee in loofe. need of an homoge^ neous . felf herein. as the Reafon is evident^no inge^ nious Man would be without it. . to is conceive. ^ ' does know what place they merit in this Life. . were the operation as eafie. gives them juftly the Precedence. He %^^\Ugbt ^^^^ ^^' ^^^^ ^^^ perpetual made out Light to which they have of them . then their Excellency would be very manifeft. wherein j^g^j^ .

defecated from all Impurity . ^ quiproculnegotiis^ Ut prifcagens mortaltum^ Paterna rura bohm exercetfuiSj Solum *^ omnif(£nore^ 8cc. "^^ ^^J^ ^^ underftand let none but the Happy this. {a) thc^y]JJ^J' the latter in that oi Aries ^ by the thofe it. . onljr. *' Who l^ does regain Man s ancient Liberty.ISlatural Philofophy. Happy the Man from '' toii^ fome cares fet free. 9^ neous Agent. former found in theHoufe of Qemini. But retire. and impregnated with a Metalline Sul- phur. benign Influences of Libra and ^ y jicjuanws. pretend to He that can and enjoy the Freedom his of Horace Meatus ilk Countryman .

his By ""^ Parents left . a wife and a Learned all Knowledge of Friend. *' <sr flocci They who are fa'^ " tigued with Publick Ho^ flours . or. a Freedom is of there neceffary Nature. s free from Uiurious Loan.and above all . this To Thought. Qiii fuhllcls Honoris hm i^ Mtiner'ihm fmguntur^ 4ut et'um priyatis ir necejfarus Oc^ cupatmihm jugiter mcumhunt^ ad fummmi hujn^ Cuhnm ne contendant Totum enim Hominem ilia defiderat IWVmtum PhilofophU : . a plentiful Fortune. " Ploughing '' ^- Ground wicb Oxen of his own.^4 0/ Tran/migration. pojfedet^ fojfeljum ab omni <sr fmo fa- higo negot'to vend'icat^ cetera QWiia dlmarefutms ciens.

t^atiiral Philofophy. my who am bow'd down to an Employ* ment of daily Attendance Me SMifermi Well may the Qualifications above be thought nece(* fary . fince befidcs the Fine- nels . whole Mind which obtained. This fuch as is an Eternal Bar to felf. teaching him to flight all Things elfe as Trifles. let them not pre. and retains him from all te* dious Bufinefs . p^ . nours and Employments or have continual Avocati* ons of private domeftick & Affairs. (he keeps. tend to the Heights of this Philofophy quires the for fiie re.

could fcarce be fee free by Juno's help.96 nefs 0/ Tranfmigration-y or. there is required Herculean La^ bour. The meaning whereof. and Acucenefs of Mind. i!Mars being prifoned by Neptune s Son Thirteen Months in a Dungeon. have toid you. no Steel has " any Force. though aflifted by Hermes himfelf. nor 4C ^' M^flionary Horfe. that when U^^rs I is the . Now Virlhus ullis Vtncere^ nee duro poteris conVet( lere ferro. For mer 'tis that Hoirti" tells us. fo difficult. " Nor French Dragoons. This to attain.

: ItObjea. lelt be impregnated ah tntt\o with Seed enough ^to hold out for all Spates to the end of the • World ? H That . ic i./-. 97 the the Son of Ju7io^ and (lie Metallick Nature. to all Now remove and what is fuperadded . for a Surcharge is too ob- vious to need an Explanation^ is nauleous to the Mind of an Man.TS{atural Thilofopby. Ingenious Objections to the Foundation of this Opinion of ^jtha^oras .' may be dies asked How doth appear that the Heavenly Bo- beflow an Influence. or Univerfal Spirit on the Earth ? Why may not the Earth ito^.

That the Heavenly Bodies move and tranfmic Heat. feel : we Nay. Toads. and that in a more extra* ordinary manner than a Culinary Fire is able to perform. a Heaven. as which comes down from We fee Infedls. that pafs for Animals.whofe Generation is ^equivocal. as Frogs. Of Tranfmigration .p8 Refponf.this Both fee and Heat beyond the Tropicks. in a few fort of Animals . is fo intenfe and powerful^ that with us colled:ed by a concave Glais. or. . are fo produced3by means where* of. days are generated by it in Thole that wareridi places. it will melt Silver. and even Micc. affirms Whence SMechmgus that there is no artificial Fire able to give fuch a heat.

fome in the Scars. aof Fire.Katural of.^ gion or the Air? But. 99 we perceive that Vegetaincreafe. Moon. That God fcatters Souls.when he That the Univerfal Efficient Caule of all things.e. If fo.) Forms. the°Air. conceive. bles grow and Tim^us the Locrian . agrees. H % Now . (i. and that their Accefs and Recq9^ are the Caufes of Gene* ration and Corruption. ^^t--. is the Sun and the other Stars. <pkiIofophy. j^rijlotie w^hac need is there of an Ele- held. c^at mem above the Re. and inftil* others in other Planets whence they are led into Creatures. Ariftotle To which faith. faith. 'twas placed there !P^^^ ^^^ for Order's fake only. I of Fire.

from the We fee a little feafons a great vScion Lump. feveral different Individuals.loo OftheUniverfaispi. fuch is the virtue of Fermen« ration. that you may inoculate . A new by itspal^' Specification of fing into the Scion.j^i to fuch Variety of muft be in its own Nature General and Catho* lick. Of TranjmigraUon^ or. and a tranfmutes the whole Tree into its own Wherein we may Nature. The PartiSalt Specification of naturally proceeds culars. obferve a twofold Change Juice of the : Firft) Of the general Moifture : into an Identity of that of the Tree Secondly it. . Now things 5 this Virtue that is f^j^jft^. Nay . or it could not be fubfo lervient to many it.

we daily lee it various ways in the Vegeta- ble Province. Trees . This Epicurm H 3 the . is without fome In^^ Fermentation . Hiith the inthe (jreat^ coaiparable Eiren^ns is Wonder of the World . the <PWi. fo that degree. a^id Thing. &ood^ eVery calls JMinerals . Fruity Flejh . after a little Growth and whatever becomes of Trwinlmutation in lace Scion .Natural ^hilofo^hy. nor is it otherwife in the Ani- mal. that in ingraft many Trees you may and inoculate out of Jpecies^zs Cherries on a Laurel. Stones . of which no man's Experience ftances. by it Water becomes Herbs . \ oi upon Scion. the Mineral . Pears on a Hawchorn^Tree .

What firft I faid already to the part of the Queftion. Refponf. That the Earth is barren & fluggiflijdead and pa (five^we all may eafily fee^by confidering places how unfruitful are that are furrounded with Build- . Atoms . the attracting and intangling by their by which Fellow-Atoms they grow up into the fame Nature ^ of which hereafadaptable . As for the latter part of the Objedion . to proceed.i. ter. touching the Earth's having Seed enough and therefore needs not borrow of the Heavens in it felf.I o2 0/ Tranlmlgration \ or. fufficient may But be a Anfwer.

