Under the night sky, as the sunlgiht glistens out of sight, I feel liek a blue dragonfly, busrting with

delight. As her hands touched mine, a warm breeze blew it closer, until the border in between, was so very fine. My heart pounded as we neared, leaves falling all around, the world became a twirl of pigments. Our lips touch, in the midst of tension and fear it was then, when I found, that this will erase all my disappointments. ╔╔╔╔╔ ╔ ║███║ ♫ ║ (●) ♫ ╔╔╔╔╔╔╔╔ ╔╔╔╔╔ ╔ ║███║ ♫ ║ (●) ♫ ╔╔╔╔╔╔╔╔ Think you can do better? Sept: ACT Oct: GRE Comp Sci Nov: GRE Physics + SAT II Math 2 + SAT II Chem Jan: SAT Feb: GRE General Mar: SAT Retake? April: GRE Chem May: 17+ AP's June: SAT II Bio+SAT II U.S. Oct: GRE Math MAT idk when. ╔╔╔╔╔

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