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How to log into WeBWork

You can access WeBWork using the URL sent to you via e-mail or through the link posted in your courses Moodle metasite. If asked click on Continue to this website..., Proceed anyway or Add exception depending on which browser you are using.

This security exception appears in Microsoft IE, you can also use other browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access WeBWork.

When you are prompted with the login page, enter your username and password. Your default username is your Concordia NETNAME, and your default password is your Student ID number. NOTE: The NETNAME must be entered in UPPER-CASE LETTERS, this system is case-sensitive. If you cannot access WebWork, this means you do not appear in the ocial course lists yet. The lists are updated periodically every couple of days starting from the rst day of classes until the DNE deadline. If after the DNE deadline you still do not have access please e-mail the WebWork TA at giving your full name, netname, student ID, math course and section, if any of this information is missing you will not be able to log in.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to access your assignments, practice problem sets and your grades. The main menu in the top-left side

of the page has the following options: Courses - takes you back to the courses initial page. Homework Sets - shows you the list of exercises/assignments and their status (open and close date). Grades - lists your grades for each set of exercises and assignments.

You may now start practicing and doing your homework. For more information about WeBWork visit Have a good semester!