For if the Earth had Seed enough in it lelf^flie might be as fertil in a CityGarden. or ani** mating Heat is conveyed. do after your Countryfome years plow^ leave the ? Ground faU low Is there not Seed or Virtue enough in the Earth to hold out ? If there is not it ? whence does fhe It receive muft proceed either internally from the Centre.Natural Thilojophy. Why men. or ex* ternally from the Heavens if from her own Centre. ing. Buildings. is the only Caufe of Sterility. where* by an Univerfal Spirit. why does flie wait the accelfion of H 4 the . Buc it is plain. that the want of a free acccfs of the Air. i o. as in a Country.

is (he barren Objedt. the Sun. where ? his Influences are interrupted. to call forth her Vegetables ? And why. next year's Vegetables ? The Pro« . |. . be as a Mafculine Principle. or. to which Opinion Xenocrates leems to If the Earth be inclined ? were filled with fuch an imaginary Seed . and may not this \ital Heat. whenever the Sun approaches with his en- / Beams furely all thefe Seeds would quickly what then appear to fight fhouid the Earth do for the livening . and brina this dormant Seed from Potency into Aft.I 04 of Tranfmigration .{^e Earth Refp/ have a Feminine Sperm in it. j^^y j^Q|. that may only excite. B^|.

only be«» caufe their ufe is not known. . yec their letting fall a Seed.'JS^atural Th'dofophy. that tho' Weeds are grubb d up before they run to feed. where are their Store^houfes ? But may not the Birds in the Air let fall feed. or others. is weak and frivofor though this in malous ny places often happens. Experience ilievvs us. foon rheir ftead this . yet the fame. . grow up in And whence ? fiiould happen Who a.e the Conferyators of the feeds of Weeds and noxious plants ? Noxious. and fo it may grovy ? This Objedion can . What Enemy comes in the night and fows them? And Objed. i o Propagation of them only by and by that means another coming in its place.

is not annihilated . and you will find an Herb of fome " It is fort or other arife. defend it fo you pleafe it has : . cc therefore moft evident. That this Spirit.I o6 Of Tranfmtgration .that by the Heavenly Bodies. can admit no Refblucion but Refp. a germinating ^^ *^ Virtue is is emitted . whofe Nature J^ loofe. this as Take Earth. or " from them. fome acceG of Air. " ducing divers Effeils ac- " cording ^^ *^ to the plenty of Spirit *^ ^' ^^ and difference of Place . and impregnates new Matter. conveyAir. " ed by the SMeiium of ^^ filling all Places. that this Virtue univerfal. > . and pro. or. but gets becomes aftive and ^Wigorous. on the diflblution of its Body. .

that^^^^^* the Caie of Spirits. that I iliould admire if it were o* therwife are but •. but lofe only their external Figure and Shape i for if Bodies on their refolution. fliarp. annihilated . . i ' i 07 — is varied . ter mixing with " becomes faline ^' '^ and wich Acids. and thofe Parts of Bo- . this to me. is fo far That Bo- from being a wonder.lS[atural Philojophy. not annihi- fince Bodies. Now. are not their when Spirits leave them. were in annihilated the World time would be reduc d to nothing. fait . asWathings. f^Xnged'. For the World confiding of Parts. according to the '^ diverficy of Place.

ceaf- no fubftance ablolutely eth to be. faith there is Epicurus no new made. fo are the Pares . But as in . and fall the Parts being daily fubftra6tcd. yet this Duft remains ftill. Bodies.and being quick* ned by a fSolar Heat. So that though Bodies Vefolve into Duft. but into is diffipated more fubftances. fhoots forth into fome Plant i and this . fo in Corruption. which remain after the deftruftion of the former.which acquire new fubftance Qualities . as Bodies are annihilated. or. Generation.1 o8 Of Tranfmigration . but pre-ex^ iftent fubftances are made up into one.this Machine would to pieceSjOr rather to nothing.

. fince the Bodies of the Dead become Food to the Living tion of afcer a little Circula- Time. but all and are changed Sofa) ^'"'' into fomething elle {a)' that if one Innihi^ '^^'^ would urge it. and be^ comes pare of himfelf. as well as Spirits. Hence Hermes^ and the reft of the Philofophers affirm. that nothing properly dies things pafs. 109 this Plane becoming Food to or Beall. he M' might prove this w^LysiTrauJ^ migration of Bodies. and Beaft to is Man Man. paifing through a few Mediums^ and that Food becomes part of him that eats it- This .ISlatural Philofophy. affimilated into the Nature of the Eater.

in Circle round. This the Egyptians hinted of a Snake painted in a circular form^ the Head fwallowing up the Tail : Of which. lapfu. Vtretfquamis^ damq-y rcduElo can- Ore Vorat. Claudian. be- caule of the Poflibility both in refped to the Identity in fome .1 1 o of Trcmfmigraiion-y by the Hierogly^hick or. tacito relemis exordia ^ Pjthn his Scales renevvs^and ""on the ' Ground in With Tail ' Mouth he lies. Serpens Perpetuumq. Thus Tythagoras might lay he was EuphorbuSy who lived many years before him.

Ill ^ome fort of his Body ( for we were once upon our Plates.would have had as much Realbn and Truth of its fide. Thus for fimilithe!BaptiJl tude of Spirit. pafs'd firft into Women . . as the other hath of Prettinefs and Fancy : For . held. him. or rather in» 1 migration. . feemed to hold. Jobt is called Elias. But now for Plato's Opini* The Moral on. if they continued into Brutes. and the reft of the Pyiha-^^^^^^^-^1 goreans^ who . if he had con=» fin'd to the fame Body. <src. vici** This Degeneracy . the Souls of Men ous . That by dulging to Senfe. ) and his animation by the fame fenfitive Spirit Temper like being of a and Difpofition very .lS{atiiral Philofophy.• then.

than (hew Mankind to what a low Ebb Humane Nature might defcend. And what is the ? natural Conlequence of this That thrs Men therefore to avoid adorn and cultivate their Minds with ufeful Knowledge. tha^ many Men. by fofc and render Habits. fliould in . or. For Experience fliews us.112 Of Tran/mipatiori.to what a Bru^ tal Sordidnefs Man might fink that wallow'd in feniual Plea-^ lures. Now more than probable. that there was no more intended by to this lort of Expreffion. and exert Life Evil. and by degrees Indulgence into an of ic Brutal PaiTions. grow weak and effeminate flide all is .

is no new Interpreta- Ttmms long ago commended the lonick ^oet^ for for making Men we religious by ancient Fabulous Stories/ For. i i j in Praci^ical Vertues. This tion.tro. been the Moral had beea this ot Plato s obvious to every llnderftand«' ing. This was the Dellgn both of Mo* ral and Natural Philofophy this y^/op^ . years inculcated by his ingenious Fables. and who flouriOi- ed about an hundred before l^/. fo we rethe « when ftrain Souls with Fabulous I ' Ki- .- amongft: which. « * with things unw^holforne wholelbme agree <noL with them. had inferted. ^ (aid he> as cure Bodies .l>latural finlofophy.

given up to Ignominy of Murtherers. Let them then ( continues he ) fince there it. for Thus we r^ fee how Tythag^^- has been mifs-repre(ented. men. when they will not be led by the True. . into thofe of Punifhment . into feveral kinds of Fifhesw Beafts. iF Souls did EflFemi^ tranfmigrate the nate into the Bodies of Wo. of the Light and Temerarious. Un» learned and Ignorant . nifliments as .i: 1 4 0/ Tranfmigratm Relations. uie and what was made of only as the kflf Remedy to re« flrain . of the Lalciviousjinto the forms of Swine . 'into Birds 5 ofthe Slothful and Idle. or. is a necellity for talk of thefe ftrange Pu.

what we call Mgurhenturn ad Hominemy is now. ac** cording to the grofs Notion of Tranfmigration ? Mbffi certainly not ioxJamhUcm in the Life of Pythagoras ^ tells us. 2 by . \ t j ftrain Men from Vice . fot want of Underftanding in hrs Cenfurers. return'd upon him with great Reproach. to husband his Time well I upon which account he abftained frorn Wine and Ileflh 5 only eating fuch things light as were of Digeftioc^ I :. &ut did not ^ythdgon^ ab*'ftain from Flefh-Meat .TSiatural ^Inlofophy. for fear of eating his Parents.• and was. That he being the Difci^ pie of Thales^ one of the chier \ Things Tl:>alps adviled him ^ was .

