Types of input :
1. Language input        Teacher talk Listening activities Reading passage Language heard Read outside of class Content oriented (info) Form oriented (ways using lang.)

  

Often idiomatic phrases Agreement Doubt

2. Recognizing scripts         Roles of instructors Making students aware of the scripts for different situation Patterns / script Greetings Apologies Compliments Invitations Apologies

The task can be administrated  One-on-one setting  With test administrator and one student  In a group or a class setting Focus on topics that all students can easily talk about

Activities SPEAKING skill
Practice the student’s pronunciation
1. Conversation Transmit information and facts. Involve colloquial language, difficult but interesting 2. Information Gap Have students pair off. Has a different dialogue. Forced to understand each other by oral expression 3. Storytelling Tell an imaginary story. It appeals both to students’ imagination and language speaking skills 4. Role plays Connect the language with real situations in their lives, so word and phrases are easier to remember 5. Discussion Topics for daily discussion vary according to students’ level of English Proficiency (Beginners, intermediate, advanced)

2. Communicative input   Complete a task Involve a similar real information gap 3. Using language to talk    Use clarification phrases in class Create an authentic practise environment Students gain confidence in their ability to manage various communication situation

3. Structured input    Focuses on correct form Exercises as a transition between presentation stage and practice stage Eg : textbook exercises

Assessing SPEAKING skill
Teaching speaking strategies
1. Minimal response      Use by Who lack confidence in oral interaction Listen in silence while others do the talking Patterns / script Predictable Method : 1. Observational approach  Student’s behaviour is observed and assessed unobtrusively 2. Structured approach  The student performs one or more specific oral communication task  The task is then evaluated