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On Phenomenology Primary Books (engl transl) Arendt Human condition 1958 by The University of Chicago Ferguson.

-Phenomenological sociology Heidegger Henry, M.- Philosophy and phenomenology of the body,1965 .-Barbarism (1987,PUF, 2004,)Continuum, 2012 Husserl.Ricoeur, P.-Oneself as another Schutz, A.Sokolowski.-An introduction to phenomenology Uexkull.- A foray into the world of animals and humans with a theory of meaning, Univ of Minnesota Press, 2010 Waldenfels.-Phenomenology of the alien

Secondary bibliography Anthologies and Readers Dreyfus and Wrathall.-A companion 2006 Friese. H.(ed.)-The moment. Time and rupture, Liverpool, Liverpool UP,2005 Mueller Vollmer.-Hermeneutics reader Tymineniecka (ed.).- Logos of phenomenology, 2006 Wiercinski (ed) 2005.-Phenomenological Hermeneutics

ThirdWorld Congress of Phenomenology, Phenomenology-World-Wide: Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of the Logos, held in Oxford, August 1521, 2004. Articles Maddison.-INTERPRETIVE TURN IN PHENOMENOLOGY: A PHILOSOPHICAL HISTORY (2004) in Wiercinski Phenomenology pp

Secondary On authors On Derrida On Heidegger Dreyfus.- Being in the world On Henry Arts Fa and Le Guyader.-Henry and critical theory in Internacional Critical Management studies conference,2009 On Ingarden Tymienicka.-Ingardeniana On Jaspers Schilpp (ed.)-The philosophy of jaspers

On Levinas Books Westphal.-Kierkegaard and Levinas On Marcel Bubbio If there is a plot Marcel in Phenomenology

On Merleau ponty Books Priest.-Merleau ponty

On Ricoeur Wood D. (ed.).- On Paul R. Narrative and interpretation, London NY, 1991 Klemm and Schweiker.(eds.)- Meanings in texts and actions, U Virginia press,1993 Books Klemm

Wood Arts Kaplan Ricoeurs theory of thruth