Purity of Mind. Wake^* fulnefs.\\6 Of Tranfmigration-y or. he proeu^ red ftiorcnefs of Sleep. and conftant Health of BodyTranfmigration in piants and But what tion if Tranfmigraevident to ? may it be made be SSrable to fenfe. Senfein Plants and Minerals That may in Plants. and by the cohobation of it on the calci^ ned Salt of a different Plant^ they will impregnatethatSak new Life and Spirit. And thus Van Suchten^ .eve^ ry ordinary Chymifl knows : For by the extracfting the Spi* rit or Soul of a Vegetable in the form of Oil. Thus they draw with a forth a Spirit from one Plant. and give it new Virtue. Smell and lafle. and infule it into the Body of and another. by which means.

and more dudil than the Natural. But enough of this. witnefs the petrefying Baths at ^uda^ Olajlntten and Etjenhach in Hungary^ that turn Wood and Iron into Stone and the Venereal Mine at Hern*grmut near New/o/. where.Natural fhilofo^hy. But what need we fly to Laborious Art for the proof of this ? Does not fagaci* ous Nature afford Inftances enough of this fort in divers Places. tranfmuted into excellent . \ i y and the acuter miftsjtell of Chyus may be done with fore Metals. Copper better . I 3 I have . by leaving late Water it is Iron in the Vitriofor Fourteen Days.

I J . 1 . will endeavour fhew hovv the Earth ' comes to . 2. Having already variety of file wn.i. have done with TythagoraSy and ill all touch now on Four Things. Examine fome Princi- ples and Elements generally received. Compare fome Jriftote^ Im Hy^othefes with thofe of J)€niocrUus. 4. I flhall fpeak fomewhac to the duration of Bodies. from the Diverficy (27 c.j.enerated in Earth.8 Oj U^uralfhtlojophy. and hmv thie Plants Metals are of Salts. to now I g.

and before to getable . after the ^a^'o" ^f of Bodies. their refolution in- Duft. As to the Duration of the dn. and divers forts of Infe^a^maybe generated. Bodies. fto 149 be filled .TSLaturd ^hilojophy. of Bodies with fuch variety abounding with ^different Qualities. others of ano- Worms ther fort arife. lenficive Spirit has lefc them. who dying . on. Firft. have a Ibrt of Ve* Life remaining in them ^as appears by the growth of Hair and Nails that may be perceived in dead Bodies ^ and a weak Animal one that lurks in tlie Moi* whence in Putrefadti^ fture . 1 4 If .

by the pure and incorrupt lafting Nature of its Edence ? But I fhall advance the Na^* ture of Bodies to a much more iinmixt arid pure Immortali* ty : For the Radical Moifture of Bodies . nor the Bodies of . For not to mention Bones that arc found entire after a Thoufand Years Burial. may juflly challenge a Right ( as things now are ) to an eternal duration.. that lies in the Bones.) why fliould be denied to the Spirit which hath a much greater Right to it.12 Oj Natural If Plnlofo^hy therefore Bodies obtain this fort of Immorcah'cy ( not to fpeak of the Refurrdion in a Philofophi=» of the Body cal it Difcourfe.

Appearance as to puzzle the . that is fix'd and permanent and is fo far from giving way. there is in the Bones a Radical Moifture . Now the Figure for mix d Bodies feparate the Fire indeed may Parts of a mix'd . that it is the Veffel made u(e of to purge the fix'd Metals in the Fire.no not the moft torrid Vulcan. and remains unhurt when the volatil Metals fly away ^ (b that none of the Elements can de%oy it. or fuffering lofs by that Element that is the Deftroyerof mix'd Bodies. Bod y^ change alter its and fo . \ 1 1 of Egyptian JMummies^ prererv*= ed whole for feveral Thoufand Years .of l>{atural fhilofophy.

but Pivifion. The Watery or Mercurial Part of the Wood pafleth away in Sraoak. and the Earth retains .• burning of Wood or ^ny ftruiStion Fael. The Air preferves the two the former. I . is zDe- coafefs. the beft Mechanick to reduce it to its is primitive ftate. as the one doth but change Hands. and the Body of Salt refts in the A flies. The of it. as to the Proprietor rt(ped: to but not with . {6 the other alters only the fituation of its Parts. the Univerfe is no Hfiore than there lefs Money in the nefs World by the Profule- of a Prodigal .- yet ihis no Annihilation.Ill of Natural ^Imfophy. the Oily or Sulphurous in Flame.

yet fo glorious may a lightfome is body as that of Glafs. than its diminution of Excellency but only a If nor does tion to it give any termina- its Being. except the Firft Caufcy { am yet to learn : For jthough Boae-A{}ies Moifture. in time this may of the whole. 5 i 2 1 the latter each part r^eturns to its native Country. its change to Figure. the ultimate end and ufe of them.of ISlaturd PhHoJopl^y. by reafon of flow and become Glafs. . to create Prin* deftrui^ive of one ano- The . But is inconfiftent \vith the its Wifdom cipLes thj^r. Maker. What then can deftroy this Body. Cuit linary Fire deftroys the Parts of the Univerfe. altation of its rather an ex- Effcnce.

even in our Meridian . ( though v>aft pais through a Rays Region of its Wa« . : Which makes Ariftotle^ me wonder. that did not Ice this the . Ze- and other Great Men but thought World of neceflity as E* ternal as God. Of T^^'^y^^ Thilojophy. according as Things now ap^kto^ that the \ pear. as Experience taught World was not deftroyable by any other Caufe.s Light of Nature. who compoled it which the Eternal can eafily do by Fire. The ^^^l 2. but by the fame God.124 Ofthegeflagration. yet he its now between the Trothat confiders little being a multiplied by a concave Glafs. without the Light of Holy Writ wo]7/?4ne5. for though is the Heat of the Sun tolerable picks.

125 Water rarefied. when ( the volatil Waters chac allay his Heat. ) if refle^fted on a Man for fome time. . Wa* and from the Chilnefs of the Waters. and a Philofopher knows may eafily be. by impregna- dng them with a Solar Hear. did not the Eternal by his Providence defend us from the Heat. by the interpoficion of the ters.of Natural Philofophy. ic will fcorch and deftroy him. ) then the Sun having no Cloud to obftrudt his Light. nor any Water to cool the fcorching Heat of his Rays will neceflarily burn up and calcine the Earth. which the People think now are. the very Elements would deftroy us. become fixed. iphoje . Thus .

i t-i : being to ipeak of thefe.V*6 Of Natural ^$hofe ( Philofophy. OfPrinand Se<:on<ily. Men came to call upon God For whatever Appear: ai^ees Gc^d' made to the J^tUe- dduVian^^v^YiWchSy a. inyiftble congealed Spirit^ faicb om is of the Learned more yaluable than Clement'if- JMagi} the l^hok firn'o itaq-y Earth.nd by that his means commuhi'cated y^et rive Di* VineWill and Nature ro them^ \Vc cannot fup^ofe that World^ in general had any other Light of the Divine Glory . As to i • Principles ^ i ciples Elcmeots. The as Study of l>{atHral Philojo* phy was as early in the world. it will rtot be amifs to enquire. chefe how and when into the came World. 2..l^ixiencs . infinite fint Laudes. ^^^' ^.

Power. nelfes rhey his are the Wit^ Wifdom.OflSlatHrd Philofi^hy. comes not to Mankind (at nerally ) leaft ge- by Infpiration. and Goodne fs. though the Creation of the World was a Tradition. and the Contemplation of the leveral Parts of theUniverfe. for God of is known by his Works.than whac came to them by Tradition. that- apt to preflfion weak imon thinking Men. The Know ledge of thefe Works. and the manner out of Qyaos'y yet to give an account . una make but lefsit is back'd with Reafon* But befides. \tj Glory and Maje(ly. but by exerting our Faculties* And as is for Tradition.

and confequently .12 8 Oj Natural Philofophy. When Men therefore be- gan to contemplate the works of God. almoft impoffible to have a true knowledge of God. that by improving. and the manner nowof Nature's ProdudionSjCould This not be a Tradicion. was left to Man. and not to be inflamed With Love of him. fuch is the Purity and Perfeftion of the Divine Nature. they found all the Parts . as the pro- per exercife of his Rational Powers. account of the Th^nomerm of Things. he might come to have a clearer Light and Knowledge of God . and advancing his Thoughts. love for it him is the more incenfely .

Cicero . This tended. one of the amongft the . and a Paffive or Material. that made quiry inco Natural Caufes conceived Water to be the Material Principle of all living. in the I conceive JMofes in- when he tells us that Beginning God created : Heaven and the Earth which things are exprefled in the very lame words by the the ChaldeanSy Jjfyriam^2. \ 29 of Nature reduceable Principles .Of Parts to TSlatural fhilofopby. Vital or Formal one. Plutarch affirm. two Heads or an Active. K .nd ^reeks^ as 1 have hinted before. Grecians^ as. Lctertius and en. Hoales^ firft who was Straho .

