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Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series Alexander Lubotsky vounen ‘etapa hires da id Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic Guus Kroonen BRILL ‘tc en aie bn pp Nein ain ‘esate 00) Suvareanono7 Qc) “ph on ete Bote hei hat ngs ica On Hot NA, ‘sce etnandamator tae epee Nt ee a ad SAS ST asap pent cnewangpuecapinate mse onupyiniy the cil prion ane eae teks iedennlire Giz) 8 =] Prete ‘Symbols and Abbreviations. Preface ‘This wor wren as pat ofthe Indo-European Eyal! Dcionay project inated Wy Raber SP. Sekes and leander Libs a Lede Unters The prnary abjetive a the projec rt compa thew eto. lol daionay a ts Ind: Europeas pote language fat an replace the ‘now outdated dconar by Pokorny he presen anograph ims a {te Prot ere not a mach oe nao As for most projects Uke these, oly linied amount f tne cold be reserved fo Wea the beganing of my earn = hori ngs, with foreseeable academic fe span af wo longer than tw year, have Se ale wo spend mach leas te snd energy onthe deconay that 1 ‘wou have wished The polar af fing fo the Leen Don ‘aySeris 3 whole a host generous inesinent hat enabled me to cl ieee much ofthe marl during my ine as a PhD stent t Leiden Un ‘esi However the actual test has sme completely been composed (erten of reiten at Copeshagen University dering my ve ear pos the proj on the “Bath of Germanic Aus ron have bee fred fo frst lithe incarporstin ofthe shor IReraare a wl 3 he overage of the Germanic vocbulary sping wel-ezalched Pro to-cennanieeemes and systematically leaving out Gorman languages or ISegunge ager acer certain srcmtanes the ei, ata, ave ced rete rom as may as pose dale groups in order to re 2e 3 ath representation ofthe dsrbton of German word Due o time lmatons not al tested frm are sway clade. The iconary "ot be used In oer words, a an exhaustive overview of» para frote-Germanie word's reewes inthe Germanic Languages, bt Father temps fo establish the mos important evidence an wich the ced Pr to-cermane reconstruction i taeda Keeping with he pring | awe for estane let et moder clan frm tht ae dent tht Od Nore pressor The ld Saxon stations neal tramp thelr Sie ‘gnats in Olt Dutch and Oa Law Francona and one wil hardy ter {Stns ar ignored when they are mirored by ay exiting Mid Dutch forms, Aro, the Midle Emplsh Mile Dstch and Mlle gh eran ‘ais are lef out when they are “sxndwichd between etalon ‘Gena form in the old and’ modern phases of he corresponding sh ignges On the other hand, have ae mich posible ude ors on Sho modeen Germanic languages, suck av English, German. Faroe,