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Dear Campbell, I was very surprised to read that the former joint Chief Executive of the Boroughs of Kensington

& Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham, Derek Myers, had been appointed to head Shelters Board of Trustees. As I am sure you are aware, over the last few years Hammersmith & Fulham Council has radically changed its housing rules, and has introduced some of the most punitive housing policies in England. In April of this year, the Council kicked over 9,000 households off the Councils housing register, ending any chance those families had of accessing affordable housing in their Borough. Every day my office is contacted by family after family who live in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions, and who have been told that they are no longer able to access social housing. Many hundreds appealed the decision to take them off the register; very few were successful. For those in Hammersmith & Fulham who find themselves homeless, the situation is equally bleak. If you are one of the lucky few whom the Council agrees to help, you can expect to be placed in poor quality temporary accommodation many miles away from the Borough. Some of my constituents have been forced to take their children out of school, or have been forced to give up paid employment, after being placed in temporary accommodation on the other side of London. Even those who are placed in temporary accommodation in the Borough may find themselves placed in uninhabitable flats, which are unsafe and infested with vermin. This was the fate of a blind constituent who has been forced to endure sleepless nights while being eaten alive by bedbugs. Despite her case being featured on the BBC news, the Council is yet to deal with the infestation and disrepair to her flat. Finally, the Council, rather than commit itself to build more affordable and more social housing, has increased the rate at which it sells off its stock of housing, all the while giving priority to developers who plan to build luxury housing, which is totally out of reach to the vast majority of local residents. Whole estates are being demolished, blocks of council flats stand empty awaiting private development and developers are typically asked for 5% or 10% affordable homes against a target of 40%. All of this has happened under the stewardship of Derek Myers, and I am astonished that he is seen as the right person to head your Board of Trustees. I have already been contacted by constituents who have been victims of the Councils housing policies, who have expressed great concern at this appointment. I have worked with Shelter in the past, and I believe that you do a fantastic job in advocating for housing reform. It is a very well-respected charity, and I regularly advise constituents to read your website, or call your helpline to seek advice. I am worried that this appointment will undermine the good reputation that Shelter has built up, and will reduce the effectiveness of your campaigning work.

Yours sincerely

Andy Slaughter MP