Witches Punctuation and Grammar Exercise

Copy out the following text making sure that you correct the spellings, add paragraphs and use the correct punctuation.

people believed that witches got their evil power by meeting the devil in person the devil gave the witches evil powers to use during there lifetime in return for their soles when they died after worshipping the devil the witches were given a familiar a evil spirit which took the form of a small animal people believed that the witch fed her familiars on her own blood such as a wart or mole and this is were the familiar sucked her blood there were too tests for witchcraft the first was to tie the hands of the accused woman together and then lower her into a river if she floated she was a witch but if she sank she was innocent another test for witchcraft was to look for the witch mark were familiars sucked blood a large pin was stuck into the witch where the mark was if she felt no pain and did not bleed then she was a witch

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