This he had from a more an^ cient Nation^the fho^nicwis^hy whom Orpheus was likewiie inftruded. I A Mind C ' infus'd through this Wodrld's every part. 'Does . ing Creatures is . becaufe all Seed humid. to be the (nS^ the Mind^ firft that added Aiaxagorcvs is faid by which aieanc the . 6^ magnofe ( corpore mifcet." iTo^ of Natural Thilofophy. — Mens Totam^'y infufa per artus agitat mokm . To this-Matcrial Principle. and Plants and Animals are nourifli'd by it. I conceive . Hence Virgil calls the Univerial JForm the Mind. he Formal.

be- ing the vifible Matter^as they conceived.of Natural ' ^hilofophy. aflerted Earth to be the Principle of all things 'y Aiaximenes^ Air j . Various afterwards were Pbe^ the Opinions of the Philoib- phers about Principles. and Water and Earth Air J ^armenidesy Fire . Atoms ples Empedocksy ^lato and Jri/lotky Sec. But Homer and Hefiod both gave an account ofthele two* Principles long before. recydes the Jjfyrian . Enopides^ Fire and Demerits^ andEpkurhS^ .2LXth . \ :} i Does move the vvhole Ma* (^chine wichlvondrous An. of which all Bo- K % dies . to thpfe Princi- added four Elements. Hip- pafuSy Fire XenophamyB.

: Principles. the . I know it is no in lefs a crime than Herefie. I do .I 31 Of Natural dies did fubfift fhilofophy. I do ad** mit Salt in fome fence. \ need not fear their Cenfure. Sulphury and Sliercury but being not of their Church. to be one of their Principles. but . their 5^/^. Of the 3 The Chymifts hold Three mifts. : this the foUovvina School-men. them. Principles and Elements I now intend to examino And firi% for the Three Principles. Commuto nion of Chymifts any of their deny three beloved Principles. have hitherto maintained^and it is And now the Doftrine of the ] World.

an extraction of the arid more digefted part of the SMercury. by means whereof^he taught the way of feparating the Sulphur in the form of a tindled Metallick Oil. therefore not in fpecie but in degree ot Digeftion. This will appear more evi^ dent. and though Tara^ celfws has invented a Liquor. yet I Qreat) conceive this is nothing but riper. Sulphur . i ^ do deny and S^ercu- ry to be feveral for their beft Authors affirm SMercury to be only crude Sulphur^ and Sulphur ripe cMercury fer \ they dif. by confidering the Mat^ K I ter .Of I Natural Thilofophy. faith EireniC- The Ancients us the ( thought them all one.

Water . of Metals \ which I will deliver in the fence of Etrenx* us the Great ^ having tranflated hinn. but not having the Ori- ginal in Latin by me.M4 ter ^J Katural Thtlojophy. yet fuch as will mix wich nothing that is not ' of its own Identity j where** . he ) * Thac i$ Mercury ( faith which generated in the veins of the Earth. is Mercury^ faith he. they did partake of the fame Nature. . ( and all Metals arife from the fame Matter) is the univerfal material Mother oi dl be things cloathed with a Species ^which Metallick eafily may proved is . becau(e accommodated and by Arc to them all may be conjoyned which would be impoffible unleis JMercurj .

Of Natural as therefore it ^hilojophy. all Metals and Mi* nerals too. that are of MeI ^ K 4 tallick . * may be fucccflfively digcfted ^ ^ ^ with this all the Metals. Mercury . And ^ fame . all it Metals by its follows they have a Cor* refpondency of Matter with Again . * Befides. i ^ ^ drinks up moifture all . will affume the * true Nature of them . by the help of Art affifting Nature.^Mercury retaining * the fame Colour and Form * of flowing. did not Nature iTievv us the pofTibility by their Correfpondency of Matter. and ^ by fucceffion exert their true ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Properties which would be impoffible to be done by Art.

Mercury hath a Salt included and becomes a more or lefs ripe Metal. that current cMercury the nigheft (though not the firft) Matter of Metals which . and then unites them in the com- . Sah^ Sulphur^ and Mercury^ are the conftituent Principles of a Metallick Body. ought to fhew that Kature produces in it. Hence I conceive. tallick Principles . What need then can there be of Sulphur as a diBut they ftind Principle ? that contend that thefe three. may be reduced into a currenc Mer- [ cury. according to the purity or impurity of its Matrix. thefe three fimple Subftances. 'tis evi^ is dent.\l6 ^ ' Of Natural Philofo^hy.

As for the Salts menof tioned in the generation I Plants and Metals. finmple Mercury without Salt or a felf ? Metalline Sulphur by it The Truth fence there are ciples. is . and in Plants. conceive them to be only a congelation of a former Vapor. of the Earth . by a fpeedy refolution near the S«ferfides. 1^7 cpmpofition of a Metal. Now this Homogeneity .differenced in Metals by a long circulation in the Alembick . in a ftricl no ocher Prinim^^ but the moift vapor vital heat pregnated with thefe for two alone conftitute all I Bodies. But who ever yec faw a Specifick Metalline Salt void of Mercury and Sulphur ? Or .of ]>{atural fhilofophy.

1^8 Of Natural neity of Salts in ferent Bodies . whilft Dew. a much purer Subftance. and may not Metals be reduced into three diftind Principles I If . in an open heat by a gentle foon evaporated and rarefied into Air. by the fame heat. is Water. <P biiofophy. But 'are not the Principles of Bodies known by their Refblution. thus in Bodies by Veflels: different common grols Veflel. two fuch dif- will not ap* to pear ftrange them who Alteration confider the vaft Heat makes on time. condenfed into Earth. objcdioH. circulated in a clole Veflel is by length of time.

Fire is able to di- vide Bodies. or part of but with refpe<ft to the previous Matter of each Body. u c. that this is efFefted on the Fire by the alteratimakes on Bodies i in* not by a natural Analyfis CO their firft Principles^ But does not the Matter^ Form Great Std* oijeam. and friyation ? By Privation. \ i p If the various Figures iftro ^^fpof^f which the Principles afTigns . which . he dot\inot j^efiortf mean a Principle. muft be called SMonfieur lefs L Emery but no than five. a Body .- he honeftly confefleth. gyrlte hold three Principles. in a ftrid fence.of j>latural PInloJoplrf. before it is fpecificated . an Effence confti- tucing iiich .

let : of Death. calls the which he . that is a leparation of Soul and Body ? If in^ ftead of Privation.140 quo Of as Katural fktlo/ophy. not of Life how can that be a Principle of Life. that might well enough have pafled for a Principle . think therefore the I Two or Principles of the Ancients Ariflotle Matter and Forfn^ ftand firm. notwithftanding the Q)ymifls. But . niufl be a Principle. he had called it Putrefaftion. Terminm a But if it it when determined. fince Putrefkdionr is be For the Gate to Life. the Terminus ad quern. or fbmething like it.

it continued even to the Time of ThaleSy who flouriflied in : ihe -^^th Olympiad ^ Principles and . I & this. for what I perceive. the Elements afterwards are made out of them. 141 But if there are four Ele« ^^t^e Ele^^^^^' ments that conftitute Sodies^ according to the general (Jlrine^ Do- muft confefs.of Natural PInlofophy. they. as Pin^tarch will have it j and then ^twill be difputing only about But we'll confider Word-j. unlefs thefe Principles being firft. Elements feem to be but modern in refpedt of the An* cients Mofes fpeaks only of the Spirit and the Jbyfs and fo. will overthrow the Two Principles of Matter Form.

could not but par^ lake oi its Nature. Here I will fuppofe Ekniems to begin the Rea. Ele== who. and that things generated in . fon this . the Companion of Fire^and Water of Earth. . was a Difciple of Tythagoras who was contemporary with Tl?a' les. perceiving that befides the moid Vapour. as the F(£- tm . the Earth. The fame Author makes . and Elements. being not then diftinguiOied by him for whicu Piutarch fiads fault with hina.\^l of Natural Phtlofopby. Empedocks to hold Four roents. They that licld four Elements. 'tis faid. and heavenly Influence. or Fire and Water in the modern Language. there were Earth and Air that Air is the Food^ and as it were.

