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Secret #1: Take Your Cues From Your Children
“When the Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear”
Buddhist Proverb quotes

I’ve been a student of the Law of Attraction since I was 17 years old. Way before the movie “The Secret” came out, I was reading books about how our thoughts create our realities. The first book that introduced me to such a concept was “Sermon on the Mount” by Emmet Fox. Here’s a quote from page 14: “Now we can choose the sort of thoughts that we entertain. It will be a little difficult to break a bad habit of thought, but it can be done. We can choose how we shall think—in point of fact, we always do choose—and therefore our lives are just the result of the kind of thoughts we have chosen to hold; and therefore they are of our own ordering; and therefore there is perfect justice in the universe.”
Emmet Fox “Sermon On the Mount” Page 2

The first time I read this book, I sat in absolute amazement after reading each sentence. You have to understand, this is the first time I was exposed to this kind of thinking, or ready to hear it in this lifetime anyway. And the thing is, I knew at a soul level that what I was reading was true: What you focus on is what you will create in your life. The reason I’m telling you all this is because it’s the same thing with your children and teens. If they are not ready or interested in what you want to teach them about The Law of Attraction, that’s okay, because “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Besides, there are other ways to “model” the thinking that you would like them to learn, and I talk about some of those ways in Secret #7. The point is not to force this way of thinking on your children or anyone. There is no need to do such a thing. You can certainly take advantage of opportunities to share your insights with your children. For instance, when they share a particular problem or concern with you, you can offer insight from a Law of Attraction point of view. If they ask questions

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Create peace and joy in your life and they cannot help but follow. Page 4 . because your children will simply mirror whatever it is you are experiencing internally. It is so difficult to tune in to our kids when our inner and outer lives are chaotic and stressful. great. Do whatever you need to do to create a sense of peace and joy in your life.and want to take the conversation further. that’s okay too. This is of most importance. The most important thing is that you take care of yourself first. Feed yourself spiritually. because the more you understand these truths. Nothing could lose their interest faster. The key is to continue nurturing and feeding your own understanding of The Law of Attraction. the more you will feel comfortable sharing them with your children in a way that works for all of you. The last thing you want to do is constantly preach this stuff to your kids. If not. Your first responsibility to your children is to yourself. That is the best thing you can do for your children. and you can then feed your children.

but if you are guided into action to do something for a struggling teenager. Always check in with Source to see what you should do and then trust the guidance that you receive. you can get creative about how you can introduce this information to him.How to teach resistant teens The Law of Attraction without sending them running for their ipods! If you’re introducing The Law of Attraction or the movie “The Secret” to your teenager for the first time. because remember. the point is not to force this way of thinking on your children or teens. if your teen is not receptive to The Law of Attraction and you are guided to offer him the concepts. Of course the first step would be to examine your own thinking. what you focus on is what you are creating. Perhaps you have a well adjusted teenager or perhaps your teenager is troubled and you find yourself worrying about him or her. Remember. it is not unusual for you to come up against some pretty serious resistance. However. it’s time to get creative! Page 5 .

Allow your teen to “catch you” in the act of meditating every day. or rediscover those things and focus on them every day. Allow your teen to overhear conversations you are having with others about how you manifested different things/circumstances/miracles in your life. Page 6 . Focus on the things you love about your teenager. Practice the other steps outlined in this guide. seeing your teenager joyously living life. Visualize every day. Have someone else they look up to invite him or her to watch the movie “The Secret” with them.Here are some ways you can introduce The Law of Attraction to your teenager: Have someone else they look up to talk to him about The Law of Attraction.

When you’re ready to learn how to apply three easy steps that can break down walls of communication and help you grow closer to your children in a matter of days or hours. You know their mind is on something else or they’re worrying about something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. . traffic and pedestrians. How does it make you feel? Do you start thinking the person is bored with what you are saying? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Insecure? Think about how children feel when their parents are unable to be totally present with them. Just think of your own needs. being in the car is the Page 7 . If we are driving a car. . What kind of message is that sending? Sure we can’t all be 100% present all of the time. for instance.or even seconds.” “Being present” with your children is truly a “present” to them. we also have to pay attention to the street lights. How does it feel when you’re talking to someone and you can tell they’re not listening to you fully. Yet. begin reading Secret #2 Secret #2: Be Present One of the best things you can do for your kids is to be present or “be in the moment.

