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Based from the data that we have gathered on the Shinhwa family, we therefore conclude

that 4-5 years from now, the family will most likely experience financial problem when their first

child will already be going to school if they will not safeguard the financial standing. The

husband being a Tricycle Driver and the wife a housekeeper has a dimmer chance of Savings for

the future unless they will look for another source of income someday. Another factor is that the

children in the family have asthma and they need to buy their medication for maintenance. And

since the husband and wife at their early 20’s are still young and active, there is a big chance in

the increase of reproduction that would result to another additional expense in the family.

For 3 weeks of community exposure and the home visits that we have conducted on the

Shinhwa family, we have assessed and figured-out their needs and problems. We have already

conducted health teachings that may help in the promotion of their health, prevention of illnesses

and the things that may improve their way of living. We also helped them realized the

importance of having a clean and green environment in their surroundings as well as in the

community as a whole. We identified some health threats and give suggestions on how or even

slowly eliminate those threats. Through this exposure, our group has also developed team work

that really helped a lot in the success of this case presentation and by giving the best

interventions to our clientele. But it is really assumed and we believed that the Shinhwa family

and all the residents of Catalunan Pequeňo, Purok 13 can only achieve positive change through

helping themselves out. It really all boils down to the willingness of the people to adopt the

health teachings and develop their way of living.