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T TTTTh hhhhe eeeeT TTTTo oooou uuuug ggggh hhhhM MMMMa aaaan nnnnW WWWWe eeeep ppppt tttt

By alyloony I once knew a tough man Who doesn't know how to cry He can carry all the pains and sorrow Without shedding a tear in his eyes His mother and brother died He had an argument with his wife. His children disappointed him He got a huge problem in his work. But not even once Did he shed a tear. And then one day The doctor said He has a sickness that cannot be cured Wherein little by little his lungs will be damaged And sooner or later He will not be able to breath. The tough man He still want He still want He still want was depressed to live. to be with his children to be with his wife.

The tough man suffered a lot But still he did not shed a tear He just kept prying to God And face life bravely. One day the tough man felt that his end is near So he hugs his wife and children. He told them how much he loves them And told them he doesn't want to leave them But then, God is already calling him.

For the first time, I saw the tough man wept He was crying his heart out while bidding goodbye To the three most important person in his life. Now that he was already with God It is now my turn to be tough Because the tough man who wept while bidding goodbye Is none other than my very own dad I still miss the hugs of the tough man I badly miss his laughter Sometimes, at night, I weep when I remember him But I know I need to be strong So when I join the tough man in heaven I could proudly say: "I had face life bravely for you my dear father" To our tough man, we miss you very much. But I know you're in heaven now with no sickness, pains and sorrow. :)