Of Natural





tm in the Womb. That two of theie were active, and two paffive j two heavy, and two light muft of necefficy

be thole Parts of Matter, that conftitiue the Harmony of
each Being.


fpeak clearly to



take each Ele*

inent apart, and




will fee, whether thefe four,


two only,

are lelf-fubfift-

ing Beings;

Pure, Simple,

and Unmixt,which is the Notion of an Element. I will begin with the Air.

That the Air we walk in, of tb^ is pure and^nmixt, no one
will pretend


for the


rous Steamy, that are fiibliaaed




'^^^t^^^l Philofophy.



and the abun-

dant Moifture fludtuiting irl this Region, fliew the contrary.

The Truth
call Air,


what we

nothing but


ter rarefied,

by the

Heat of the Sun, or fublim d by the Archeus of the Earth; and this may be made wzni^ feft by many feveral Experiments, as the evaporating of Water into Smoak (which is
a grofs Air,

or calcined


tar that will attract





into Water.



The Earth can never be


ro be

pure, fimple, or






mon Shop of Nature,



lS{atural Thilofophy.



in bodies of all fores

and quatruth,



It is in

nothing more than the groffer

Waters , which condenfing into a body, became the Settlement of the Waters , which God after^ wards caufed to become dry, by the removal of the Waparts of the

from it, and the Light fliiningon it.




it is

faid^ In the



created the


and the Earth

yet this

by a




the Learned (ay, amongft the
ul)on the

for the Varhiefs


Face of the Veep


the Spirit

mo^ed upon

the Face


the Waters.

The Chaos











Of Katural


and fo our Latin Trandators and Commentators render it, A^^
plainly an Ahyfs of Heaters





(ay Junius and Trcmelltus.

Of Water.







Nature, pure, fimple,

and unmix'd , without any quality, though fufceptible of


Primitive in Nature,

a middle





Earth , and its other Air or Heaven. This may well be
called a Principle

for flie


Matter of all things, into which all things may be


Of Fire.







emanation of a Solar


of Katural




Rays darting downwards,
It is


the Life

Matter, into Motion

and Veneration.
or Spirit of the





the Matter.


this a Principle

or Ele*





no Blun-

der, under Tint arch's Favour^

make them

Synonymas^ )


a mortal Sin in Philofo*

to infer

faid this,



That Water


paiTive Principle,

and the SoInfluence, the Formal of created Beings and that,

properly (peaking, chefe
are the only Principles


cording to the Ancients, and
the other

two only





148 Of Natural fhtlofophy. and the Reve^ rence and Admiration I have for him. lb it does almoft make me blufli to lift up my Pen againft him. Buc does not the excellent Sy a Learned SMagm ^ S tell us. ^Sed magis jimica Verita^^ Elements go to the Conftitution of each Being ehefe Elements muft be intimately united Now that If Four : cannot . as it makes me conthe place ? The Authority ceal his Name. That the Four Elements hy their never ceajhg Motion^caft forth a Sferniy or Juhtil Tortion of Matter y into the Earthy where meetings and uniting^ it is digeHed^ and brought to perfeBion^ ac- cording to the purity or i?npuriiy of of this Perfon .

what need is there of Water.Of Natural Thilofophy. part of one Element enter per vnnima^ the pureft part of the other. ter it But Earth cannot enfer minima^ unlefs Water be reduced to the Form and Tenuity of Water. and then what need is there of Earth. if Earth muft be firft refolved into Water . are a ConCrete L I . therefore (eems that all created moft plain ^Bthigs here below. ere it can unite with it ? Again. Water muft be rarefied to the dignity of Air. unlefs the pureft \ ^^ cannot be. or elfe it cannot unite intimately with Air^ if fo. /ince Water muft become Air before it can alTift in the Con- fticutionof a Body ? It to me .

hymnts. tor the Second. according to what Nature has wrought Matrix. I fliall compare fome Ariftotdian Hypotbejes with thofeof Democritus. is fufceptible of quali^ Thus much yi:^. before the ters } in the Form is . and impregnated with a celeftlal Heat .150 Oj Katural^hflo/opby. Trina^les and E- Thirdly. en- for the Form as capaas the ble of divers effects Water ties. digefted into the vari- ous works of Nature^ diverfified now. A'ijhtle . the purcft part whereof being rarefied. ( which is all the Elenieni of Fire I know ) is of. crece of Water .

i 5 i and Heraclltm too. be in fome mea- lure alike otherwife they cannot aft upon one another. witneis ( but intenfe degree the quiet refting of Iron in which the Fire of ) dwells plentifully in Nature Water and witnefs the Generation of Animals in water. held the Elements to be contrary to each other^as^Fir^ to Ifater^ Earth to Air^ paiffive two a(5^ive and two but ledging. which cannot be done without heat. and witnefs the Seeds of all Beiiigs (whofe germinating L 4 Virtue^ . Patient Principles it .of Natural Jriftotle fh'dojophy. Wherein Democritm is certain^ ly in the right j for Fire in : and Water differ not a remifs. T>emocr'ttus denies al- that the Agent and mud .

There difference is. a controverfie even unto Death. no more two. a violent ebulyicidj lition is caufed.I 5 X OJ^ ISLcttural Philofophy Virtue. in truth. Vemocritiis Jfnftotle and and their and Leucippus^ and Epicurus^ . than betw^een Water and Plants. the one is io far from being repugnant thefe between to the other. is the Five of Nature ) involved in Moifture. As for the Caufe of the 'Bodies^ variety of the diffe- rence between his Folio w^ers. yet when an the water is raifed to and the Plant reduced to an Alkali^ by the union oi thete two. that the Plant is nouriihed by the w^ater . of which.

couch . DemocrittiSy and his Peo=' impute nothing to Qualicies. For . by the conjunction of the Elements ^ and fo under the Mask of Qualities. all ignorance if of bodies their Caufes not Effeds. to make of. which they could not tell what . refiding ia them. called the Atomical ^hyfiolo^y. but all to Figure and pie.of 'I>{atural flnlofophy. no lefs and 'tis who their no wonder that they differ in the Nature of Principles ^ fliould fall out in the duce. is \ ^ ^ their Followers . Motion . effe(Sts they pro^ The Jrijlotelwis impute the efFefts of bodies to fecrec primary Qualities.

and I . and for As for the the middle one. that it is not yet determined. Pynhmwi Dodtrine of Qiiali. think if I But end I fliall my felf hapcan put an py enough. For my part. 'tis too trifling to merit an Anfvver. ties.M4 Of Natural Thilofophy. I {hall confider both Opinions^ and then give my Reafons againft both. to this Debate. might introduce this Queftion with a great deal of pomp. I think nei» ther Opinion right yet a middle between both may be true. and fliew that it hath been a Controverfie in the world for above Two Thou^ fand Years that it hath ex^ ercifed the greateft Men. without any .

becaule . 1 55 any other confideration.of Natural PhiloJop1?y. various Qualities arife. But it would he too Magifterial to rejedt Opinions. 'tis per Jgnotlus a thing hot or cold. bitter or fweet. . and fhew how from the various Union of thefe Two. I think. without fliewing tlieir Miftakes : I fhall therefore endeavour to fhew the Error of thefe two Parties. The Method I propote to take. and then fubftirute what I conceive more true. differs from thole tliac have goae before me . for I intend to fpeak ot the Creation of the Firft Maccer. As to the of Occult turn ^riflotelian . and Univerfal Form. that Ignop is Qiialities.

