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ABSTRACT Healthy Disorder Difference between Baby who Take the Natural and Instant Food Supplement of Breast

Feeding (MP-ASI) at Puskesmas Bangli in District of Bangli Regency of Bangli Baby from the age of 6 month and older will be introduce with natural or instant food supplement of breast feeding (MP-ASI). During MP-ASI administration, found out that some of the baby had got healthy disorder such diarrhea and constipation. This study was conducted to find the healthy disorder difference (diarrhea and constipation) on baby who had consumed natural and instant MP-ASI. The design of this study was analytic with retrospective method. The samples were 35 respondents who had baby within 6-9 month old and had given natural or instant MP-ASI and also had healthy disorder (diarrhea and constipation). The instrument of this study was questionnaires given to every respondent that come to the Puskesmas Bangli and from secondary data that got from babies medical record in Puskesmas Bangli. This study used the quota sampling technique. The data of this study comprises of the respondents frequency distribution according to food processing (natural and instant MP-ASI), the distribution of respondent according to healthy disorder, proportion of healthy disorder difference according to MP-ASI. The output were 54,3% respondent with natural MP-ASI and 45,7% with instant MP-ASI. The diarrhea was more greater on baby with natural MP-ASI (73,7%) and the constipation was greater on baby with instant MP-ASI (83,1%). After analyzed with statistically test there was significance different (p<0,05) on healthy disorder (diarrhea and constipation) between natural MP-ASI with the instant one. Thereby it is necessary to suggest the health workers especially who work in Puskesmas Bangli to continuously give information and workshop about the appropriate administration of MP-ASI on baby. Key word: healthy disorder, baby, MP-ASI