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The Permit Regime

The Permit Regime

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Human Rights Violations in West Bank Areas Known as the “Seam Zone”
Human Rights Violations in West Bank Areas Known as the “Seam Zone”

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Published by: 972 Magazine on Oct 07, 2013
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Property Custodian Staff Offcer is

the offcial in charge of abandoned

government property in the West Bank.


The decision

The Standing Orders stipulate that an appeal must

be answered within a week from the date of the


In reality, many of the decisions which are

not given at the end of the hearing itself, are not given

within a week either and applicants must wait again for

an answer. Out of the 65 hearings held in HaMoked’s

cases since October 2009, only 35 answers (53%)

were given within a week of the hearing. The average

response time was about 20 days. Those who are

rejected at the hearing itself do not receive the

decision, or the reasons for it, in writing, making it

diffcult to challenge the decision in court.

Rejection or approval is not the only possible end result

of the hearing. The hearing committee sometimes

decides to take a tour of the area in question in order

to examine the state of the plot (size, location, the

degree of cultivation, etc.).90

According to the Standing

Orders, the tour and the decision made thereafter

must be completed within six months,91

meaning the

entire proceeding is delayed for six more months. In

cases such as this, the Standing Orders stipulate that

the applicant must be granted a “temporary permit”

for up to three months.92

To recall, all permits are, in

fact, temporary. HaMoked’s experience has shown

that only a few of the applicants in whose case a visit

to the plot was carried out received such a permit and

those who did receive one had to settle for a short-

term permit, mostly for less than three months. So,

even those who receive “temporary permits” are

forced to have them renewed, with all the attendant

diffculties of the process, until the tour is done and

the decision is made.

Because of the complicated bureaucracy the military

imposes on Palestinians seeking to get a “seam

zone” permit, the probability that a person whose

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