In Ancient Greece one morning, long ago, a great war was about to begin. King Menelaus awoke, to find his cherished wife, Helen, gone. She had been kidnapped by Paris, who was the treacherous Prince of Troy. Bravely, King Menelaus vowed to get her back, for he loved her greatly. He summoned the kings of Greece to help him. They answered his call and sailed with him to Troy. As they approached the unrivaled city, they realized there was a colossal wall surrounding is. They camped along the beach and plotted. They must get her back. The Greeks knew that if they wanted to reach Helen, they would surely have to penetrate the towering wall. For ten long years they kept trying, but failing. Until one of the numerous warriors that had been accumulating in front of the wall, Odysseus, had a wonderful idea. First he instructed the men to cut down fifty tall trees to build a fence to hide their work. Then inside the fence he had them construct a grandiose wooden horse. Under the large legs they put wheels. That night, Odysseus and thirty men waited, "Get in there!" he commanded, after that they quickly scrambled inside the hollow wooden horses gut. Simon hid in the shadows. The rest of the men tore down the fence and sailed to a nearby island to wait for the signal. Hopefully, this time, it works, they thought. When morning came the Trojans were overjoyed to see that the

helpless Greeks, so they thought, were gone. They opened the gates. Thoroughly, they inspected the odd wooden horse that was sitting a short distance away from their gate. On the side, it was written, "For their return home the Greeks offer this to the goddess Athena." They pushed the horse into the city and celebrated peace. That night while the

And it only took ten tiring trusting and trying years of perseverance to accomplish that. Simon lit a torch to signal the Greeks to come back. The sweaty soldiers climbed out of the horses belly and snuck to the gates and opened them."worry-free" Trojans slept. who will never be Paris' captor again. The well-trained Greek army confidently advanced into the city and unmercifully slaughtered the unprepared Trojans. THE END. . They easily destroyed Troy and took. Helen. back.

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