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Copyright Regd. No. All Rights Reserved with DARUL - ISHAAT KARACHI Copyright delegated to Mohammad Asif 310-New Meena Bazar Jama Masjid Dehli India FIRST EDITION Nov. 2005 PRINTED AT ILMI GRAPHICS PUBLISHER DARUL - ISHAAT, URDU BAZAR KARACHI-1 PAKISTAN. E-mail ;, Tel : 92-21-2213768 AVAILABLE AT IDARA-E-ISLAMIAT 190-ANARKALI, LAHORE AVAILABLE IN ENGLAND ISLAMIC BOOKS CENTRE AZHAR ACADEMY LTD. 119-121, HALLI WELL ROAD ‘CONTINENTA (LONDON) LTD. BOLTON BL3NE, UK. GORE ROAD LONDON ELD 2PW AVAILABLE IN U.S.A DARULULOOM ALMADANIA — MADRASAH ISL AMIAH BOOK STORE SKI STREET, BINTLIFF, HOUSTON, 182 SOBII BUFFALO, NY MID, USA eo EN T7OT USA. AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA Pes PUBLICATIONS L AVE, MAYPAIR 2092 S OHANERSBURG, © AIRICA The Signs of the Hypocrites CONTENTS Introduction - Definition of hypocrisy -------- Kinds of hypocrisy ~~ ‘The beginnings of hypocrisy -— Signs of hypocrisy and their deeds. 1. Falsehood ------------------- enna False oath to promote sales or to protect oneself —~ False testimony a False excuse --— To abuse (others) ------ Retracting a covenant To betray (a trust) —- 1. Entrusting money or property 2. Religion as a trust ----—-------- 3. Secret or conversation as a trust: --——~ 4. Responsibilities and offices as trust To deceive -—---—- —— Neglect of the salah 1, Being lethargic and late-comers: 2. Offering salah at one jump-—------— 3. To regard salah a burden-— 4. Failing to pray friday three times without excuse— 5. Making little mention of Allah Forgetting Allah Ostentatious worship Kinds of ostentation ---—-- Ridiculing, taunting and blaming - making jokes of SOMEONE ————-———- —— |. Taunting those who do religious work--— 2. Making fun of the Qur'an and sunnah---—-------— 3. Jesting and adverse comment on a muslim's honour----51 To forbid piety and enjoin evil ------ To promote immodesty-— 55 To listen to songs ------------- ~55 To tease women and girls--—-----------—-------—— a 55