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This article is based on actual facts.
This article is based on actual facts.

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Published by: ashwinmaddy on Jul 17, 2009
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GROUP ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION Section A: Group Details: Assignment No.

: Batch: Session Day & Time: Group Colour: A1 ISCS, VASHI FRI-II BLACK

Section B: Assignment Details: Assignment Topic: DISCOVERING NEW POINTS OF DIFFERENTIATION Training Topic & Session: NEGOTIATION-I Submission Date & Time: 29TH FEB, 08 THURSDAY- 12:15 P.M

Section C: Group Members: No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Name ASHWIN JOGI JAY RAKSHIT APARNA YADAV ADIL SIDDIQUI ABHINASH MOHAPATRA IRSHAD MANSURI PRASHANT SINGH RANDHIR SINGH SAUMIK MITRA RAJESH SINGH AMIT SINGH Div. & Roll No. A 02 A 35 B 64 B 36 A 36 A 58 A 25 A 42 B 58 B 07 B 33 √ √ √ √ √ PC √ √ √ √ √ √ PN AB Grade A A A A A C C C A C C


Submission Norms: All assignments to be submitted in .pdf format. When you submit any assignment, you will have to fill in all the above details, and attach the previous page as the first page in your .pdf document. The subject of your e-mail will be the following details in the same order and format: i.e. Assignment No / Batch / Session Day - Time / Group Colour. E.g. A1 / ISCS / Sat - I / Green All referencing to session times will be in the format of I and II, where I is a morning / pre-lunch session, and II is an afternoon / post-lunch session. It takes considerable time and effort to download, categorize and evaluate up to 80 assignments per week. Ensure that the above details are all entered and the e-mail subject is in the right format. You will always submit ONLY ONE document per assignment. If you are given 2 assignments in a week, or if your assignment consists of 2 parts, then categorize / separate those parts with headings / sub headings, but send only ONE document as attachment. Multiple attachments will not be considered. If you wish to send the e-mail with attachment twice, to ensure that it reaches, make sure the second mail is also sent from the same e-mail id. If the same assignment is sent from different e-mail ids, then your assignment will be disregarded and zero marks will be awarded. When you submit an assignment, ensure you have: o Written the subject as per the format above o Written a salutation, a short mail and a sign off in the body of the e-mail, o Attached the assignment Assignments must reach before the designated deadline, irrespective of when it is sent. During the course of the session, some students may be asked to discontinue the session / some members may be added to / removed from your group. In order to identify who all worked on EACH assignment,

you will enter the names of the group members who are a part of your group for that particular assignment, in Section C of the above page, irrespective of whether they contributed or came or not. In the next column you will tick mark the appropriate box to identify which members attended, contributed or were absent for that assignment. o PC = Present & Contributed, o PN = Present & Did NOT Contribute, o AB = Absent for the Discussion o E.g. Name
Ankit Sinha

Div. & Roll No.
C 05

PC √




The above details will be entered for each assignment. Group members need to check this data prior to submission. Once submitted, no changes will be accepted. It is not the responsibility of the group leader to locate group members and show them the list, it is the responsibility of each group member to check it at the time of solving and submitting the assignment. Grades will be allotted in the last column for each assignment. Once submitted, grades cannot be changed. Grades are to be allotted as follows: o A: Member attends group meeting, and actively participates & contributes to the discussion o B: Member attends group meeting, and contributes, but does not add value to the discussion o C: Member attends group meeting, and does not contribute o D: Member is absent for group meeting. Do not try to be popular and assign high grades to all members. Doing so, has a counter-productive effect. If you give high grades to members who do not contribute, it encourages them not to contribute even in the future. Later, when the work load becomes quite heavy, and these members do not contribute, then your complaints will NOT be entertained. In the REMARKS field, you can enter any additional information that you think is relevant to the assignment. For e.g. special notes about visiting establishments and gaining first hand information, group members not attending repeatedly, etc. In case of any disagreements over grades, the issue has to be discussed during the upcoming session of the CDP. Queries about previous assignments and grades will not be entertained.

RELIANCE DIGITAL is the second format of store from RELIANCE RETAIL . The unique store is built around Reliance Retail’s core philosophy- consumer centricity and a hassle free store experience. RELIANCE RETAIL after successful launch of RETAIL FRESH stores across several towns and cities in India unveiled “RELIANCE DIGITAL”, its pilot consumer electronics concept mega store. RELIANCE DIGITAL is a one stop shop for all technology solution in the field oF:CONSUMER ELECTRONICS HOME APPLIANCES INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TELECOMMUNICATION The store covers an area of more than 15,000sq.ft and will offer over 4,000 products spread across 150 brands along with countless solution bundles recommended to meet the diverse customer need. The store has highly skilled and trained staff who can guide customer to buy not only products but complete solution to ensure the consumer can buy the right product at the same price. MUKESH AMBANI promoted RELIANCE DIGITAL store in BANGLORE the 3rd after the NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION centre in GHAZIABAD and VASHI in MUMBAI . In MUMBAI the 34,000sq.ft store will see nearly 9500 products, a company executive said. The retailer is planning a total of 12 stores in Mumbai. Currently it has RELIANCE DIGITAL STORE in Delhi, Overall it is planning to open 14 stores in Banglore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Nagpur in couple of months. The company plan to open total of 150 outlets in 70 cities in next 3 to 4 years and to achieve sales turnover of 5 billion US dollar. RELIANCE DIGITAL will remain open seven days a week from 10:00am to 9:00pm. RELIANCE DIGITAL introduces “ RELIANCE RESQ” an end to end solution related to all your technology product. RELIANCE RESQ through a network of in-house service centers will provide the consumers with pre sales and post sales support services.

