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Phillips Monday Memo

Educating Winners Everyday

Oct. 7-11, 2013

Character Word: Respect - being considerate of others

A Peek at Our Week:

Reading: We will learn how to retell a story using story elements (characters, setting, plot). We will take a short comprehension test on Thursday. Math: We will begin a short unit on measurement. There will be a test on Friday. Writing: We will be writing about ourselves and others. Science/Social Studies: We will continue our unit on plants and animals.

Please send in Box Tops for Education with your child. This is an easy way for our school to earn money. Download a collection sheet at s/ellenw/parents/PTA%20We bsite/Webkinz_collection_she et[2].pdf Students who fill up the collection sheet and turn it in by October 15th, will be entered into a prize drawing. If you are interested in serving on our School Improvement Council, please contact Mimi Melehes at us or call 355-4900. For more information about SIC, visit ages/default.aspx

Sound Check: This week we will work on the short I sound (hit, pig, mint) and will work on words with S blends (stop, slice, skunk, scab).

Sight Words and Family Words: Sight words:

one, run, him, as, or (all of the sight words will be on the spelling test)

Homework Help:
As you read at home with your child, help him/her think of questions they could ask before, during, and after reading. They should use questions words like Who, How, What, When, Where, and Why to begin their question.

Upcoming Events:
10/8: Good News Club 10/15: First Grade field trip to Greenville Zoo 10/16: Fall Festival basket items due 10/17-10/18: No School Teacher Workdays 10/21-10/25: Red Ribbon week 10/25: Fall Festival

Family words: dig, fig, jig, pig, rig, wig, twig

(we will choose 5 of the family words for the test on Friday)

Mrs. Phillips Contact Information: Phone: 355-4921 (please leave voicemail) Email: