Installing MySQL Cluster 7.

0 – Fedora 10

MySQL Clustering

Installing MySQL Cluster 7.0 – Fedora 10
To install MySQL Cluster 7.0 in Fedora 10.

1. Download MySQL Cluster 7.0 from

1. There isn’t any version of MySQL installed on the system.

Installing MySQL cluster 7.0 follows the same procedure of installing MySQL Community Server 5.1 in Fedora. Please refer the “Installing MySQL Community Server 5.1 – Fedora 10” Guide. There are a few changes, they have been mentioned below – 1. Download the following components from the above URL – Cluster storage engine extra tools Server Cluster storage engine Cluster storage engine management Client Cluster storage engine basic tools 2. Install all the above RPMs using the command – rpm –i name_of_package.rpm

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