The truth of the matter is. it is important that everybody in the house knows the rules ahead of time. “I can’t talk right now because I’m busy. What about teaching my child good manners? Being present doesn’t mean you have to stop everything you’re doing and give your child 100% of your attention every time they want to talk to you.easiest place to be present with your children. make sure your kids Page 8 . Mommy or Daddy should not be disturbed. but I want to hear all about it. simply tell them so and say something like. If you are busy and can’t talk. You have to pay attention to the driving. Can we talk later after I’m through?” For many parents working at home. dealing with interruptions from your children is a constant challenge. but you can also pay attention to them at the same time. If you have set up such rules and you are interrupted. the parent should be totally accessible. Children often think that because the parent is home. many parents working at home have established rules and boundaries with their children and the kids know that when Mommy or Daddy is working. However.

that’s all little children know how to do. They haven’t learned how to worry about the future or the past yet. all of this may be a little difficult.understand that you want to hear what they have to say and give them a concrete time. How does my “being in the moment” relate to teaching my kids The Law of Attraction? One of the steps of manifesting your desires is to match the vibration of whatever it is that you’re wanting. Good luck to anyone who is trying to work at home with a toddler wandering about! Children are more naturally “in the moment” then adults. Of course. You may also remind them of the rules. In fact. if you have a toddler at home. you have opened up yourself to receive your good and you are a vibrational match for the good that you want. You are not “in the moment”. It is difficult to be in a state of joy if you are worrying about the future or the past. When you are in a state of joy or happiness. such as after lunch or at five o’clock as to when you will be able to give them your undivided attention. Page 9 . is be in the moment.

.so that they can be a wonderful receiver of their good. They can then carry that feeling of joy with them throughout their day. and they will feel so connected to you that they won’t be able to feel anything but joyful. they will see the possibility for themselves of being in the moment with others. . That’s what “being present” with your kids can do for them. You want to teach your children to be in the moment so that they can learn how to feel joy in the moment. That is why it is so important for you to model “being present” to your children. If you are being in the moment with your children. Being present also allows you to fully enjoy your children. It keeps you from feeling joyful. knowing they are loved and cherished because they are important enough for their parents to shower them with undivided attention. .Worrying about the future or the past keeps you from being in the moment. You will feel so connected with them when you are present with them.

The part we tell ourselves to help us take away some of the guilt for not Page 11 . but the demands of juggling work. Many of us live extremely busy lives. . “being consistently.In fact. . not to mention the addition of financial pressures. The part that lets us off the hook.or even seconds. family and taking care of the house can sometimes be overwhelming. but sometimes it seems simply impossible to do on any kind of a consistent basis. Let’s face it. We want the best for our children. Our intentions are well meaning. We want to give our children our undivided attention. if that is the case. That was the “justification” part of the conversation. totally present” with your kids and teens can break down walls of communication and help you grow closer to your children in a matter of days or hours.

and give them a time. .being able to pay full attention to our kids. or when you are on the phone or letting your children constantly interrupt you. I know. If you are busy. (Again. I am a busy parent too. and focus on the immediate task or conversation that is going on in the Now.I’m not talking about when you are working. .or even seconds. . Practice “being present” throughout your day. When you find yourself thinking about the future or the past. communicate that you can talk to them later. Being consistently 100% present with your kids is the key. totally present” with my kids has brought us closer in an extremely short amount of time. bring yourself back to this present moment.) Here are three easy steps that can break down walls of communication and help you grow closer to your children in a matter of days or hours. remember. But I have found that “being consistently. You will be amazed at how quickly you can develop an even greater relationship with you kids by being in the moment when you are with them. 1. Page 12 . .

Every time your mind starts to think about other things. you don’t have to offer advice. move on to Secret #3 Page 13 . Begin to breath in as much air as your lungs could possibly hold and hold it for a few seconds before letting it out. This is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and your children. (Tip: If the thought of meditating for 15 minutes sounds impossible to you right now. When you’re ready to teach your children how to ask for what they want. and repeat back what they are saying after you have listened to make sure you understood them correctly. start out with five minutes and work your way up to 15 minutes. bring it back to focus on your breathing. Exercise: Practice being “100% present with your kids” when you are with them. All you have to do is practice listening.2. all this exercise requires is that you practice listening to them. Begin meditating every morning before you do anything else. Do this for 15 minutes.) 3. You don’t have to fix their problems. You can ask questions to make sure you understand what they are saying. by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position.

