I had no idea where East Timor was.

What I knew then was it was always in the news for some reasons and I didn’t even care not until seven years ago. It is still clear in my mind I was in my freshmen year and the University announced that we might probably have East Timorese students in our classes and so we should make them feel welcome. And there I was looking for “unusual” people. True enou gh, there were eight of them, one was my classmate and the other two eventually became my students. What I know about them is that they speak Portuguese, very warm people, generous with compliments and really not that different from me. Little did I know that these people -- my friends, have pains not only as individuals but as a country. While reading my researches, listening to stories, watching the pictures of East Timor; I am more disturbed by these untold sufferings in the world. I will not dwell on to the cultural divide love or the power play of geopolitical states. That is for another paper. I would rather

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