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Ecotourism Emerging Industry Forum

Ecotourism Emerging Industry Forum

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Published by: GIANCARLO GALLEGOS PERALTA on Oct 08, 2013
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AB - Alberta, Canada
ABC - Aboriginal Business Canada
ACOA - Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
ADB - Asian Development Bank
AMB-IFC - the private sector arm of the World Bank, empowerment financial services company
ATTA - Adventure Travel Trade Association
B & B - Bed and Breakfast
B to B - Business to Business (as used in both sales and marketing, as opposed to Business to
BC - British Columbia
BEST - Business Enterprise for Sustainable Tourism
BOT- Build, Operate and Transfer
BSI – Black Sheep Inn located in Chugchilan, Ecuador
CBE - Community Based Ecotourism
CBT- Community Based Tourism
CDC - Citizens Development Corps
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
CI - Conservation International
CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency
CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
DMO - Destination Marketing Organization
ECEAT- European Centre for Eco Agro Tourism
FITUR - International Tourism Trade Fair
FSC – Forest Stewardship Council
GDP – Gross Domestic Product
GIS - Geographic Information System
GPS - Global Positioning System
GRI – Global Reporting Initiative- globally applicable sustainability reporting guidelines
GSA – General Sales Agent
GTZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH (German society for
technical cooperation)

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