” or “I want a such and such video game. Your children know very well how to use their imagination.” Do you find yourself imagining things that you want? Imagination is also asking.Secret #3: Teach Them to Ask for What They Want Asking for what you want or desire can be done in many ways. imagining new friends. Perhaps it’s a Halloween Party they’re thinking about or the fun they’re going to have with their friends when they all go swimming together or to the movies. . Have you ever witnessed such behavior from children? Page 14 . “I want a brand new house. They are imagination-making machines! They are always seeing pictures in their heads of what they want which in turn creates lots of good feelings that they can’t help but exude everywhere they go. It’s just not the conscious act of saying.or a beautiful dress for the prom are all examples of asking the Universe for what you want. a great summer at a gymnastics camp . They are often so filled with anticipation that they can’t stop talking about what they’re imagining in their minds. For instance.

What kinds of things will you do together? What do your friends look like? Picture yourself laughing and swimming together or playing at school during recess. but are frustrated because they haven’t manifested it yet. “Do you remember when you felt so excited about the Halloween party and you kept thinking about it all day long? You felt so happy about it when you thought about how much fun you were going to have? Well. You can say something like this. and they’ve been having trouble in those areas. Use the words that work for you and your child. Example: Say your child wants better grades or more friends. happy feelings” and guess what: The Universe grants their wishes. True. How do you feel now?” Page 15 .you can do the same thing about making more friends. You can take advantage of your child’s natural ability to visualize by suggesting they visualize something they really want. The Universe responds to those “good. Close your eyes if you want and think about how much fun you’re going to have with your new friends. . Children are naturally visualizing almost all of the time. you might not use words like “manifest” and “visualize” if they aren’t used to that language. .Imagining or visualizing IS asking.

like the rest of us. I mean helping them learn how to consciously improve their emotional state by thinking about something that makes them happy. need to be a vibrational match to that which they want.You have just taught your child how to visualize. move on to Secret #4. The important thing to note here is to help your child improve their “state”. When you’re ready to discover how to teach your children the magic of “believing” that helps them attract what they want in their lives. they. Because in order to manifest their desires. which is a form of “asking”. By improving their state. Page 16 .

” “Why isn’t this working for me?” “It works for everyone else. So how. “I asked and nothing happened. if you are thinking “I’m just not one of the lucky ones.Secret #4: Let Go After you have asked for something. indeed. Some parents tell their little ones that they are powerful co-creators of the Universe and of their own life experiences. And you always create what you are focusing on. And with a lower vibration comes a blocking. of what you want to attract. that the Universe loves them and wants to give them what they desire. Because you are always a vibrational match for that which you receive. but not for me. then what? This is where many of us get stuck.” “Why doesn’t God (The Universe. So. could someone who is not one of the lucky ones attract what they want? They can’t! We need to teach our children and teens to believe that they are one of the lucky ones. if you will.” then you create the experience of not being one of the ‘lucky’ ones. You can actually tell them. if you so desired. Page 17 . Source) love me as much as everybody else?” “I’m just not one of the ‘lucky’ ones.” Now do you think this kind of thinking raises or lowers your vibration? Lowers of course.

No exception. Page 18 . hmmmmm. it doesn’t make sense to teach children about The Law of Attraction if you do not teach them to ask and then believe that their request has been answered. or do you think.Yes. “What is it that I’ve really been creating here?” The Law of Attraction works all the time for everyone the same way. some people actually teach their children these very concepts from the moment they are born. However. So whatever you are receiving is what you have created. right out of your mother’s tummy? It is up to you what and how you want to teach your children. But what if their request is not answered? Won’t my child be disappointed? What do you do when you ask and your request is seemingly not granted? How do you handle your disappointment? Do you give up or do you realize that you are simply not in vibrational alignment with that which you are asking? Do you get upset and think. “This Law of Attraction stuff is a bunch of $#$%&!” and I’m not wasting my time on it anymore. Imagine if you were taught these things from the time you landed on the planet earth.

