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NSA on Tor

NSA on Tor

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Published by Research Guy
leaked by Snowden/Washington Post
leaked by Snowden/Washington Post

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Published by: Research Guy on Oct 08, 2013
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(TS//SI) Our first implemented technique for achieving either type of attack is what we

call the “coil” attack. For this attack, we choose two target servers and set up a circuit that

bounces back and forth between the two, “coiling” them around each other. When we set

up a circuit ofnc coils, the circuit will actually be composed of 2nc servers. This is because

for each coil both targets are included once. This attack is concentrated, but requires two

targets in order to work. This may be detected by an observant sysadmin, but by default,




Tor’s logs do not store IP addresses, so the information would have to come from elsewhere.

Even given the necessary IP information, the system administrator will see only the other

target sending and receiving large quantities of information. Without further investigation

and some creative thinking, it is highly likely that the system administrator will assume

our other target is actually launching the DoS attack. We can leverage the anonymity

provided by Tor to protect ourselves from easy detection by simply appending this coil

onto the end of a circuit.

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