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FEASIBILITY STUDY QUESTIONS What is the project? What are the costs?

What is the dollar value of the benefits? How did you collect your data? Who provided the data on costs? Who provided the data on value? What is your degree of confidence in the accuracy of your data? What data did you discard? Why? Does your feasibility depend on the accuracy of the costs and benefits? How much? Is there any conflict of interest in the providers of the data? What are your assumptions? How do you know your assumptions are reasonable? What method did you choose to evaluate the feasibility? Defend your choice. What time horizon did you select to evaluate the feasibility? Defend your choice. To what degree does the feasibility depend on your initial assumptions? What fact or circumstance would make this project infeasible? What are the threats to successful execution of the project? How do you recommend managing the threats or risks? What is the cost of ensuring a successful project? Is this cost included in the feasibility study? How does your feasibility respond to changes in staffing, timetable, and size of investment?