“The cook never gives me what I want. You can explain it to your child in this way: If you went to a restaurant and ordered a giant breakfast because you were really hungry of French Toast and Chocolate Chip pancakes with whip cream. Practice asking followed by “letting go”. . Why is everybody else getting what they ordered except me? I guess I’m just never going to get my French Toast and chocolate chip pancakes. and say things like. . or would you simply put in your order and sit in your seat. happily awaiting the delicious meal? Page 19 . it just looks differently then she imagined. would you run to the kitchen and start cooking the French Toast and pancakes yourself? Would you sit there the whole entire time worrying that the cook was going to forget your order.So just how can you and your child overcome this kind of self-defeating thinking when there seems to be no evidence that your requests have been answered? Of course things may not always look exactly as you have envisioned. You can point this out to your child if you see how his or her request might have been answered.

. Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that simple? All we have to do is ask once? I often forget that one! I tend to ask for the same things over and over gain because I think “reminding” the Universe is somehow going to help. End of workshop. but it’s good to know that I don’t have to ask more than once! Page 20 . Give thanks often. In fact. 1. one of the notes says: Here’s a little workshop On how to manifest absolutely anything. In Mike Dooley’s book. 2. “Ask” once. we give thanks as if we have already received it. “Notes from The Universe”. But I like to ask in my visualization and throughout the day. . We ask.That’s the same thing with asking. we place our order and then we act as if we have already received it.

I trust you. the Universe and I know I have asked and now I Let Go of the results. we want to control the results. Amazing things will happen when you learn to Let Go. How can your teenager let go when he needs the downpayment to buy a car so he can get to work or to place on an educational trip to Paris and he has three dollars in his pocket? Yes. And then he lets go of how the money will come to him. I know I am not all alone here on this planet. but he is falling short of the money. . “Letting Go” is where all the magic happens and it is the often forgotten part of The Law of Attraction. He’s looking for ways to earn money and he is in action. “I believe in you. he’s taking the necessary actions. wandering around like a lost puppy. .Letting go is perhaps the hardest part. Face it. He asks the Universe. I am a cocreator with you. Letting go requires faith – blind faith for that matter. “But how can I let go when I have a mortgage to pay and no money in the bank?” Interesting question. hoping and waiting for the next. best thing. Because you are actually saying to the a way that I could never have imagined!” Page 21 . I know you will orchestrate things and circumstances for my highest good.

No need to keep asking. To discover the nuts and bolts of teaching kids and teens the importance of taking action in the direction of their dreams. Wouldn’t you like to teach your children how to Let Go and Trust the Universe? Teach them to ask for what they want.Amazing things will happen when you learn to Let Go. . . This is crazy stuff. And teach them to let go. Tech them to say thank you as if it has already happened. No need to keep doubting or wondering. Just let go and see what happens. it doesn’t. Absolutely Amazing. Teach them to say “Thank You” to the Universe for granting their wants before they have already received what they have asked for. Page 22 . as if it’s already theirs. You will be amazed and your kids – they will re-learn the magic of their own creative powers. My brother was right. then turn the page to begin Secret today the day? Is it going to happen? Does this stuff really work? Naaaaa. They can write it down in a journal or make a dream board. Teach them to feel the emotions of how it would feel to actually have what they’re asking for right now.

make the phone calls or hire someone else to do it. Most spiritual leaders will also tell you that you cannot expect to achieve your goals if you are unwilling to take action. I do not believe that’s what’s implied in “The Secret”. If you want to start a business.Secret #5: Teach Kids to Take Action in the Direction of Their Dreams Is taking action part of the Law of Attraction formula? Yes! There has been much criticism about “The Secret” saying that it suggests that you can wish or visualize yourself into having something you want without taking any action. Just visualize what you want and “Poof” it is yours. you have to take the necessary steps. I think the message of taking action is integral throughout the entire movie. nothing is going to happen unless you file the paperwork. Otherwise what you are doing is living some kind of pie-in-the-sky fantasy with which you are not willing to do the work. Page 23 . The movie is labeled by many as a watered down version of “positive thinking”. No matter how long you sit in your chair and meditate. for instance.