Questions that were asked:
Qus1:-How do people become aware of their need for your product or services? Ans:-Today consumers are quite aware about their needs and wants. Today People have a lot of disposable money and they need a way to spend them. Another thing that people are trying to do is to maintain status and for that they need extravagant products. Still it’s quite important for us to reach out to this people. For that we do some ad campaigns People also buy our products because of friends and family reference Once they visit our outlet our sales force is quite competent in Convincing them to buy a certain product. Our view:-Electrical appliances have a limited life. some day or the other it will become useless, so the company should tell the customer that after a few days they will again have to buy the same product. To help the customer tackle this problem the Company should tell the customer that the products life is say 5 yrs, after that the product can be replaced with a new one at a discount rate.This way the company can maintain a healthy relationship with the customer. Qus2:-How do consumers find your offering? Ans:-Reliance Digital is providing so many product under one roof. All the consumer durable products are available at a discount rate. In festival season a lot of new schemes are introduced to attract customers. Our view:-Reliance Digital should give guarantee instead of warrantee to attract more customers bcause customers are always looking for new and attractive offerings. Qus3:-How do consumers make their final selection? Ans:-Today customers make their mind before buying any product. People now a days go for reputed brands or brands that they generally use. They also use ideas from the salesman. They also do comparison between two products of different brands and then decide as to which one they want to buy. Our view:-Apart from the above mentioned ways of selection process, customers also keep an eye on the trend that is being followed. Sometimes people buy products which is more in

demand, without using their own head. And some consumers go with Past Experience as these goods are “life long”. Qus4:-How do customers order and purchase your product or services? Ans:-Customers need to come to the showroom and pick their preferred product from the entire range, off the shelf. If the product is heavy/huge in size and the customer is unable to take it away home than the outlet provides home delivery facility. Our view:-Reliance Digital should start “online purchase facility”, so that one doesn’t have to visit the outlet. This is important bcause today people don’t have spare time. Qus5:-How is your product or service delivered? Ans:-Normally if the product is huge /heavy and the customer doesn’t have any transport facility then we deliver the product at their door steps. But for a charge . Our view:-The Company should start new schemes in delivery too, such as, if the product is not delivered within 25-30 minutes then no delivery cost will be charge on that. This will attract customers. Qus6:-What happens when your product or service is delivered? Ans:-once the product is delivered, our after sales engineer installs the product and make sure that the product is working properly. Our view:-Every single time the product malfunctions, the company should not only provide free service but it should also promise to extend the warranty period.

Ques7:-How is your product installed? Ans: Product installation depends upon the kind of product and its critical aspects for ex. Products like refrigerators; Mixers don’t need installation whereas products like AC’s, PC’s need installation. Our view: Same can be done. Ques8:-How is your product or service paid for?

Ans:-The Company accepts cash and credit card from customers. Our view:-The company should provide installation facility to the customers. Qus9:-How is your product stored? Ans:-The product is stored in the backstore as well as ware house. Our view:The same can be done. Qus10:- How is your product moved around? Ans:-They have a huge warehouse in churchgate and with the help of their own logistics department they move it from one place to another. Our view:-The number of ware houses should be increased so that distribution takes place quickly. Qus11:-What is the customer really using your product for? Ans:-The customers generally use the product for entertainment, convenience, lifestyle and for day to day use. Qus12:-What do customers need help with when they use your product? Ans:-Proper demonstration is given to the customer and to avoid any problem the product is installed by the service engineer. Our view:-The company should open a 24 hour service facility so that if there is any problem regarding the product then instant service can be provided. Qus13:-What about returns or exchanges? Ans:-The product is changed if the product malfunctions within 7 days of purchase. Our view:-The 7 day time span should be increased.

Qus14:-How is your product repaired or serviced ? Ans:-The products are repaired by our engineers who if required might change a few parts or so. Our view:-If the engineers fail to repair the product then the product should be replaced immediately, but only when they find that its not being misused. Qus15:-What happens when your product is disposed off or no longer used? Ans:-Once the product is no longer used the company provides with discounts. If the discount fails to attract customers the the discount amount should be increased until the product is gone. Our view: They could make an enquiry with other outlets, as to know if they need any of the products then they can sell it for its original price.

The outlets are quite good .They has all the household goods that one needs. The brand name is also very huge. People trust Ambani group. The outlets are providing excellent after sales services. The prices are also not that high. But it has some drawbacks also, like it has not yet started the online shopping service. Not only that the company is not doing much with the sales promotion and advertisement. At the time of inauguration, it only aired ads, etc. but now people need to know that there is a place where all the household appliances are available under one roof, at a low price. But overall this outlets are a good place to do shopping. Reference: Viral Khetia Manager Reliance Digital Vashi- Navi Mumbai. Mob: 9987081607

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