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Licentiate Position in Electronics - Www.miun.Se

Licentiate Position in Electronics - Www.miun.Se

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Licentiate position in Electronics - www.miun.



Licentiate position in Electronics
Licentiate position at Mid Sweden University, Department of Electronics Design, Campus Sundsvall Licentiate position in Electronics Ref. no. MIUN 2013/1539 The available position targets research in the field of imaging infrared sensors within the subject of electronics. Imaging infrared sensors have a broad application area within techniques for optical and electronic measurements. Detection and classification of snow, ice or water covering a surface is one example. Detection and measurement of concentration as well as mean size of water particles in air is another technique. Environmental monitoring is the common application area for both these techniques. In this area, research at Mid Sweden University is performed in close collaboration with industrial partners. The candidate is expected to perform theoretical and experimental oriented research related to this area. The research is a part of the profile area of Industrial IT and digital services at Mid Sweden University. The research will be carried out in collaboration with other researchers within in the research center STC (Sensible Things that Communicate). More information can be found at www.miun.se/stc. Competence: The fundamental competence needed to apply for the position is a university degree on advanced level. A Swedish degree after 2007-07-01 must contain at least 240 hp (4 years) of studies. Out of these at least 60 hp (1 year) should be on advanced level. Applicants with University degrees from other countries should have acquired the corresponding knowledge. The specific competence needed to apply a university degree containing 90 hp (1.5 year) of electronics, or subjects closely related to electronics. Applicants with a degree dated prior to and including 1 June 2007 need a complete first-cycle programme of at least 120 credits including an in-depth subject study of no less than 60 credits in electronics or subjects closely related. Selection criteria: Apart from the formal competence the selection will also be based on other work (i.e thesis work), courses and on interviews of the applicant. Prior experience on design of embedded systems, imaging systems or signal processing is seen as an advantage. Personal qualities like teamwork skills, spirit of initiative, and suitability for Ph.D studies will be weighted together with the formal subject knowledge. A short description of the applicants’ visions and goals should be included in the application. Employment: The post graduate employment is intended to be an employment equivalent to two years fulltime research studies excluding departmental duties and aims to lead to a Licentiate exam. Place of work: The post is based in the city of Sundsvall, a university town located in the geographical centre of Sweden, offering comfortable life and numerous nature attractions. Starting date: Immediate Information: Further information is available from Claes Mattson, claes.mattson@miun.se, phone, +46 (0)60 14 84 98, cellular, +46 (0)70 28 35 685. See also http://www.doktorandhandboken.nu for more information on doctoral studies in Sweden. Union representative: Ummis Jonsson, SACO, tfn +46 (0)63-16 53 08, and Lollo Ljuslin, ST/TCO, +46 (0)63 165714. Application: The application must contain: (1) one-page statement describing your motivation for applying this position, your strength/weakness, and your career interests, (2) transcripts from your prior degree program(s), and (3) CV. If available, it is also recommended to send in recommendation letters, list of publications or proof of other relevant qualifications. Please send all documents to Registrar, Mid Sweden University, 851 70 Sundsvall, or electronically to registrator@miun.se State ref.no. MIUN 2013/1539. Applications must be received by Mid Sweden University no later than the 15 november, 2013.

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