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About the NYSBA Charity Corps By Michele Parrotta Since 1991, Michele Parrotta has represented clients in the

areas of commercial real estate including the purchase/sale, leasing, development and management of various property types. Prior to establishing her own firm, she served as a principal at Levy & Droney, PC, and as an attorney for Parrotta Construction and Management Company, LLC. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Michele Parrotta maintains membership in the Connecticut Bar Foundation, the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), and other industry organizations. Established jointly by the New York State Attorney Generals Office and the NYSBA, the NYSBA Charity Corps is an initiative that provides the services of volunteer attorneys to nonprofit organizations who are unable to pay for legal representation and counsel. The Charity Corps provides assistance to non-profits by ensuring that the organizations abide by the rules and laws that enable them to maintain their non-profit status. The Corps also provides training and information on filing requirements, fiduciary duties, and tax exemption laws to new attorneys who are interested in joining the Corps.