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IELTS Candidate Details Amendment & Module Change

If you would like to submit requests for amendment on TRF Test Result Form or request a module change please complete the relevant section in this form and submit it to the British Council Customer Services staff. Module Change Requests for module change must be made no later than the cut off date advertised. Any requests made after the cut off date will not be entertained. Candiate Details Amendment Any requests for name/ date of birth/ passport no. amendment must be highlighted to the British Council as soon as the TRF is received. No requests for amendments can be processed after 4 weeks from date of release of results.You must submit a copy of your Passport and original TRF Test Result Form along with this request.

Please complete the details below accurately Name Test date Day time contact number Service requested
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Candidate no. Email address


Module change request

Passport no.change request

Amendment/ Module change request Name (as in passport) Gender Original module requested Academic General Training Date of birth (as in passport) Change module to Academic General Training

For ofce use only For customer services desk Form received at the British Council Customer Services ofcer name Receipt number

For examination services Form received by the IELTS Administrator Request processed on Candidate informed on