Then ask yourself each day. I believe we need to take the appropriate actions in the direction of our dreams.The Law of Attraction does not mean that you simply visualize something and it appears. In other words. Follow your guidance. You Don’t Have to Figure Out The ‘How’ The distinction here lies in the fact that while you need to take action. please let me know. get the hosting set up. I’d love to interview you for my next book! But for the rest of us. what I am guided to do today? If your teenager is starting an Internet business. do some research. The Universe will figure out the rest. you don’t have to figure out “How” your End Result is actually going to manifest. The Universe will do the rest. Mediate every day so you can get in touch with your Source. Just do what’s in front of you to do. Perhaps that happens for some and if you have reached a level of spiritual enlightenment that you can make something appear just by thinking about it. get the website designed and then market the Page 24 . you do not have to “figure out” the “How”. for instance. choose a url. she would need to decide what the product or service is going to be.

The important thing is that she visualizes her “End Result”. And that’s okay. Page 25 . she might not have everything figured out. Let the Universe work its magic! This is a valuable lesson for your children. take the appropriate actions and not worry about how it’s all going to come together. What is her ultimate goal? Here are some examples: Make more than enough money to buy a new car Become a world traveler this summer Start investing in stocks and live a luxurious lifestyle Buy my parents a nice gift for their anniversary Be the best dressed kid in school Travel to Africa with church youth group to help the starving children Help your child or teen identify his or her End Like any entrepreneur.

The Universe does that for you. So how could we possibly do a better job at planning and Page 26 . Because your “Higher Self” knows what’s best for you. I had no way of knowing that attending a seminar in Atlanta and meeting person “A” would lead me to person “B” which would lead me to an interview with person “C” that would skyrocket my career. Should he just close his eyes and visualize better grades? Yes. but there are also other logical. We must do all we can so the Universe can do all it can. we don’t see the whole picture. Just like your children won’t know exactly how things will turn out. You see. And you can bet things won’t turn out exactly how you envisioned or asked. it will be most helpful for him to visualize.Say your son wants to get into a certain college but his grades are low. I could not have planned it out better if I tried. neither will you. appropriate actions he needs to take. But it’s not our responsibility to orchestrate the turn of events which will work in your favor. We don’t know everything at our current level of consciousness. If I think back on how certain things have happened for me.

If that’s creating a plan. If they have not grown up with mediation and they think it’s peculiar or not for them. allow them to “catch you in the act” of meditating every day. The point is for us to do what is in front of us to do. but don’t think for one moment that the Universe is going to follow your child’s plan! The Universe has a plan of its own and it is far better than anything you or your child could have ever dreamed up. As a matter of fact.arranging things to our own benefit than the Universe who does know the whole picture? We can’t! It’s that simple. it is a good idea to begin every day with a 15-minute mediation. then so be it. Trust the guidance you receive and follow your instincts throughout the day. Our job as parents is to teach our children to take the appropriate actions. Even if you Page 27 . However. Encourage your child to check with spirit and ask “What’s next?” What actions should I take? Always check in with spirit. your child may still be guided to write a plan. Connect with your source and then check in with spirit all day long for guidance. Your instincts are your guidance system. Teach your children and teens to do the same.

Page 28 . which I speak about in Secret #7. then turn the page to begin Secret #6. but our job as parents is to first understand it ourselves. do it. And likewise. A Bonus: Did you know that the best way to learn is to teach others? You will find your understanding deepening as you teach these concepts to your children and teens. When you’re ready to discover how to talk to your children about the benefits of remaining in optimum “Receiving Mode” so they can receive their good. Then teach it to your children. always encourage your children to share what they’ve learned with others when they feel guided to do so. Allowing them to see you meditating is an important part of modeling behavior. This is all information you can teach to your children.have to sit in the living room where it is noisy in order for them to see you meditating.

