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Screening & Sizing

Roto-Screens are high capacity, rugged, and efcient machines for screening and sizing bulk materials.

Product Feed


FMC Technologies Roto-Screens can be designed to provide scrubbing action, which scours the material particles to obtain a cleaner product and better separation. Either dry or wet screening applications can be supplied. Roto-Screens are also used in drying or cooling applications. FMC Technologies supplies Roto-Screens as an integral part of a dryer or cooler to screen, separate, or size the product before discharge. Roto-Screens are ideal for use in recycling and are efcient high volume screens for separating materials. Roto-Screens are used in casting plants. They serve a number of functions in one unit: cooling the sand, breaking up cores, sorting debris and other metal pieces.

Product Discharge


Product Discharge Product Discharge

Pictured above: Screening

Air Exhaust Product Feed

Air Inlet

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Pictured above: Sizing

Pictured above: Roto-Screen

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