MySQL Clustering

Project Details
• Project Domain • Project Topic • College Name MySQL Clustering Synchronous and Asynchronous Database Replication Osmania University

• Development Team ➢ J. Kamala Ramya ➢ K. Laxman Bharadwaj ➢ Gautam Muduganti


Project Gist
• After evaluating various product lines of Sun Microsystems Inc. a decision was made in concurrence with Sun Team to focus on an Application Framework which would showcase MySQL capabilities and how it would interface with various layers in a typical application environment. • This demo framework emphasizes various standard front-end interfaces, database interfaces and database functionality. • This demo suite covers the replication features of MySQL to demonstrate how MySQL can fit in a complete commercial application involving various layers like – > Databases > Business Logic > Graphical User Interface


Project Scope
The goal of the project is to provide a snapshot capability for three types of audience • Database Administrators Installation, Replication and Clustering of MySQL databases both in standalone and virtualized Operating System Environments covering Windows, Linux and Solaris. • Business Logic Developers CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations using Web Services to interact with the MySQL database adopting JDBC and Hibernate interfaces. • Client Side GUI Developers Provide sample codes to access and implement data management through above Web Services. The Client interfaces are diversified covering J2ME, JSF, Java Swing, and to demonstrate the versatility of the seamless interface to MySQL database.



Technology Overview
• Hardware – Intel Quad Core Desktop with 4GB RAM • Virtualization – Sun VirtualBox • Operating Systems – Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Fedora Linux, OpenSolaris • Database – MySQL • Web Servers – GlassFish and Internet Information Server • IDEs – NetBeans and Microsoft Visual Studio • Web Service Layer – Java API for XML Web Services • Front End GUI - Java Swing, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Web Java Server Faces, Java Micro Edition, C# and


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