My 14-year-old son was in a particularly bad mood that day and it was interesting how things proceeded for him. One day my husband and I went out to the mall and to lunch with our two kids. it was completely the wrong thing and he was very frustrated once again. and how can we teach this to our kids and teens? Here’s a quick true story that demonstrates how you can use real life circumstances to teach The Law of Attraction to your kids. you need to Think Happy Thoughts!” because one thing after another seemed to go wrong for him on that day. We ordered our food in the restaurant and the waitress brought everyone’s meal to the table except his! The waitress explained that they simply forgot to make his food. We were all done with our food by the time his Page 29 . but what exactly does that mean. When his meal did finally arrive. I kept teasing him (which I don’t necessarily recommend doing) by saying. “Honey.Secret #6: Teach Them How to Be in “Receiving Mode” We’ve talked previously about how important it is to be a vibrational match for that which you want to receive.

If you’re not feeling good. your gifts will most likely be delayed. ready to accept your gifts by feeling “Happy Thoughts”. ready to pop into your life.) they are not a vibrational match to the things. if someone is in a lower vibration (anger. And then. sadness. circumstances or relationships that they want to create. The good is there. but you’ve got to be able to receive it. the waitress spilled a soda on his foot (and he was wearing flip flops. the term “Happy Thoughts” works real came. Now. but you will be attracting what you are focusing on. blocking all the good from coming in. I wouldn’t normally use the phrase “Happy Thoughts” to a teenager. You will be attracting things. depression. Being in a negative vibration is like placing a shield around you. “Think Happy Thoughts!” Despite his resistance. etc. The point of the matter is. I teased my son again. but I was simply being playful with him that day and trying to help him out in a lighthearted manner. Part of being in receiving mode for the good you want to attract is feeling good. so his entire foot was all sticky!). If you are Page 30 . I think he finally began to take my advice. For a younger child. to make matters worse. catcher’s mitt in hand.

Now little children can usually understand this much more easily than teenagers or adults. The important thing is for you to focus on understanding these teachings yourself…first. Everything happens exactly as it is supposed to.feeling sad or angry. However. you most likely experience less resistance from your children regarding the subject. You cannot teach something that you don’t understand. You are focusing on what you don’t want which is causing you to be sad or angry. Page 31 . don’t worry about what age you are introducing these concepts to your children. The point is. What will you attract? What you don’t want. because that’s what you are focusing on. you cannot possibly be focusing on what you want. have no fear. and “there are no accidents” as you know. We have all agreed on a soul level to join together as parent and child before we were born. if you are like me and have begun to teach your children “The Law of Attraction” at 10 and 14. That’s why if you’ve been lucky enough to start your children early on The Law of Attraction thinking.

” just like it says in “The Secret”. they will be manifesting what they don’t want to attract because that is what they are focused on.” So whatever you’re thinking is more of what you’re going to get. but they’ve also got to do whatever they can do to put themselves in a “goodfeeling” place. “I don’t have enough money to pay the bills. you’ll get more of that experience of not having enough money to pay the bills. If you’re thinking. The truth of the matter is we are always creating. take appropriate action. they will have a hard time manifesting what they want. if they are feeling down and at a lower vibration. In other words. whether we are thinking “happy thoughts” or “not so happy thoughts.Explain to your children and teenagers that they can ask for what they desire. Instead of manifesting what they want to attract. What to do with negative feelings? There is much debate over what to do with negative feelings or subconscious beliefs that might be sabotaging your ability to manifest your desires. Page 32 . give thanks for already receiving what they’ve asked for.

if my child is feeling sad. that in itself will usually raise your child’s vibration. Instead. all everybody really wants is to be heard. as a parent myself. I ask them questions. because most of the time. I’m not about to tell him or her to stop feeling what they’re feeling because they’re going to create more negativity in their life. I’m not necessarily trying to “solve their problem”. working your way up the ladder to love and joy. You can go from depression to anger and then from anger to sadness and so on and so on. But you can move yourself incrementally up the ladder. As Esther Hicks explains in her work. they will need to create those happy kinds of feelings.However. However. Page 33 . it is difficult to go from depression to happiness in one jump. If you give your child the gift of really “getting them” and hearing them. just to get them to express themselves. it is helpful to explain the concept of how The Law of Attraction works and how if they want to attract something really good into their life.

