Virtua Cop 2 Readme.

txt file -------------------------------------------This readme file incorporates the latest changes and notices for Virtua Cop 2 PC . Please read the entire file before beginning play. -------------------------------------------0) Starting the Game When you start the game, you can use "shoot" button or "start" button. To see what key is assigned to "start" button, please refer Device Settings [F7] , sele ct which device to use and press next. To activate the menu bar, press ALT key. 1) Reloading The reload procedure was described in some previous gameplay instructions as requiring a double-click on the Reload button. However, in the final version of the game, reloading only requires a single click. 2) 3-Button Mouse For 3-button mouse users, the middle mouse button functions as the Game Start button, and the Pause/Resume button during play. 3) "Cheat" Option Penalty The penalty for using the hidden options that appear in the Game Settings menu after certain conditions have been met was originally a score of zero. It has be en changed to being unable to enter a name Name Entry. 4) The Menu Bar In the final version of the game, the following changes and additions have been made to the Menu Bar: If only one device type can be selected (such as DirectDraw only), the Graphics menu item will not appear. In Display Settings, the [Full Screen] setting has been removed. To switch between full screen and window modes, press [Alt+Enter]. When using Direct 3D, the following additiuonal items will appear in the Display Settings menu: >Perspective Correct To adjust graphic clarity and distortion over distance >Bi-Linear Filtering To increase image quality >Alpha Blending To render semi-transparent textures [Key Config] has been removed from the Settings menu. The Key Config window appears automatically following the Device Settings window. [Frame Skip] has been added to the Settings menu. When this option is switched OFF, the game graphics will display more smoothly, but performance may slow on some machines. When it is switched ON, the game speed improves, but graphics may appear choppy. [Shading] has been added to the Settings menu. When Shading is switched ON, onscreen characters appear with shadows, adding an element of depth to the game display.

5) Hot Keys The following corrections have been made to menu hot keys: The hot key for Ranking in the Game menu is [D]. 1997 Sega Enterprises. . The hot key for Device Settings in the Settings menu is [I]. -------------------------------------------October 14. 7) [Device] [Graphic] in the menu bar renamed as [Device]. The hot key for Display Settings in the Settings menu is [D]. Alt+F2] during multiplayer mode. Ltd. 6) Multiplayer Mode You can use [Restart.

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