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Neuro-linguistic Programming and Schizophrenia

A Tract Book Essay


Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

I would like to suggest a new profession for lawyers who hold a Juris

Doctor degree, that is Jurisprudential Counseling. What is Jurisprudential

Counseling? Well, Jurisprudence, real Jurisprudence is interdisciplinary. It

involves philosophy, theology, quantum physics, psychology, psychiatry,

even neuro-linguistic programming. It is Wisdom.

As a Jurisprudential Counselor, for example, I argue that some forms

of mental illness, particularly schizophrenia, can be cured using neuro-

linguistic programming or neuro-heuristic programming. The argument is

that mental illness is caused by faulty cognitive programming, not by

biology or chemistry.

Schizophrenia, is defined as a thought disorder. Some

schizophrenics have a hard time being logical. I argue that by putting the

patient in a deep trance state using neuro-linguistic programming, or

mediation relaxation, that one can discover the unconscious roots of

schizophrenia and other mental illnesses and cure them.

I have to examples that have been used successfully. In the first case

the patient was suffering from severe depression. The patient was given the

neuro-linguistic “double bind” command “I find pleasure in depression.”

The patient experienced substantial relief from depression.

In the second instance, the patient had the subjective experience of

“reality” shifting in his mind periodically. The patient was given the neuro-

heuristic command taken from Neo-Thomist philosophy, of “substantial

form,” and was told to meditate with this. The patient experienced dramatic

relief from the reality shifting phenomenon.

Since psychiatry seems unable to get beyond atheistic materialism

in it’s approach to treating mental health problems, I suggest that lawyers

engaging in Jurisprudential Counseling, take the lead.