Secret #7. Encourage your children to share their challenges and disappointments with you.” This doesn’t mean they are to bury negative emotions or experiences and never talk about them. They have the power within them to attract what they want into their lives. the sooner they will start attracting what they want. you can say something like. but teach them how The Law of Attraction works so they can have choices. Teach them that they have the power within them to change their emotional state. turn the page to the final secret in this guide. “feel positive emotions. Never invalidate your child’s sadness. but let them know they have options and let them know that the sooner they work their way through it and move up the ladder to feeling happy. When you’re ready to discover how modeling behavior is one of the all time greatest parenting techniques to teach your children just about anything you’d like to teach them.To a teenager. Page 34 .

. It is impossible to do so. Teach them to expect miracles and they will.or is that left for more privileged people? Are my parents generally happy people. . We learn how to “be” in the world. We learn what to attract.Secret #7: Model Behavior We inherit a lot from our parents. but you cannot really hide sadness or depression from you children. Sure. We learn what to expect. you may not want to have a heated argument with your spouse in front of your kids. Should I expect good things or bad? Do good things happen to people in our family. or are they depressed? Teach you children to expect little and they will. They pick up on just about everything. I don’t think a parent should do such a thing. So what’s a parent to do when they themselves are going through a hard time? Should they hide their feelings from their children in fear that they might be setting a bad example? That is a very interesting question. Page 35 .

Sure. Page 36 . your first responsibility is to take care of yourself. Again. Guilt will not do you or your kids any bit of good. Be straight with your kids. Again. Do whatever you need to do to get yourself in a place of peacefulness and joy. They’ll know how you are really feeling. but know that your first responsibility is to learn and understand the spiritual truths yourself and apply them to your life so that you can then teach them to your children. work through it and don’t beat yourself up. Your children can sense what kind of mood you’re really in. things come up and we have challenges. no matter how big of a happy face you put on because remember. we are all vibrational beings. There is no point in feeling guilty about not feeling happy all the time. This is a perfect opportunity to teach them.Why not use the opportunity to be honest with your children and tell them that you’re feeling sad and that you know you need to work your way up the emotional ladder to feeling better so you can start attracting what you want instead of what you don’t want.

they were extremely angry at each other most of the time. You see. I love to visit my in-laws because they have such a beautiful. Now I am married to a wonderful man. My parents always fought. And so I had several difficult relationships resulting in one divorce and one breakup with my son’s father. I am still learning from others how to treat a man in a healthy marriage relationship. That behavior was not modeled for me when I was young. but at 46 years old. I am learning from modeling others who have what I consider to be happy. I never really knew how to have a healthy marriage. I watch them and I learn. healthy relationships. even at my age! You are constantly teaching your children through your behavior. And so.An Example of Modeling Behavior I always had a hard time with the concept of marriage because I thought marriage was a terrible thing. From the moment they are born they are looking to you for clues about how to act and what to expect. or at least that’s how I remember it. Page 37 . respectful relationship.

There is usually a lot of re-programming that needs to be done to replace old beliefs with new ones. Remember this. They say that’s why “The Secret” doesn’t work for everyone because it cannot work if you are not allowing yourself to heal core beliefs in your subconscious that are blocking you from getting what you want. Feel it. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your children is to constantly seek to raise your vibration. and let the Universe do the rest. dangerous drama? Surely we can all learn new things and we’re not stuck with the viewpoint of life that our parents have modeled for us. Is the world a safe. Easier said than done in some instances. Many critics of “The Secret” say that the movie skips the ever-important step of feeling your feelings and healing them before you attempt to manifest your desires. heal it and move on. The trick is not to dwell in the pain forever. Do your best. Page 38 . exciting wonderful paradise or is it a scary.Your children will learn from you how to look at the world.

There is always more because the Universe is forever expanding. Validate your children’s emotions. Always remember (whenever you can) that you are modeling behavior. Trust the process and know that it is all perfect and designed for your highest good. Yes. You chose each other before you arrived here on Earth. You want your children to be able to express their emotions. so there is much that you have already agreed upon to experience together. both happy and sad. there are more tools and understandings to discover on the path then outlined in this Guide. both happy and sad and teach them that they have the power to attract what they want in their life by using all the tools described in these 7 Secrets. All the best to you on your adventure of parenting your beautiful children.My point is simply this: get to feeling joy whatever way you can. then feel sad. Page 39 . If you just experienced a death in the family or you are feeling sad for whatever reason.

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