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MLK Meeting Room Application

MLK Meeting Room Application


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Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library meeting room application. Use this form to apply for eligibility and to reserve a meeting room.
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library meeting room application. Use this form to apply for eligibility and to reserve a meeting room.

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Published by: laurabrown63 on Jul 17, 2009
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MEETING ROOM APPLICATION Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library 901 G. St. N.W.

/Room #319 Washington, DC 20001 E-mail: mlkreservation@dc.gov Phone: 202-727-1222 Fax: 202-727-3856 This form is NOT a reservation. Once you complete this form and turn it in, you must call the number above to request a reservation. Incomplete applications may result in a processing delay. Full Name of Organization_________________________________________________ Acronym or Initials (if applicable) __________________________________________ Address_____________________________________City/State/Zip_________________ Select type of organization: Business ____Community _____Government __________ Individual _______ Nonprofit _____ Other (please specify)______________________ Primary Contact Name: __________________________________________________ Address________________________________________City/State/Zip_____________ Email Address ___________________________________Fax Number______________ Day Phone_________________ Evening Phone______________ Cell ______________ Title of Meeting: _________________________________________________________ Purpose or Subject of Meeting (please be specific: film screening, panel discussion, lecture, monthly meeting, etc): _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Intended Audience: Organization members _________General Public ________ Other (be specific)_______________ Rooms available at Martin Luther King Library and their capacities: Room A-5 A-9 A-10 221 Capacity 250 40 60 15

Rooms may be reserved for a three-hour block, Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, only twohour blocks are available: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. A group may meet a maximum of twice a month for 3 hours each time. The Library must approve (in writing) food and drinks in any meeting room. Only light refreshments are allowed. No colored beverages are permitted. (No coffee, tea, or colored soda. Water, Sprite, 7-Up and other clear liquids are okay.) Please note that no food or drinks are allowed in room 221. Applicant is responsible for all clean up of food including putting all trash in the Large trash cans. Will there be any food items served? (Restrictions may apply) _________Yes___________No Please discuss this with Ms. Middleton when you call to reserve a room. Furniture: Applicants are responsible for visiting the library ahead of time to ensure that the room will meet their purposes. The organization applying for permission to use library spaces, through its named representative, agrees to abide by policies and regulations of the library with regard to such spaces and facilities. All programs and meetings scheduled shall conclude 15 minutes prior to library closing. Doors to meeting rooms must remain unlocked during meetings and programs allowing public participation. Public inquiries concerning meeting room use will be answered from information supplied on this application. Applications/reservations will be accepted three months in advance of the date requested. I, ____________________________________________________, have read and understand the District of Columbia Public Library meeting room guidelines and regulations and agree to abide by them. Applicant signature________________________________ Date_________ Applicant’s representative signature __________________ Date_________ (required if applicant is under 17 years of age)

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