Formal or . or occult in all Bodies. &c. becaufe of fome Quality in it 5 and what Englifli isfb. or Vi^ tal Principle latent. . . that not only and keeps the Parts together ( be the Cjenus or Species what it will ) and fo retains diftributes it . is that Quality is ? 'Tis Occult.. with which Bodies abound be they thole of Sweet.156 Of Natural <Philo/o(>hy. that 'tis in plain it fo . but the Spe* Caufe of all thofe Qualities . may amount there is to this That a Form. becaufe But the mod that can be made of this Notion of Quali* ties . felf to all the Members cifick performing is the Office of Life. Bitter^ Sharp.

M7 in- Hot and Cold in their feWhich Form veral degrees. this. can(jaltruchim for though tells us in juftification of this Dodlrine . That there is an actual Modification. and De- termination of the the Matter J I Form to would fain know . being a Vital Principle. ble are ^ But not be . cult. I conceive.of or Natural Ph'tlofophy. ) is (and therefore oc- as Lucretius holds. &c. As Stones. and Woodj and ( all things that do fade. vifi«» Of things unfeen things ( ' ' made. Ex infenfilihus ne credos fenjile K'mirum Lafides * <(jr Ugna . vifible.

that enters pafiive Matter ? Where it can k receive. diftin*" guifli the Influences of Saturn from Jupiter Mars from Vejiusy and fo of the reft. except that of Sol ? The Sun indeed melts WaXjbut hardens Clay^ but this diverfity of efFe6t proceeds from the difference of the Objeft . know what particular Quali* ty can a Form have. who can . fuch a Specification For notvvithftanding what Pimy faith of the Planet ^evu^j fick that (lie icatters a Proli^ Dew. which is but geneAftroloi ral. before enters ? Mficter. and what the gers fay of the particular In- fluences of each Planet fire 5 1 de- to know. not of the Agent 5 for the Agent is alv?ays .158 of Natural Philofophy.

'Tis not therefore the Form is alone that gives Quality in the the . fim-* till pie and undetermined bound down. conftituted. 159 ways one and the fame. and Body- tied to the Now for the ftology tus jitomtcd ^hy. of Leucippas Epicurus^ Dentocri* and I called which is now the New. or the Body. by virtue of the . Form. meer Matter. for as Body was fcatter'd Atomi parts loofe and infipid. till its being colle(fted . by what Fi- gure know not. How can it (elf. a mixc Body fo was its Form .OfT^atural Philofo^hy. five tho' varied according to the paf- Matter that receives it. which in loofe .

{jor "^hat Taftc haVe the uncom- founded Sod'ies of Atoms ^ yoid of (Qualities ? ) when put together by ( the clinging of its Atoms. in parts hath no Tafte. the emanation of its Particles.) befides if Atoms by Pofition and Figure^ . isinfipid. or give a particular Odor ? 2\Ji/ dat quod mn had habetj may hold well enough it here» That which in its Parts^ it y not can never have in the whole ( 1 fpeak of the fame undetermind Matter for I know that Bo. which had a part their .\6o Of Natural loofe i. and its Icattered. e. obtain Qualities nei- by Fermentation.»wheh conjoyn'd ther . dies of different NatureS. or imagine what other way youpleaie) acquire a particular Tafte. Philofophy.

C7C. that the Body. or Thilofopby. to the figuration of the Atoms. muft have the fame Tafte and Odor. do give a Tafte and thefe Smell. ties if the Quali^ that are perceived by the Organs of Tafte and Smelling . be wholly owing to Matter. i. the Atoms being too minute to have their Angles and Points cut off by a fmall divifion of the Body and confequently the Parts of the Body. M But . when divi^ 5 ded. Atoms ar« fo very fmall. \6i by the manner of forth of their the flowing Particles. e. though feparated into many Parts. as before.Of Natural Figure. yet muil retain not* tvithftanding the Figure of the Atoms.

But Galtruchius affirms ^ Matter to be previoufly di^ fpofed to fuch a Form. that the points corns or angles of the A* were disfigured. what needs there then a Form where The ihere is Life before Qua* every o^ . fince great Pro^ left portions were untouched. by a * Temperament of Qualities. or the Emanation of their Particles obftrufted . for Bo- or but a little opened^ as^ Pbnts and little Fruit. this daily Experience . loie in a their Tafte and Smell . evinces the contrary dies divided . time both C^c.and yet no one can fay.\6t Of Natural But fhilofophy. But how can this be ? Are not Qualities the Effe(5t of Life in Body .

but united. a vital Air . and noc from any diftind: Caule in either. undetermined five Matter.of Natural fhilofo^hy. do dually. it efFe- M % 4. i 6 Qualities therefore of Odor and Tafte cannot proceed from the configuration of the Atoms.Thrs' . cal. nor the paC- as I though Atomihave fliewn here j Bodies have and yet lities. fimple. So the Spirit of Nitre and Salt Armoniack apart. have no Qualities or Power the to difiolve. all Qua- they muft proceed froni Union of both. gives the Quality of Form^as is I have (hewn before. or rather corrode Gold. Now for the if neither the it Form (elf .

briefly as poffibly I I fliall not cite the various Opinions of the feveral Sedts of Philofophers that treat of the World's beginning. fpeak of the Firft Matter. of nece/fity lities. lities* Since treat I propofe here to of the Original of QuaI muft. and and that leads its Formation . How the Earth comes to be filled with variety of Bodies. Thtlofophy. me firft naturally to confider the Creation as \ which I fhall do can.I 64 Of Natural 4. (tho' fome . This brings me to the Fourth and laft Thing I intend to fpeak to and that is. abounding with different qua* .

than Ufe. will take the Philofopher for ^!Mofes my exclulive of his Divine Au^ thority. not for for Bread.Of Natural Thilofophy. than the whole Body M 3 of . which fome of them have not faid. phy's fake. . 1 But herein Guide.! fhall omit is nothing [o foolifli. there Befides. it Norfliall 'fpeak of the Creation any relates to farther than as prelent purpofe. \ 65 iome thought it had none this would look more like Shew. forPhilolb^ it . who. as the patch up a New my one of I my own. has given a wi(er Account of the World's Cre^ ation. fince I write for Pleafure . which I have no Temptation to do. Nor fhall I borrow Parts of the Greeks^jAidy to Many .

Of the ation. fluid Subftance. which fit Form to ivas to be the vital Principle of this Body.. aduate and impregnate this Matter.I 66 Of Natural fhilo/ophy. an Abyfs of Fume or Vapour. rather than Water .^ having created the Matter. of Philofophers put together 5 whofe Writings Learned BiOiop has the mod Sttllingfleet defended in his Ort^ines SacviCy againft all the World. to be flretched out for the fition compo- of Heaven. This general Form was a Spirit of Light and Heat. and capa= ble of any Form he gave a . Cre- God pjj. which feems tq be a thin. which paf* was five therefore the more fit and tenuous. and io are all par* licular .

things therein. of conftitutinp Celeftial Bo-™^^^^jnction of »-. ( not the Third nity ) {a) Perfon in the Tri. who taught the World tofpeak Scholaftically but the Jewsm^dQ them all onej which indeed.and there- fore capable of being the In- ftrument of God. As the World is God's. but not of Identity. 'tis not Regenitfu Spirit fn Sa-a^ificationis in Chrifio . Can any one think that this Spirit that blows on the Qrafs. fo indeed this may be faid to be the Spirit of the Lord./ les and Aither. and Parts of it. v. And therefore Ifiiah. for Man.Of Natural ticular ^hilojophy. 40. (or take it Metaphorically. The Grafs withereth. and to exalt it to the Dignity to thefirft.iZIne"'' to rarefie and fubcilize hraifm to ^"^^^^f ^^- the Superficies of this Abyfs. if they had remembred. in a large fence they are . M 4 ti* . faith. which. Firft and dj Second Caufes. i SpiritHs SanUnd^ Ttr^ '^ . 8. c. was found out firft by the Creekj . 167 Forms now. for the world is the Lorctsy and aH *. the Flower fadethybccAufc the Spirit of the Lord bloweth npan it. they would not have rendred the Sjiritm Dei^ Gen. in point of Property.) is the Holy Ghoil ? Jtmru and Tremehitu tranflate the vVords Spiritju Jehov£y the appropriate Name of thQ Eternal yet in their Commentary fay. and all the Spirits in it.

