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Happy Birthday, Bobby Valentino

Happy Birthday, Bobby Valentino

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Published by: pari2680 on Oct 08, 2013
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Happy Birthday, Bobby Valentino! ! !

I ve never known a Man Who is someone special like you You can anything than any man can With God s blessings that guides you through From the time you was young The spirit of God claims that you re the one Your bursting of your heart has finally begun You knew how to do things that need to be done Through my eyes I can tell that you ve grown by grace Even though you were blessed with a voice to sing As you have grown to a man of courage to my face I am truly thankful for all things that are inspiring I believe that you have faith for not giving up At time s like these you are a survivor No matter what you ve faced: when times get rough You was encouraged enough to fight as a warrior I ve always known that you re more than a man Even though you're 29 but but you'll be so sexy when you're 30 You re way much more than ladies man You re so much more than all things of that world that s turning No matter what happens with your precious soul No matter if your hair is turning a little gray I don t care if you re either young or old As long as your undying love don t fade away I further believe that you re more than what was made of you Eventually, you ve followed the voice of God that was given to you You are just great, you re the best I know deep down inside that you ve past every test My loving spirit continually grows, Happy Birthday, Mista Bobby Valentino! !

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