. Warm welcome to
1) En. XXXXX – Vice Dean 2) En. Xxxxxx -

And people on the floor…..Hello & Welcome to our programme………… My name is Nizamuddin Razali from Technical Dept. I’ll be your Master of Ceremony today. I’ll take you through the next 3 hours of an interesting and engaging and interactive info sharing … First & Foremost..It’s great to see everyone gathers here in this beautiful morning in this beautiful hall….I’d like to congratulate to all the new students & welcome you all to be our new family members of KUITHO… New Semester , New Hopes…New aspiration…more and more to achieve & I am sure…Our esteemed speakers have a lot to share with us on… (topic or….) Ladies and Gentlemen:, in interest of Safety, I’d like to remind you on your nearest Emergency Exit doors located on the left and right wing and at the back of the hall.. In case of emergency alarm, please use them to exit and gather at assembly point in front of this admin building and please kindly follow instructions from fire warden (NAK DELETE PON BOLEY) I am pleased to call upon Yg Berbahagia Ustaz XXXXX for Doa recital Thank you Yg Berbahagia Ustaz… Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s move to our first item on the list today. For that, it is my pleasure to invite En. …….. Please welcome En. …

Thank you En …..for the highlights…and its important to have the right mindset..isn’t ??

Now I am pleased to invite our next presenter …En …… Please welcome. Thank you En ….. for the update on …………

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have come to highlight of the session. Please join me in welcoming En. … Once Again One big round of applause to En. ….. for the enlightening message. Indeed it very important points that we should take heed of. Ladies and Gentlemen: we are gonna open Q&A session with our joint panel, Our MC members. Please join me in welcoming all MC members to take their seat on stage… I am gonna open the floor for questions… THE END Let me thank again the organizing team for making this programme successful I’d like to say special thanks to the management and of course everyone in the audience And let me end by giving you a quote from the handbook of Inspiration “Ability is what you are capable of doing” Motivation determines what you do Attitude determines how well you do it” I’m pleased to invite everyone to lunch served at the cafeteria… Thank you & Assalamaulalaikum

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