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The figure on the left is the leader of the top warmongering nation in the world while the figure

on the right is the entity said to represent the image of the antichrist. They look very uncannily simliar, although they may be two different faces. However, their names sound too much the same for comfort. Obama is a common name in eastern Africa while ubamah is from the Middle East region. In the Middle East, barak means lightning. Ubamah means the heights. So, barak ubamah means lightning (from) the heights. Lightning from the heights in old Hebrew poetry or literature is a term synonymous with the word satan or antichrist in modern Judeo-Christian literature concerning the end of days. Therefore, there are many stories or allegations swirling around that allege the leader of the warmongers is also the antichrist himself. Their names are close enough but their faces do display some differences, ubamah being the darker and much older figure.