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Concussed retribution plot Plot (Skip to Promotional Material for Graphics Coursework) This film will start exactly

where Concussed left off. Alex was investigating Johns house after (discovering lost memory) he discovered that the John tried to kill him two years before the events of Concussed. During Alexs investigation he is knocked out and wakes up locked in a room in Johns basement, Alexs captors are shown, one introduces himself as Jackson, the other doesnt enter the room but he can be seen outside the room. Jackson informs him that during the time he was unconscious they discovered that he was not working for John; they thought that Alex was there to kill his captors. Alex asks what they want. They tell Alex that John tried to kill Alex because John was responsible for an ambush in 2009 in Iraq that killed all of his troops but Alex survived along with John and Cyrus (A character in the first film) They ask Alex to finish the job and kill John so MI6, Alex and the British Special Forces have no competition or anyone to oppose them if the government were to find out about this. Alex agrees but is still uncertain if this accusation is true but it seems to make perfect sense. Alex discovers John is hiding out within some old abandoned military bunkers. Alex tracks John down and a chase occurs. John comes to a dead end. Alex does not kill John but instead tries to question him, but John, in his defence tells Alex that it is not over and pulls a pistol on him, Alex tries to dissuade him from shooting, but John had his mind set on killing Alex. So Alex attempts to disarm John and a vicious fight breaks out, eventually Alex gets the better of John and John decides to make a run for it. Alex retrieves the pistol John dropped during the fight and shoots him. Alex walks up and checks if he is dead, it is unknown at this point whether he is dead or not. Alex goes to a war memorial to pay respect to his men suddenly Cyrus appears in front of him apparently unharmed and tells Alex that MI6 and the government are attempting to eliminate every trooper in the Iraqi ambush because the press had uncovered some information that the government had given MI6 the approval to sacrifice Alexs team (in a pre arranged ambush by Iraqi militia) in order to raise public support to continue the war against tyranny.. Alex asks Cyrus if the people that tried to kill them both are MI6 Cyrus confirms this and tells Alex about John and asks if he is dead. Alex is unsure Cyrus explains Alex now knows and he must fix this problem. Cyrus suddenly fades away. Alex finds himself waking up in the same spot. He had gone to sleep. Alex walks away from the memorial suddenly he hears a familiar voice in the dark, the figure steps out, it is John. Alex doesnt go hostile or doesnt attempt to attack John, instead he attempts to question him, John tells Alex that MI6 and the government are trying to eliminate his section by having each trooper eliminate each other. John tells Alex he tried to kill him 2 years ago because he thought Alex had met up with him to kill him, but he wasnt sure, thats why he tasered and knocked Alex out, but was surprised when Alex had lost his

memory. Alex asks why didnt John just tell him from the outset. John replies to Alex with a question asking if Alex really would have believed him. John and Alex now set about working up a plan to take out Jackson and the other captor. They arm themselves from a secret weapons cache and find a location to lure there would be assassins into an ambush. The assassins track John and Alex down to their location only to be ambushed by them, a fierce fire-fight takes place and the assassins begin to retreat, and try to escape. But Alex and John decide to leave Jackson and take out the other captor first. When John and Alex finally catch up with the other assassin, they tell him to remove the concealment covering his face, He reluctantly removes it and it is revealed that he is a duplicate of Alex. Alex is shocked by this and John tells him to go after Jackson whilst he deals with the duplicate. Alex finds Jackson and a fight breaks out, at the same time a fight has started between John and Alexs clone. Alex overpowers and questions Jackson about the ambush, it is revealed Alex went against certain orders (in placing explosives in an Iraqi street-market) and MI6 feared he would be a liability to them so MI6 orchestrated a way for getting Alex and his section killed, hence the ambush. Alex asks about the duplicate, they reveal he was created inside MI6s restricted-top secret labs 2 years ago, to make it seem the REAL Alex survived and present him to the press to get rid of the growing story that Alex had become a Lost Rogue Agent Alex is at the point of killing Jackson when John bursts into the room and shouts at him not to kill him as it makes Alex as bad as Jackson, Alex reluctantly agrees and just as he lowers his pistol a gunshot explodes behind them and Jackson falls dead and the clone stumbles in, stating that he had to find the perfect opportunity to kill Jackson because he had discovered the reason he had been created in the first place and didnt want to be a replacement of somebody who was better than he Alex tells his clone to go and live somewhere else and live a full life and to do something that Alex couldve done with his life. The clone agrees and limps away, John asks why he didnt kill him, Alex says because there was no need, John and Alex then go their separate ways, the ending credits then roll in. Post-Credits scene (no confirmation) After the events that have taken place a figure steps out of a car and walks along a gravel driveway, it is revealed he is at Johns house; John is in his garden relaxing. The figure stops walking and the camera pans up to show the figures face. It is Alex or his clone he pulls a pistol out and aims at Johns head, but the film cuts off before revealing the outcome at the film ends. Leaving people to question whether it was Alex or his clone and what may have happened to cause this event. It is not confirmed how long after the events of Concussed Retribution this was taken place.