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October 7, 2013 To Whom It May Concern, Hello. We are writing on behalf of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

We are from the New England chapter of a nation-wide network of autistic adults, who are dedicated to providing support and services to individuals on the autism spectrum while working to educate communities and improve public perceptions of autism. We would like to come to a meeting of your organization and give a short (15-20 minute) power point slide show about autism, self-advocacy, and what it means to be an autistic adult. This would then be followed by a period of 20-30 minutes during which members of the community can ask us questions and engage in meaningful dialogue. We are providing these presentations free of charge to organizations across the state, (although donations to ASAN are always gratefully received) and are generally available to come to you at your convenience. Through our presentations, we hope to dispel myths about autism, explain what autism means to us, and share some techniques and strategies that have helped us to be our best selves today. We will also give examples of what we were like as children so that parents can see what all people in autism have in common, even if their child today seems quite different from how we present. This presentation is suitable for all members of the community, and we especially encourage those with an interest in autism, a family member with autism, or those who are autistic themselves young and old! to come. We would talk to you beforehand about publicity for the event and the type of room and equipment we would require. We are also available for smaller, one-on-one consultations with individuals, teachers or school systems, also free of charge. Thank you very much, Sincerely, ASAN New England

To set up a meeting, or to learn more about ASAN, email ASAN New England at