Date Mon 30/9/13 Tue 1/10/13


10-11 11-12 Mental Health Law F326 LK Introduction Role of Pharmacist F392 LK F392 LK






Electroconvulsive Therapy F326 LK Self –harm F326 LK

Benzodiazepines 1F392 PB LK What is a Learning Dis? F326 NKB

Thur 3/10/13

Mon 7/10/13 Tue 8/10/13 Thur 10/10/13 Mon 2/12/13 ADHD 1F392 LK

Pharmacovigilance F326 LK Critical Incidents-there will be a break 1F392 LK Antipsychotics Coursework support Pre-School Problems 1F392 LK F326 LK 1F392 NKB Dementia Debate Exam support F326 LK F392 LK

Tue 3/12/13

Coursework support Living with the Side Effects F392 LK

Travel and Mental Health F326 LK

Thur 5/12/13

Antidepressant debate 1F392 AH LK

Depression F326 LK

Key: Support session Seminar/debate Workshop Lecture

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