: - Listen to the radio. You don’t have to listen in ‘real time’ and you have the possibility to rewind! Book of the week, book at bedtime, the afternoon play, Saturday play, the popular serial The Archers, interviews .... - the radio news whenever you have a minute to listen (maybe after reading the headlines in the papers?) and you can rewind if you need to. to watch videos of the news of the day. (There is also a written text to follow while you are listening/watching.) Read the main news stories from a selection of newspapers from an English speaking country of your choice – South Africa, UK, US, Australia ….. Belgian news in English Flemish/Belgian news in English - to practise listening (USA accent). Choose a topic in your level. You can do a pre and/or post listening exercise, fill in a gapped transcript (click text completion quiz), read the full transcript (click quiz script), look up the meanings of key vocabulary (click pink words) and review key vocabulary with sample sentences. - more listening practice (USA accent). There is a Free Guest Area that you can use. Click New, Regular or Advanced Listener and each section will give you ten passages to listen to. You will also find study aids at the bottom of each passage – questions, questions and answers and transcript.


uk/arts/bigread/top100. http://www.html The English Learner Movie Guide – summary of the plot.htm The printable first chapter of the latest fiction and non-fiction books reviewed in the Washington Post.breakingnewsenglish.for people who are looking for some guidelines for something to read. word or html for the docs. extensive scene by scene glossary of vocabulary and various cultural references. subjects .org download audiobooks for free http://college. http://www. lengths. Choose a film from the movie menu and then click pdf.http://www.shtml . a list of the major characters.html .html Recent newspaper articles printed in two versions .com/ Public lectures of ‘ideas worth spreading’ .html A collection of (very) short stories ranging from 2 to 2048 words.htm A very long list of printable first chapters to choose from..eslnotes. There are a lot of useful vocabulary exercises to help you learn and memorise the words in each Choose the number of words you want and then choose the title you for free study guides to an almost endless list of novels providing a chapter by chapter http://www.. http://www. this is a list of Britian’s top 100 best loved 2 . You can listen to the article read in a UK Timed reading to improve speed and both overall and detailed understanding http://www.‘easier’ and ‘harder’.librivox. http://www. http://extras. http://www.a collection of classic short stories.

this is the English learning site for you! See ‘Language resources’ for together! this is the blog for English learners and teachers I wish I had put 3 .com/ If you like football.e-anglais. (Just keep clicking ‘Next’) http://jeffreyhill. alternative vocabulary …. listening.102/JustTheWord/ Word as your grammar reference site http://www.englishpage.html crossword puzzles http://linguapress.typepad. synonyms .org/ for vocabulary building http://193. tapescripts and notes.html A list of irregular verbs with French translations.a collection of dictionaries http://www.pdf Drill the most important irregular verbs with e-flashcards.eslmania.wordchamp.133.. cool clear grammar reference site (click the book icon at ‘terms’) http://www.. www.http://dictionary.htm http://www. intro to British literature 4 high school list of British authors British culture British food and drinks http://www.

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