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Georeferencing Tutorial

Georeferencing Tutorial

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Published by: rsmahabir on Jul 17, 2009
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Georeferencing Tutorial

Figure 1 shows the problems of overlaying layers that are not in the same coordinate system. The objects as shown in this figure are a layer containing countries across the world and a layer containing one of the greatest drinks in the world which will shall refer to as “Old Parr” from this point on. It is obvious that these layers do not match up since the Old Parr was being drunk in Trinidad at the University of the West Indies at the time. It shall be noted that the hand in this figure is that of one of the greatest hand models of all times. For the purpose of this paper we shall not use his name since this was a PJ for him.

Figure 1

Using various Geographic and Geodetic software we applied a 3 parameter transformation to the Old Parr to try to convert to the current transformation used by the World Countries layer (Figure 2). It is evident from figure 2 that the current transformation used was not optimal.

Figure 2

We then applied a 5 parameter transformation, the results of which are shown in Figure 3. Definitely, this transformation worked much better than that of the 3 parameter transformation. However, as seen in figure 3, the layers need to be rotated. At the time while drinking we decided to use various complex algorithms using MatLab 2009. This method proved to be very complex and time consuming and present computer resources did not permits most intended operations.

Figure 3

After sobering up we then imported both layers into Microsoft Word and rotated them to produce the map shown in figure 4. Figure 4 shows in perfect alignment of the EMPTY bottle of Old Parr overlayered onto the World Countries layer at the end of the Georeferencing exercise.

Figure 4

Acknowledgements Firstly, I would like to thank myself as the author of this document for producing such a high quality research paper and the contribution I’ve made to promoting alcoholism. Secondly, I would like to thank the makers of Old Parr for giving me the unsobering inspiration to write this paper. And finally I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in this exercise; Shem (Chief Photogrammetrist, Adam (Chief Technical Officer), Me (Alcoholic and Chief Remote Sensing and GIS Officer) and finally the hand model (whose name will be left unknown at this point).

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