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• Got XRD Training from chagla.

Atomic Layer deposition (ALD) : from precursors to thin film structures By Markku Leskala. Mikko Ritala . Markku Leskela 2.Atomic layer deposition By Mikko Ritala.Action Plan Read two research papers: 1.

In these papers I read the following things. • • • • • • • Introduction to ALD. Its alternate names ALD Cycle Benefits of ALD Limitations of ALD ALD reactors ALD Precursors .

• • • • • • • Film Materials and Applications Characterization of ALD processes Precursor chemistry Reaction Mechanisms Oxide Films Nitride Films Metal Films and Plasma ALD .

.My Questions • Q:1:-What is the difference b/w Flow-type reactors with inert gas valving. • And the reactors with moving substrates • Why different Precursors for different materials? • What is Purging and Pulsing? • Why no effective ALD process has been found for silicon dioxide.

high charge storage capacity? • What is meant by t value.• What is the difference b/w using water vapour. molecular oxygen. atomic oxygen and ozone as oxygen precursor as they all are oxygen sources? • What does mean by low leakage current density. high permitivity.? eq .

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