e. renders it.not a few Commentators on their fide . But belides this Coniedure. the they 'Jews never dreamed of fuch an Interpretation tia ilia : inight believe it fome/^/>. ailing ficiesy rais'd upon this Supcr^ ic up on all fideSj and mixing and abiding with it. in a plentiful degree. the Original will bear it ^ for the Learned fay that RHach fignifies not only SfiriPUga.ibat (^am ciibabat) & . Abraham on this Place.) faith he rem^ a Df>0^ ad deficcandnm yiqnas. Potemia^ or Emamtio Dei^ but not the Divine Nature himrelf. as a Hen does over her Eggs. ad* vanced it up to the fupreme Heaven. This piece of Mechanifm may be (bitable to Man. fufer facie fntffiis m y::ejnarum .which it isdifbonourable to imagine was incHbam ptferficiei Je^mrnm^ brooding over the Waters.I 68 Of Natural Philofoj^hy. (i. or fome created Power*. Angulm^ Pars^ And therefore R. The ' ' Firft of Light and Heat. but the Almighty Piat is worthy only of God. tHSy but f^emti^^ Folnntaf. whofe Property is MoTThis Spirit tion. and enlightned all that . Spritw (aut Fentiis^ Dei fitfji. though I conceive. But they have. 1 mufl acknowledge. Perfona Deitatis^ a DcoPatreCr FiUofYOcedens.

the Atmofphere^ was but glimmering. \ 6^ Part by its diffufion . . which was to divide the Waters from the Waters^ {i.of chat ISlatural fhilofophy.e. This will appear more dent by . . not only from the Ce* leftial . the j^ther . in refped: of and the Ferra^ queoiis Globe by reafon of its diftance. .) the Waters that refided with the Globe below. was dark. vifion of the Light from the Darknefs.The Second ^^* coniidering the Se« cond Day's Work and that was the making of a Firmavicnt ^ or Expanfion. evi. and gloomy SubThis Diftance. which vve call Alther though the lower part of that mighty Space. Holy Writ calls the Firft Day's Work.

into a more clofe and narrow corapafs. fides . This A(5ti ve Spirit of Light furrounding the moift Vapour on all fides. . The manner of which. I conceive was thus by the Will of the moft High. and thus comprefs'd on all Bodies. whence it became condenfed into a watery Subftance. which were advanc d above whofe material Principle was Water . drove it down lower throughout the Aery Region . The Vapour thus condenfed into Water. and thereby comprefs'd this tenuous Matter . flying frona the Fiery Spirit. .%70 Of Natural leftial Thtlo/ophy. but even from the lower pare of this Aery Region^the Refidence of Watery Clouds.

which by the r^Medium of the Form was made dry. This Fiery Will of Spirit. became Mud or Earth. vvhoie Centre being the Sedias ment of the Waters. And this was the Second Day's Work. \ 7 from an Enemy. the Mud or Earthy Subftance appeared.of Spirit. by the The Third upon^'^' the Waters. The Fourth the Almighty coUe(5ted and ^^ypent . on each fide. and impreanated with virtue fufficient tor the Plants. became ftill more congeard. divided the fame. fo that the Waters being roU acting led off God. But on the Fourth Day . Production of this And was the Third Day's Operation. l^atural FInloJophy.

of the Earth God made Beafts and Reptils (the Matter being groder. Paffive Union of the Matter . whofe Virtue being {hut up. Water. comprized in a narrow Compals . the neration was Ge== more fluggifh.\y% Of pent in Natural fhilojophy. the that of The Sixth And Sixth afterwards. this featter'd Univerfal the Form into the Body of Sun. was capable of a & more intenle Emanation > whence followed a more noble Produs5tion. as the Colophon of all. and the Form. The ^'y- Fifch So that on the Fifth Day God by created Fifli and Fowl. ) and then. God created that mighty Crea* . on the ^^y- Day.


Katural Philofophy.



with a and Holinefs,

Man endowed Mind full of Vertue

refemblance to the Divine Nature, (not to fpeak of his Knowledge

and Wifdom




him Lord



made Were I

not here in Publick,
Praife to the


Rapture of

Almighty Buildof the World, for his Boun=»

ty and Munificence to
in the


mighty Priviledges and

Endowments of


Sed quod j^alam non



Having here given a fhort Abridgment of the Creation,
I fliall

proceed to fliew how the Earth comes to be filled with variety of Bodies a-



0/ Natural
bounding with




The Confideration of
take in Plants, Miall FoflTils.

this, will




for Plants J we find
in the


mention d

^dDay*s ope-

ration^and that they included


Seeds, according to

their fcveral Species

So that

from hence


feems that

being created from

the beginning, had for their

continuance a Seed infufed^
that ?ni^ht he the Future Principle


raifing the




fay, might he

for that


have already fhe wed, that Plants may be generated of all forts, without the fowceive,

ing of the Specifick feed, by

Power of the Form, and




the predifpofition

which the

Solar Influx






But now it remains we give an account how the Earth comes to be altered by the Solar Influx

or in the



how the Earth comes

to be filled with variety of

abounding with


ferent Qualities.


fuppofe the

Earth and

Waters, in the


had no Qualities but the primary of Cold and Moift:, and after the Waters were rolled off, and the dry Land appeared, thofe that then were, were latent in the Plants which



Of Natural




which were on-

ly in the




Light, and a faint
fufficicnt for

Form being

the Produftion

of thefe J fo that the inner parts of the Earth were ftill iimple and undetermin d.







and wandring
the Sun,

Light, on the Fourth Day,
into the

Body of

became thence


and univerfal Form or
to this fimple or general


which wheeling about this Globe of Earth and Waters concinually, and darting into it on all fides Rays of Light and Heat, muft of ne^ ceffity fill the Earth with Heat and Spirit. This


Tiatural fhilofopbyl'^^



Heat ftill being multiplied and increafed by the Influx of more, and this

Form moving in its Sphere,'' by mixing with the Waters,
by Sublimation xvich them , what with the Rays flowing in, and the Vapours by fubliming to the S^arifing


of the Earth,expiring
the Earth


muft of neceffity work on
PafTive Matter


through which they
Scarcity of the


according to the Plenty




of Qualities in itj for the w^arm Vapour fl:ill-pu^>

the place




but where

it is

ftoppd, before

purification of the Place


abortive or imperteft





Species .178 Of Natural fbilofophy. And wrought upon varioufly to* wards the Superficies^ by the Intenfion or Remiflion of the Vapour^ though in a moft minute degree . Thus S^enurj decermvned to a Metallick of fufficient . and thence a different Plant. for want tive. buc the various infoi" . muft produce a different Salt. which can be owing to nothing . as the leaft Stroak of a Pencil warm makes a different Face. evi- when we confider that the various parts of the world are produ(5tivc of different and appropriated Plants and Metals. This will appear more dent. Matrix Heat in the becomes an Abor* thus the Earth .

caufes a Tafte quite different from what an incenfe or over-boilings Heat 5 ba^ s king. though determined . as I fliall fliew hereafcer. baking. : by boiling. or Plants. or roafting occafioa Thus the moft Learned SMctalltniJis z&tm 2 of the Generacion N . moderately applied to Fruitj Flefli. or roaft- ing.^ differenced under the fame Meridian . 1 79 of the Matter which proceeds from the nearer or remoter acceis of the Parent of all Forms. 'Tis eafie to obferve Fire alters how Matter . theSun. both in Figure and Quality Thus a Culinary Fire.of Natural information ^thilofopby.

