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Journal One of the themes in Animism and the Alphabet is the development of the alphabet from pictures.

For instance, ancient man would use pictographs or hieroglyphs to stand for objects they could see in real life. This system only went as far as to describe what they saw, but soon the need became evident to be able to preserve conversations in everyday language. The Greeks established a system of writing that incredibly passed down the tales of their religion, thus preserving them for our entertainment even today. From the alphabet, humankind was able to take oral tradition and preserve those ideas on paper. Now the alphabet has made these ancient stories be reproduced much easier, which is a common theme both in this essay and in Ways of Seeing. Another common element is that literacy used to be for aristocrats only; only to be enjoyed by the wealthy and educated. In the same way art's reproduction has made art available to common man, so has literature become more readily available. Another common element between the essays is the idea that words are used to describe what we see. Something that I have come to realize is that the replacement of art with words was not necessarily a bad thing as I stated in my previous paper, but it has opened the door to be able to talk about topics otherwise uncommunicable, for instance all of the essays we have read would have never been possible without words, and I think we all take the alphabet for granted.