. for Jie makes thediverfity of Me. Meuls. Ves Cartes has Ipoke but meanly . which is a Notion borrowed of Epicurus. in a Place pure and hot pure and hot. that Sa- produc'd of the moift Vapour adhering to Places Venmj of that Vapour in a Matrix irn^ 5o/. impure and cold from the different Magnitude and Figure of their three Principles .I 8o Of Natural neracion of turn is Thtlofophy. for he tells us . But he acknowledges in this Matter his want of Experitals to arife ence . <src. I conceive.) I . ' haBenm licuif- Tbefe Matters (faith he. Of thefe Matters. Qu^ hoc fartajfe Jingula dejmpftjjem in loeo^ fi Varia Expertmentay qu^ re- ad certam eorum cognitionem quirnntur^ facere Jet.

as well Wit . but N 3 by . c Vertiics hardly to be ^feen ' Whole Fortune ' is but low and mean. ' had had an opportunity of ' ^ ^ making fome Experiments.Of ' Natural fhilofophy. fo that Haud facile emergunt tutibu6 ohjlat ciuorum Vtr- ^es anguHa His donil. defcribed parif I i g i I would have ^ ncularly in this place. which are neceflary to the exa(5t knowledge of them. of the Metalline Printhat Metals vary. 'Tis not from the Configu^ ration ciples. I But as believe he had the Philofopher's Fortune.

by how much the Place is de^- purated. as I have Befides the three imaginary Principles of Metals. produced by Nais and therefore no fuch pro- various Configuration ductive of various Metals. others the Jrcheu^ of Nature } and the Celeftial flowing from the Sun alike. . flowing from the Central Parts of the Earth. .I h2 0/ Natural i^htlolophy. the Metal becomes more excellent fhewed before. were never yet feen diftind:ly ture. ) (being both the u^ continually into Exarch. The all fame Reafon holds for forts of Foffils fo that the j Terreftrial Heat . ( which fome Philolophers call the Terreftrial Sun. do there meet and nice.

^^r this • or Intenfion of Heat in the Vapour. . by an waytpic. arifes all that vaft^^o"^^'"^ at variety or r V abounding JBodies rt which] faw 7«». repreffes /'^x j ^^ !« that. and lee in Plants bout three in the Superficies. arifing from fome Marifli Plrxes. others. And this ^. is. the that gives I ^^'5 ^l!^ loolnels in others. with different Qualities.which ^^•^'4^. on. and what from the in* terpoficion of moift Vapours. compadnefs of the Earth. we behold by digging in the . i 8 . gives that variety of Form to the Leaves of Plants. that hinders the Solar from the Inundation of Waters into the Bowels of Influx . the afcending in confirmed Vapours (4). the Earth the .^n^g^^ Earth . fcarce one Leaf in the fame ! r^ocky Sub^ance bindred the af^^J^^^^^^ N 4 Plant/ .|[J^^^' J^^^ Alteration.Of Natural nice. Thilojophy. that XT ' RemiflTion hard Rock. in other places .

is And much the . But that I after all. that the permanent Matter of all Bodies is Salt.\ 84 Of Natural Philofophy. . all Plant. it Light. who are acquainted with the Analyfis of Bodies. This will appear more evident. that all have faid. and the Form. Conclufion. : will obtain with the Reader The Minds and inclined of mpft Men ftand bent. being in parts like another. I have not the vanity to think.as apparent to them. a Portion of for the Salt. fame ftript ties ^ in all Bodies when of its fpecificated Qualidiffers ra^ and the Form is ther in degree than kind in all Bodies. by coniidering.

I cannot but commend Jriftotle^ who op- pofed flato. without examining them with Freedom and This is evident Judgment. even whilft he taught him By which. from the Societies ot Men . yet vye (utFer our felves to be bovv'd and Notions. \ 85 inclind to the Pedantry of their Proieffion and Education. not one Man in ten thoufand is other than what he learn'd fronn his iler . Againft this. for Tutor or Mathough God has giv^" en us large and free Faculties. h^ examined the Food . who always follow their Founder through blind and to Principles down ignorant Zeal.of N^atural flnlofo^hj. I on: ly mean.

fliould imbibe what I have offered . will ap* firft that what afterwards pear plain and evident. that . having only given Hints . to be learned there are fuch Difficulties in Learning. But our Palaces are fo vitiated. as well as Knowledge.I 86 Of Natural Tlnlo/ophy. Food before it went down. I Therefore that do not expeft have never they who looked into Tiatural ^hilojophyy or have but juft made an entrance. I have not writ to fuch . that but we can tafte nothing what we are ufed to. There Elements are firft are Principles and in all Sciences. at fight. not a Syftem ofPhilofbphy. .

repugnant and contrary ro Truch. In this Soil the Tares and the new Wheat ther ' : will not grow toge(faith For Philofophy ' Hio'ocles ) . none can perceive aright. \ 87 feems to raw and criide Underftandings . . Tlien the Seeds of Knowledge and be inlerted petite. 'Tis no wonder therefore that/^j^ thap}\i4 taught. was to jree the Mind from Pollution and Prejudice. without which Freedom. has Mind new Apis dead (^almoft without a Metaphor) to the former Life. and alive to Vertue and Philofophy. is the Perfe<3ion Life. That the firft Bafiaels of Man . reftoring of Humane 'it . iSiatural Philojophy. becomes new. Truth are to then the Paffions.of fighr.

the So more active his^ Spirit. to be How . the former fubthis . muft be always filled with fomewhat J here Nature abhors a Vacuum and the warmer every Man s Conftitution. The Mind Man nity to attack him when is idle with whom to parly.to be able from thence himfelf wnth to entertain pleafing Thoughts. that he who takes no care to fill his Mind with moderate Knowledge of God and his Works.I 88 ^it Of to Natural fhtlo/o[^hy. ^ ' ^ ^ efFe£t Vertue and Truth. will give our great Enemy an opportu^ of . diiing Excefs of Paffions . undone. the Divine Re(em- ^blance. the latter inducing the Di- vine Form.

^ pleafure. ' ' ' But a Mind filled with Knowledge and Vertue. meerly for But you will fay. hardly to be retrieved. . not knowing how^ fairs wifely to fill up thole Spaces. i 8p How loft^in have I known Men feeking for Game with! ouc want of a good Stock within Where* fore there is no Trealure like that of the Mind. The Va-* cation-Moments undo Man* kind.of Natural Philofophy. May not a Man's Bufinefs. . has Commu^ day vvMth ^ nication night and J Heaven^and has Raptures of . ' runs us into Miferies. and the Afof the World entertain him ? Nature requires a Re* lax of Drudgery . is a Fountain of £• ternal Light.

of thefc things have no To thefe I Gull or Relifh may £iy. is at a lois her^ the greedy Merchant hath merce ift is y no Com- here the fubcil Cafu* . to do at the Pagan Sacrifices i Ptf&cul eUe ProfauL For the Wife and the Humble. the Cothe vetous. But Morals are needlefs after what the Excellent (aid. the Lalcivious.• puzled the Voluptu- ous. the Modeft and the Vertuous move only iri this elevated Sphere. Dull the Sowre : . World knows nothing Here the crafty Politician .Ipo * ' of Natural Plcaiure. Di. Philojophy. as the Herald us'd . which this lower of. the Ambitious. and the Bate. Ltica^ has inhisad^ mirabk .

take with the few Wife and Vertu* If ous.0} mirable TSl^atural Philofophy. JRerumq. what I have faid.who has obli= ged an ungrateful Age. I have my End I . his Suffrage nor value his Q^td malt Judgmept. Sempitenia res nee Lux ! Tsiec Vmtias peto^ Hono» me modo Diyin^e Lucis (I{adio illumines^ isr Sapmt'i'a . as for the Diflblute. may he reform neither court but as Vicious. feci ? Sec. 191 Works. Naturalium ut hifce Cognitione inflruas^ a me probe perfpe^is^ JMajeftatem tu* am^ earum [tore tneiq-j Creatrkem intent Amore <jr <sr Ardor e Animi pro. . fequar adorem ( ut cum met tuo tranficr'mt Vies^ Q(£k^i Regno .

ad Divina mitemplanda amq\ Sa^lentt^ tuam Amove Sera^hico am^ plexandam. cowparat'ior fim^ .1 92 Oj Natural tuo illatm^ ) Philo/ophy. F I K I S\ .



->~'-*^>v?:^ .

i"'^%.v^*. - ^'*' .'. '^V- .

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